Saturday , 30 May 2015
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Google I/O Wrap-Up: Android M, Photos, Cardboard, and Everything Else

Woohoo! Google I/O is only a best. We only got a perspective of Google’s skeleton for a your future. Here’s all a many engaging things we competence have missed. The destiny of Android is here. Android M (I’m still anticipating for Muffin) is a program that will energy Android smartphones starting this fall. Aesthetically, all looks familiar, though there’s a ... Read More »

Microsoft’s Cortana and Windows on iOS, Android Phones: What You Need to …

The changes during Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT  ) underneath Satya Nadella have been astounding. The new CEO has altered a enlightenment and instruction of a company. At one time, Microsoft was radically a bully. It had Windows — a widespread handling complement — and since of that, it knew that a immeasurable infancy of people indispensable to be within a ecosystem. Yes, ... Read More »

Android M and Lollipop: Google sensitively improves cue government opposite …

Google on Thursday denounced Android M, a new chronicle of Android that focuses on improving altogether user experience. It also packs quite a few engaging new features, including hidden functionality that Google didn’t entirely explain. One of a tip Android M facilities involves a improved approach to manage passwords opposite Google products, and it might develop into a bone-fide cue manager in a future. ... Read More »

Android Pay Is Google’s Plan for a Mobile Payments Future

We suspected that Google would announce a new payments complement during I/O, and we were right. Enter Android Pay. Android Pay is an open-platform API that enables business to make payments from their credit cards within an Android mobile app. To use it, clear your phone like normal, place it in front of a data-slurping terminal, and boom: remuneration complete. ... Read More »

Android M Developer Preview AOSP Changelog Posted, Probably Not A …

The Android M Developer Preview was expelled only yesterday and we’re all very closely examining the changes. While there’s still utterly a bit to puncture through, it looks like Google is removing some of a source formula adult right away. Before anybody gets too excited, it’s expected that this formula dump occurred to ensure GPL compliance. However, there are utterly a few projects ... Read More »

Why Google Now Is a Most Compelling Reason to Use Android

In a early years (like 5 years ago tbh), iPhone and Android were during odds. Closed vs. open; Design vs. customization. Now, those lines are some-more confused than ever. But Android has always had one comprehensive ace, and Google I/O 2015 only valid it: Google Now. I don’t unequivocally need to explain that Google Now is great and that it ... Read More »

Hands On With The NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Device — It’s A Winner

NVIDIA NVIDIA has been articulate about a SHIELD Android TV device given a Game Developers Conference behind in March, yet a product was being called a SHIELD Console behind then. Yesterday, however, NVIDIA strictly launched a product to coincide with some associated announcements out of Google Google and a media partners during a Google I/O conference. I’m not going to ... Read More »

Google’s New Cloud Test Lab Lets Android Developers Quickly Test Their Apps …

Google launched a new project during a I/O developer conference currently that will make it easier for developers to check how their mobile apps work on twenty of a most popular Android inclination from around a world. Sadly, a use will usually hurl out to developers after this year, though if we are interested, we can pointer adult to join a commander program here. It’s no ... Read More »