Thursday , 5 March 2015
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Huawei's First Smartwatch Runs Android Wear, and It's Beautiful

BARCELONA – Smartwatches took over Mobile World Congress this year, and Huawei entered a ring with a initial watch simply called a Huawei Watch. It’s a stylish watch with a series of rope options and an embedded heart rate monitor, creation it one of a many fashion-forward Android Wear inclination available. The steel physique of a watch is sharp and ... Read More »

Nvidia announces a new Shield, a 4K Android TV console

View photo . Tonight during a press discussion scheduled to coincide with GDC 2015, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang annouced a latest further to a Shield line of products. Called simply “Shield,” Nvidia’s new device is a set-top box powered by Nvidia’s Tegra X1 processor, regulating Google’s Android OS and a hunt giant’s new TV platform, Android TV. Shield supports 4K calm ... Read More »

Google's Android for Work: A Blessing for Enterprises?

In an try to puncture into a business category pockets, Google Inc. GOOGL has finally rolled out Android for Work. The judgment of Android for Work was initial announced 8 months behind during a Google I/O conference. Rajen Sheth, executive of product government for Android during Work, envisions a user-friendly work-enabled Android mobile device in a hands of all employees. ... Read More »

Amid new watches, Android Wear crosses 1M downloads

The series of Android Wear downloads has crossed a into a one to 5 million operation on Google Play, suggesting that around one million people are wearing smartwatches powered by Google software. Last month, estimates of 720,000 Android Wear smartwatches shipping in 2014 were reported, causing some to cruise Google’s watch ambitions to be a flop. At a time, Android ... Read More »

Hands on with Outlook for Android

Microsoft has expelled a dedicated Outlook app to a Google Play store for Android inclination 4.1 and above (there is also a similar customer for iOS). Their outline of a app states: “Outlook is a giveaway email app that helps we get some-more finished from anywhere with one one viewpoint of your email, calendar, contacts, and attachments. Outlook automatically surfaces ... Read More »

The world’s many secure Android phone only took things adult a notch

View gallery . blackphone-mwc-2015-13 Silent Circle, makers of the many secure Android smartphone in a world, announced a garland of new products on Monday during MWC 2015, including a new Blackphone 2 smartphone, a Blackphone+ inscription and special arriving program facilities to serve urge your remoteness while you’re on a mobile device. DON’T MISS: The dual misfortune things about Samsung’s new Galaxy ... Read More »

Report: Google scheming iOS app for Android Wear smartwatches

Right now, we need an Android phone to use an Android Wear smartwatch. But according to a report from French record website 01net, Android Wear competence be going cross-platform with an iOS app, presumably rising during Google’s annual developer discussion in May. When Apple Watch launches in a subsequent month, it will need an iPhone to work. Android harmony is ... Read More »

I roughly overwhelmed a initial ever 256GB Android tablet

View gallery . archos-256gb-magnus-tablet-mwc-2015-1 French Android device builder Archos at MWC 2015 announced a initial Android inscription in a universe that will have a large 256GB of built-in storage, a new further to a Magnus line of devices. On tip of that a association also denounced a new storage creation during a show, called Archos Fusion Storage, that’s ostensible to urge ... Read More »