Monday , 24 November 2014
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Office for Android updated with Dropbox support

Microsoft initial denounced its Dropbox support for mobile versions of Office progressing this month, though notwithstanding a iOS apps removing updated shortly after, Android has lagged behind until this week. The latest refurbish to Office Mobile for Android adds Dropbox as an online storage application, permitting Office users to save and revise papers from Dropbox on their Android phones. Effectively, Android ... Read More »

Android Modding 101

Ever consternation since Android is so popular? If we ask this doubt to 10 people and 9 of them will answer that it’s since of a cost, or bulk of choice or a contentment of apps. The remaining 1 chairman will substantially answer with a fact that a awaiting of modifying android is so vast, it’s tough to pass up. ... Read More »

10 Things Android Lollipop can do though Android KitKat cannot

We competence have not been this vehement as children to have a candy lollipop as many as we are to have a latest Android 5.0 Lollipop refurbish commissioned on to a devices. The time finally arrived when a Android OS would get a discerning makeover and offer us with possibly some simple; or impracticable changes. But are these changes going ... Read More »

Android malware hazard rears the conduct again — and this time it means business

A malware hazard initial celebrated in 2012 has developed and hijacked some-more than 4 million Android devices to send spam emails, buy eventuality tickets in bulk and crack WordPress accounts. In a new and softened form, a hazard is now putting craving networks during risk. Mobile confidence organisation Lookout initial detected NotCompatible in 2012 (variant “A”), when a malware sheltered itself ... Read More »

Android Authority this week

A still week altogether in a universe of Android, yet a few engaging news did came a way. Google finally brought pity functionality to Keep, and enriched Play Services with some additional functionality that will let devs supplement cold new facilities to their apps. Nokia repelled flattering most everybody with a warn proclamation of a code new Android tablet, and ... Read More »

Samsung Android Black Friday Deals

When it comes to Black Friday selling things can get a small hectic, to contend a least, and that’s generally loyal when looking for Android smartphones or tablets to buy. Samsung recently announced a Black Friday selling list full of stuff, yet we wish to concentration on a Android bits. Cheap Android tablets are a dime a dozen, like those ... Read More »

Android Circuit: Samsung Switches To Tizen, Nokia’s Android Tablet, Lollipop’s …

Nokia’s Android powered tablet, a Nokia N1 (image: Taking a demeanour behind during a week in news opposite a Android world, this week’s Android Circuit highlights a series of stories including a lapse of Nokia to a consumer marketplace with an Android inscription and launcher, Google aims Play during China, using Lollipop on a Nexus 7, a good and ... Read More »