Saturday , 23 May 2015
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This man put Windows XP on an Android smartwatch

YouTube user Dave Bennett loves all about his Android smartwatch, solely for a handling system. It has too many smartwatch-relevant functions, adapts scrupulously to a tiny shade size, and is honestly usually too modern. So Bennett motionless to put Windows XP, an OS expelled 13 years ago, on his LG G Watch: As we can see, a touchscreen works when ... Read More »

6 Android M facilities fans wish to see denounced during Google I/O subsequent week

We always try to keep adult with assorted fan communities to get a clarity of how they’re feeling about their favorite products. Reddit’s Android fan community is typically unequivocally intelligent and insightful, that is because we were meddlesome to see what Android M facilities they’d many like to see Google betray during a large Google I/O discussion subsequent week. Here ... Read More »

Android M competence have the possess fingerprint login system

Android is removing a TouchID-style complement of a possess with Android M, according to Buzzfeed‘s sources. Apparently it’ll act a lot like the iOS tool too, bypassing passwords for compared apps in preference of reading your fingerprint. Given that I/O is most right around a dilemma (next week!) it shouldn’t be prolonged before this all gets reliable — Google hasn’t ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs LG G4: Android’s Best

I didn’t see this coming. Samsung incited adult during a Mobile World Congress with a 50% incomparable stage, 25% cheesier jokes directed during Apple and a 10% some-more thespian mic-drop when it denounced a S6. Then everybody went a bit nuts. ‘The camera is improved than a iPhone 6’s!’ headlines read. ‘It looks like a iPhone 6 yet doesn’t hook ... Read More »

Google I/O Conference: Expect Android Updates, Wearables and Virtual Reality

Every year Google’s I/O Conference is a place where creators and developers combine to plead some of a biggest ideas that heighten and change a approach people correlate with their devices. This year’s discussion kicks off subsequent Thursday in San Francisco. While Google isn’t spilling any of a large skeleton yet, a demeanour during a bulletin online reveals what could ... Read More »