Friday , 30 January 2015
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Android apostates comment for 1-in-5 U.S. iPhone sales

Apple CEO Tim Cook might have tapped Android “switchers” as partial of a reason for a boffo iPhone sales final quarter, though a consult pragmatic that many of those defectors lived outward a U.S. The same check illustrated that in a U.S. iPhones are increasingly sole to stream Apple customers. Earlier this week, as Cook called a entertain “staggering” and ... Read More »

Microsoft’s Office For Android Tablets Comes Out Of Preview

Last November, Microsoft launched a beta of a giveaway Office apps for Android tablets and announced that it would make them generally accessible for Android tablets in early 2015. It’s now early 2015 and currently Microsoft is living adult to a promise by rising Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Android tablets. The updated apps should arrive in a Google Play store ... Read More »

Android App Downloads Are Leaving Apple’s App Store Behind

Apple might have had a phenomenally, record-breakingly successful year in 2014, though Android still stays a widespread handling complement (OS) on smartphones worldwide. New total published by analytics association App Annie contend that app designation on Google’s Androids is augmenting during a faster rate than those on Apple’s iOS platform. However, as re/code notes, this hasn’t translated into larger revenues ... Read More »

Microsoft rolls out new Outlook apps for iOS and Android

Just a month after appropriation Acompli, Microsoft is branch that formula into new Outlook for iOS and Outlook for Android apps. On Jan 29, Microsoft will start creation available Outlook for iOS and a preview of Outlook for Android. These new Outlook apps will work with Office 365, Exchange,, Yahoo Mail, Gmail and other e-mail services. Microsoft skeleton to ... Read More »

Microsoft Office comes to Android tablets starting today

Office for Android tablets Photo by James Martin/CNET After 3 months of waiting, Microsoft Office will strictly launch for Android tablets today, bringing Word, PowerPoint and Excel to these midsize devices. The apps work most like a iOS versions, vouchsafing we emanate and revise documents, presentations and spreadsheets that will sync with OneDrive so we can work from anywhere. Also ... Read More »

Microsoft Is About To Deal A Harsh Blow To Android

Johan Larson around Flickr See Also Microsoft is reportedly about to deposit in Cyanogen, a startup that builds and maintains a possess chronicle of Android that is apart from Google’s. According to The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft will be a minority financier in a $70 million turn that values Cyanogen in a hundreds of millions. Cyanogen’s Android powers a OnePlus One, ... Read More »

Android App Downloads Are Leaving Apple’s App Store Behind

AirAsia co-pilot during controls when craft crashed The French co-pilot was during a controls of an AirAsia craft before it crashed into a sea final month after drifting by an area of soaring clouds, murdering all 162 people on board, investigators pronounced Thursday. The proclamation came as fishermen found dual some-more bodies from a pile-up in waters off Sulawesi island ... Read More »