Google and Apple pronounced they are hardening encryption strategy on inclination powered by their mobile handling systems and tossing divided a keys.

The pierce should meant that even a supervision with a court-issued warrants will be blocked from removing reason of pictures, messages and other personal information stored on stirring Android or Apple smartphones and tablets.

Google and Apple are among Internet titans vigilant on firming adult trust jarred by revelations of large online espionage by US officials and by a new hacking of luminary iCloud accounts that unprotected bare photos.

A Google orator told AFP that encryption is already offering for a Android complement on smartphones and tablets, though will be incited on automatically in a arriving chronicle of software.

“For over 3 years Android has offering encryption, and keys are not stored off of a device, so they can't be common with law enforcement,” a orator pronounced in a statement.

“As partial of a subsequent Android release, encryption will be enabled by default out of a box, so we won’t even have to consider about branch it on.”

Google has not pronounced when a subsequent refurbish of Android is due for release.

Apple announced that a new encryption is built into a iOS 8 handling complement accessible on a iPhone 6, that goes on sale Friday. It also can be commissioned on many existent iPhones and iPads.

Apples remoteness terms updated late Wednesday indicatenbsp;hellip;

Apple is radically permitting people to close iPhones, iPads or iPods regulating encrypted passwords though giving itself any keys.

“Your personal information such as photos, messages (including attachments), email, contacts, call history, iTunes content, notes, and reminders, is placed underneath a insurance of your passcode,” says a new process on Apple’s website.

“Apple can't bypass your passcode and therefore can't entrance this data. So it’s not technically possibly for us to respond to supervision warrants for a descent of this information from inclination in their possession regulating iOS 8.”

- Internet espionage liaison -

Leaked papers from former National Security Agency executive Edward Snowden have highlighted concerns about a purpose of vital tech firms in supervision espionage programs.

Internet titans including Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo and Google have been campaigning for a leisure to let people know some-more about requests done underneath a auspices of anti-terrorism law that mandates such queries be kept secret.

Apple’s arch executive Tim Cook pronounced a association is dedicated to insurance of personal information and that confidence during iCloud was beefed adult after photos stored online were pilfered from luminary accounts.

Apple is rolling out new remoteness protections for iPhonesnbsp;hellip;

The Cupertino, California-based association insisted there was no crack of a cloud storage system, though that hackers used “targeted attacks” directed during celebrities.

An Apple matter suggested that a celebrities had their accounts hacked by regulating easy-to-guess passwords, or by giving adult their personal information to cybercriminals posing as Apple, a technique famous as “phishing.”

Companies contend they are compulsory to approve as best they can with legitimate justice orders and other authorised requests, though quarrel for people’s remoteness along a way.

“We have never worked with any supervision group from any nation to emanate a backdoor in any of a products or services. We have also never authorised entrance to a servers. And we never will,” Cook said.

Privacy activists regard a bid and wish some-more Internet firms will follow suit.

“This is really overwhelming for privacy,” Joseph Hall, arch technologist during a Washington-based Center for Democracy and Technology, pronounced of Apple encrypting passwords.

“This is an critical declaration for people. It’s not confidence only some of a time, it’s confidence all of a time.”

Hall combined that a pierce is “good for a attention since there is a genuine necessity of trust” after a luminary print hacking.

- Outstanding issues -

Marc Rotenberg, boss of a Electronic Privacy Information Center, pronounced it was “good news for Internet users.”

But Rotenberg pronounced other remoteness issues still need to be addressed, particularly how Apple handles personal information for a HealthKit complement for aptness monitoring.

“The emanate is a upsurge of user information to a app developers,” Rotenberg told AFP. “Apple has combined a height that can concede for a send of supportive medical data.”

Jeffrey Chester during a Center for Digital Democracy also voiced caution.

“Apple during a impulse is portion as a information collection ‘middleman,’ as it builds a new business as a financial and health information supplier,” Chester said.

The Washington Post is stating that Google will finally step adult confidence efforts on Android and capacitate device encryption by default. The Post has quoted company mouthpiece Niki Christoff as observant “As partial of a subsequent Android release, encryption will be enabled by default out of a box, so we won’t even have to consider about branch it on.”

That “next Android release” should be Android L, that is now out as a developer preview and is approaching to be expelled before a finish of a year.

The move should pierce Android adult to relation with iOS. Apple recently announced extended encryption for iOS 8, that Apple says makes it impossible for a association to decrypt a device, even for law enforcement. While Android’s encryption was optional, it seems to work in a identical way, with Christoff observant “For over 3 years Android has offering encryption, and keys are not stored off of a device, so they can't be common with law enforcement.”

Besides generally creation Android inclination some-more secure when they are stolen or confiscated, a pierce should also make Android device bureau resets some-more secure. A few months ago, Avast showed that Android’s unencrypted bureau reset didn’t reason adult to forensics techniques, creation offered an aged phone a confidence risk. Google’s response to a story endorsed enabling encryption before behaving a bureau reset, and now, for users, that will occur automatically.

Of course, a diseased couple in a law coercion unfolding for Google and Apple is cloud storage. Companies can and will spin cloud information over to a police, and Google has even done it proactively. Smartphones currently have cloud backup systems for only about everything, so while this will substantially strengthen we from people perplexing to meddler in on a stolen or resold phone, there’s zero to stop a military from removing a aver for your cloud data.


Jivi Mobiles has launched a initial Android smartphone in India called Jivi JSP 20 during a cost of Rs. 1,999. The Jivi JSP 20 is now a lowest labelled Android smartphone in India and is targeted during feature-phone users looking to change to smartphones.

“Prime Minister’s digital India prophesy envisages adults accessing e-services on rarely affordable mobile devices. We are ancillary his prophesy of a smartphone in each hands by 2019 by ruinous a cost barrier,” pronounced Pankaj Anand, Jivi Mobiles.

Jivi JSP 20

The 2G smartphone facilities a 3.5-inch capacitive hold arrangement with One Glass Solution during a fortitude of 320 x 480 pixels. Running on a 1 GHz processor and Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread handling system, a smartphone offers twin SIM (G+G) functionality, WiFi and Bluetooth.

Jivi JSP 20

On a memory front, a Jivi JSP 20 comes with 128 MB RAM and offers 256 MB of inner storage that can be stretched adult to 32 GB around microSD card. The phone facilities a 2 MP back camera with peep andis powered by a 1350 mAh battery.

Jivi JSP 20

The smartphone is accessible exclusively during The smoothness of a smartphone will start from Sep 25 and buyers pre-booking a Jivi JSP 20 before Sep 24 will get a flip cover for free.

“While, a spec piece might not be attractive, a Jivi JSP 20 simply aims to bond masses to a Internet. We will deliver some-more smartphones with improved specs really shortly during a cost of underneath Rs. 5,000,” combined Anand.


3.5-inch OGS capacitive display

Dual SIM (2G + 2G)

1 GHz processor

Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread

128 MB RAM

256 MB inner storage expandable adult to 32 GB

2 MP back camera with flash

1350 mAh battery

Android L is positively going to be expelled by Google before a finish of this year, and as some-more time passes we competence be prone to ask yourself when or if your sold device will get updated. With Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and Note 4, it’s clearly not a matter of ‘if’, as they will both certainly accept a new OS version. But when?

Here comes a initial gossip on a matter. Apparently we should design rollouts to embark possibly in late Nov or in early December. That would be flattering quick for Samsung, even if Google pushes out a new pieces tomorrow.

However, there’s no recover date for Android L to pronounce of right now. But it looks like Samsung might be operative towards carrying updates prepared earlier than usual. This might of march have something to do with a new moves by some of Samsung’s competitors. Last year, HTC and Motorola were both flattering quick with updates to Android 4.4 KitKat (Motorola distant some-more than HTC).

And this time around Moto’s already pronounced that it will have updates prepared within 90 days after it gets a finalized source formula from Google. As some-more and some-more companies finally comprehend how critical timely program updates are for smartphone owners, Samsung substantially has no choice though to work faster too.

That said, it’s flattering transparent that a Galaxy S5 and Note 4 will be a initial Samsung inclination to see Android L. When comparison handsets such as final year’s Galaxy S4 and Note 3 might get updated is a opposite matter entirely, and we wouldn’t be astounded if that usually happens subsequent year.


(Georges Gobet/AFP/Getty Images)

The subsequent era of Google’s Android doing system, due for redeem subsequent month, will encrypt information by default for a initial time, a association pronounced Thursday, lifting nonetheless another separator to military gaining entrance to a troves of personal information typically kept on smartphones.

Android has offering discretionary encryption on some inclination given 2011, though confidence experts contend few users have famous how to spin on a feature. Now Google is conceptualizing a activation procedures for new Android devices so that encryption happens automatically; usually somebody who enters a device’s cue will be means to see a pictures, videos and communications stored on those smartphones.

The pierce offers Android, a world’s many renouned doing complement for smartphones, a grade of insurance that resembles what Apple on Wednesday began providing for iPhones, a heading opposition to inclination using Android doing systems. Both companies have now embraced a form of encryption that in many cases will make it unfit for law coercion officials to collect justification from smartphones – even when authorities get legally contracting hunt warrants.

“For over 3 years Android has offering encryption, and keys are not stored off of a device, so they can't be common with law enforcement,” pronounced association mouthpiece Niki Christoff. “As partial of a subsequent Android release, encryption will be enabled by default out of a box, so we won’t even have to consider about branch it on.”

The move, that Google officials pronounced has been in a works for many months, is partial of a extended change by American record companies to make their products some-more resistant to supervision snooping in a issue of revelations of National Security Agency espionage by former executive Edward Snowden.

Expanded deployment of encryption by Google and Apple, however, will have a many approach impact on law coercion officials, who  have prolonged warned that restrictions on their entrance to electronic inclination make it many harder for them to forestall and solve crimes. In June, the Supreme Court ruled that military indispensable hunt warrants to benefit entrance to information stored on phones in many circumstances. But that customary is fast being rendered moot; eventually no form of authorised constraint will sufficient to force a unlocking of many smartphones.

Privacy advocates are overjoyed about a changes by Apple and Google, and generally about their change toward creation encryption automatic, by default settings, so that users get remoteness protections though holding any movement on their own.

“Most people aren’t going to go out of their approach to do these things,” pronounced Joseph Lorenzo Hall, arch technologist for a Center for Democracy Technology, a Washington-based non-profit organisation that receives estimable attention support. “It’s so awesome, as someone who has worked on these issues for a prolonged time, to see these dual companies switch their defaults to where these things will be strongly encrypted, and righteously so.”

Apple and Google have been intent in an increasingly forked foe over a remunerative smartphone market, with Apple in new weeks portraying a iPhone as a safer, some-more secure choice – notwithstanding a new run of bad broadside over a leak of insinuate photos from a Apple accounts of celebrities.

There sojourn poignant differences between how Apple and Google are doing encryption. Apple, that controls both a hardware and program on a devices, will be means to broach a updated encryption on both new iPhones and iPads and also many comparison ones, as users refurbish their doing systems with a latest release, iOS 8.

That is expected to occur over a subsequent several weeks, and for those with iOS 8, a encryption will be so secure that a association says it will miss a technical ability to clear a phones or redeem information for anyone — either it be for military or even users themselves if they forget their device passcodes. Much information is expected to sojourn on iCloud accounts, that behind adult cinema and other information by default for many iPhones and iPads; military with hunt warrants will still be means to entrance this information. Users who wish to forestall all forms of military entrance to their information can adjust their phone settings in a approach that blocks information from issuing to iCloud.

By contrast, Google does not have a ability to broach a updated doing system, called a “L-release,” fast to many users. Several opposite manufacturers make smartphones and tablets that use a Android doing system, and those inclination are sole by many mobile carriers worldwide. This formula in what experts call “fragmentation” – definition there are hundreds of opposite versions of Android worldwide, many several years old, creation it formidable to keep them stream with a latest confidence features.

The newest Android inclination will expected boat with default encryption after October, though it will take many months and substantially years before many Android inclination have encryption by default.

Android developers are being told to list a travel residence in Google Play if they devise on offered apps or in-app purchases.

The new order can be found in one’s Google Play Developer Console (pictured). Developers are educated to supplement a earthy residence to their hit information, that will be posted on a app’s fact page on Google Play. It usually relates to app developers who need remuneration or offer in-app upgrades, those who furnish wholly giveaway apps are exempt.

The proclamation enclosed a apocalyptic warning that those who do not supplement an residence by Sep 30 might have their apps private from a Play Store.

play developer consoleGoogle Play

Android developers got a summary about adding a earthy residence to their form in a Google Play Developer Console.

This might not lay good with eccentric developers who work out of their home and would rather not share their residence with a planet. Given that a earthy residence is a discerning Google hunt divided from a minute map finish with StreetView, this could upset many who build apps for Android.

One developer took his conflict to a Android developers forum, nonetheless no one from Google has nonetheless responded. Currently, a developer’s residence is manifest in Google Wallet when one buys an app, though that is reduction conspicuous than a Play Store.

This pierce is substantially another bid to tie burden in Google Play, that mostly gets dinged as carrying some-more malware and officious rough apps than Apple’s App Store. However, it leaves some developers with dual bad choices: flare over income for a P.O. Box, or worry about indignant app buyers display adult during a doorstep.

Google recently rolled singular support for running Android apps on a Chromebook. At launch usually 4 Android apps were combined to a Chrome Web Store: Duolingo, Evernote, Vine, and Sight Words.

But while you’re watchful for some-more Android apps to strike Chrome’s app store we can indeed get only about any Android app to run on a Chromebook. You’ll only need to ready any app individually.

chromebook soundcloud android app

Developer vladikoff has posted formula and instruction on github. In a nutshell what we need to do is:

  1. Install Android app from a Chrome Web Store so your Chromebook will implement a Android app runtime.
  2. Install Node.js and vladikoff’s chromeos-apk apparatus on a Linux complement (it’ll work on a Chromebook using Ubuntu in Crouton, so we don’t indispensably need a apart computer).
  3. Download an Android APK and afterwards use a chromeos-apk apparatus to ready a app to run on Chrome OS.
  4. Copy a converted app to your Chromebook, form “chrome://extensions” (without quotes” in a URL bar, capacitate Developer mode, and afterwards use a “Load unpacked extension” choice to locate and implement a app.

That’s it. Not every Android app will work… and some apps that design touchscreen displays or other hardware that competence not be accessible on a Chromebook competence not function.

But this pretence allows we to run Android apps on a Chrome OS laptop. While there are web app versions of many Android apps, now we can run them in app form. That means some apps can run in smaller windows, some apps can work but an internet connection, and some apps competence perform improved or offer a opposite user interface than you’d get by simply visiting a website.

Some apps that have been arguable to work embody Pandora, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Skype — nonetheless we have to do a small additional work to make Skype work. Some other apps such as XBMC, WhatsApp, Firefox, Opera, and Spotify do not work yet.

If we wish a stable, arguable knowledge that’s strictly upheld by Google we competence wish to wait for some-more Android apps to be combined to a Chrome Web Store. But if we only wish to try loading Android apps on your own, now there’s a approach to do it.

Note that a instructions concede we to prepare either a inscription or a smartphone versions of Android apps. Using a –tablet modifier gives many apps a incomparable user interface, mostly with a multi-column layout, while a phone versions yield a smaller looking app that competence come in accessible for song players, discuss apps, or other program that doesn’t need to run in full shade to be useful.

chromebook soundcloud android app chromebook flipboard android app chromebook pandora android app

via reddit

The Android L recover continues to make progress behind a scenes yet we’re still yet an central Android L recover date from Google. As we pull into a tumble though, we’re starting to see timelines for non-Nexus inclination emerge and today, purported Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 Android L recover dates have emerged.

Earlier this month, Samsung announced a all new Galaxy Note 4, a code new flagship that goes on sale tomorrow for a initial time in a United States. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is a powerhouse and a flagship and thus, it’s going to come with a latest and biggest features. One of those facilities is Android 4.4.4 KitKat, Google’s latest Android refurbish and an refurbish that recently landed for comparison Galaxy inclination including a Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 Android 4.4.4 KitKat stays singular yet a hurl out is active.

Neither device is approaching to sojourn on Android 4.4.4 KitKat forever. Earlier this year, Google announced an Android L refurbish recover for someday in a future. Android L is a loyal inheritor to a Android 4.4 KitKat refurbish and a subsequent vital Android refurbish from Google. Google still isn’t articulate about a Android L recover date yet we’ve seen sum emerge from several opposite manufacturers.

HTC says that a HTC One M8 and HTC One M7 will get Android L updates within 90 days of Google’s initial release. Motorola has pronounced that a Moto X will be removing a Android L update as good yet a association hasn’t reliable any specific dates. And while Samsung, a world’s largest Android manufacturer isn’t talking, rumors are now doing some articulate for it.


According to SamMobile, Samsung will recover Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 Android L updates to reinstate a Android 4.4 KitKat program that’s now on house these dual flagships. Furthermore, a announcement claims that a Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 Android L updates could be expelled in a Nov to Dec time frame.

If true, this would be most quicker than final year’s Android 4.4 KitKat hurl out that started in Jan after an initial Android 4.4 KitKat recover in November. Samsung is still pulling out Android 4.4.2 KitKat updates to Samsung Galaxy users roughly a year after it was initial released.

It’s critical to note that program refurbish recover dates, generally vital ones like a Android L release, can change during a dump of a hat. Release dates are heavily contingent on contrast and a contrast routine will mostly furnish formula that lead to delays. Samsung’s Android 4.4 KitKat hurl out has gifted several delays.

These are also Samsung’s dual flagship smartphones and they will approaching be during a front in terms of Android L recover timing. Older inclination like a Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 are approaching to get a Android L refurbish as good yet they will approaching get their updates after Samsung updates a stream flagships with Google’s latest software.


For now, Galaxy Note 4 users and Galaxy S5 users will need to contend with Android 4.4.4 KitKat, an refurbish that is still intensely wanting among Samsung Galaxy smartphone and inscription users.

We recently speckled a Sprint Galaxy S5 Android 4.4.4 KitKat refurbish sneaking on Sprint’s website yet it still hasn’t been released. It’s not transparent when Sprint skeleton to recover a refurbish yet given a coming and Verizon’s Android 4.4.4 KitKat hurl out, we could potentially be tighten to another U.S. Galaxy S5 Android 4.4.4 KitKat update.

We’ve also seen Android 4.4.4 KitKat refurbish hurl outs for a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and a Samsung Galaxy S4 yet both of those updates, like a Galaxy S5 Android 4.4.4 KitKat update, sojourn limited. It’s not transparent if Samsung’s skeleton embody all versions of these inclination or if it will be resourceful forward of a Android L release.

Look for some-more Samsung Galaxy Android 4.4.4 KitKat refurbish sum to cocktail adult as we continue on a highway to Google’s Android L recover after on this year.

Woz is pumped for a bigger iPhone 6 with Apple Pay.
James Martin/CNET

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is one of a many amiable guys in tech — though that doesn’t meant he always likes everything. That Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs biopic? Woz pronounced it got a lot wrong. Wearables? Woz says they’re a hard sell. But Woz certain likes Apple’s new iPhone 6, so most so that he’s ditching Android, Google’s mobile handling complement he’s grown lustful of.

In a next video from party news and report site TMZ, Woz allows himself to be stopped in an airport, during slightest temporarily, to share his fad for Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Pay, a company’s new mobile-payments service.

“I got absolved of all my Androids,” Woz pronounced to a off-camera “reporter,” in regard of a bigger screens on a dual new iPhones. The iPhone 6 sports a 4.7-inch display, adult from a 4-inch shade in a iPhone 5S, and a 6 Plus has a 5.5-inch display.

That’s a bigger understanding than it might seem. Wozniak has floated a thought of Apple and Google teaming up, or even, Apple creation an Android phone. He’s prolonged been a fan of both mobile handling systems.

Fortunately, one other thing Woz likes is articulate with people about tech, even when they’re badgering him in an airport. Check out a whole thing next and let us know in a comments and @Crave if we determine with Woz that a new iPhone is value giving adult all your other smartphones.

Google announced a launch of a Android One height on Monday, Sep 15, targeting a low-end smartphone shred in rising markets. While newly launched phones are now accessible in India, a association skeleton to hurl them out to other building countries such as Indonesia, a Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka in a entrance months. The far-reaching launch plan signals that a foe in a smartphone attention in rising countries is heating up, despite during a reduce cost point. In this note, we try this charity and Google’s plan behind a launch.

Click here to see a finish research of Google

Android One Platform For Price Sensitive Users

Google launched a Android One module to offer smartphones during affordable prices to price-conscious users in rising markets. Unlike grown countries, where smartphone invasion is above 50%, invasion is subsequent 25% in many building countries. While a adoption of smartphones in grown countries fueled a initial call of tellurian growth, clever direct in rising markets will expostulate a subsequent phase. Sales of sub-$200 smartphones are approaching to see poignant expansion in rising markets.

According to IDC, tellurian smartphone shipments are on a arise and set to transcend a 1.2 billion section symbol this year. In Q2 2014, smartphone sales edged past a 300 million mark with estimable expansion in a sub-$200 smartphone category. Additionally, smartphone shipments are forecast to grow to scarcely 4 billion by 2018. By rising a line of smartphones that cost around $100, Google has non-stop a smartphone marketplace to a new shred of lower-income business who wish to possess a smartphone with a latest program and apps. According to World Bank, a per capita income in countries targeted by Google is between $1,046 and $4,125.

We trust this launch presents an glorious event for Google to constraint marketplace share and strengthen Android’s ecosystem of inclination in these building countries. To gain on this opportunity, Google will sell 3 smartphone made by Micromax, Spice and Karbonn. While a Android One inclination are a step adult from entry-level phones, these smartphones precedence a use of lower-cost components. Furthermore, any phone has a front (5MP) and rear-facing camera (2MP), twin SIM label slots, a replaceable battery, 1GB of RAM and a 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek processor.

Google Looks To Expand Search, Play Store Revenue

Google’s business is heavily contingent on a series of users regulating a hunt engine. The association leverages a recognition opposite PCs (65% marketplace share) and mobile inclination (over 90% marketplace share) to sell ads. As a result, a PC hunt ad multiplication creates adult 35% of a value, according to a estimates, while a mobile hunt ad multiplication creates adult 29% of a value. Increasingly, people are now browsing a Internet and accessing information by their smartphones. While 1.75 billion people around a universe already have a smartphone, a remaining 5 billion possibly do not have entrance to mobile phones or continue to use underline phones.

Over a past few quarters, Google’s income expansion has slowed down. Much of that can be attributed to pricing vigour on ads and slower expansion in hunt queries opposite a Internet. The Android One launch is directed to fight that pressure. If Google were to attain with a launch and boost users on a Android height by 20%, not usually would that potentially boost hunt queries, though a sale of apps by a Play Store would also grow. Currently, we plan searches per mobile user to boost to 94 per month, and a sale of digital calm to grow to $5.6 billion by 2020. However, if searches per mobile were to grow to 120 per month and Play Store income to $7 billion by 2020, there would be an upside of about 15% to a $544 cost guess for Google, that is somewhat subsequent a stream marketplace price.

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