Apple finally expelled iOS 8.1 to a open on Monday, and OS X Yosemite was expelled late final week to Mac users. That means that after months of waiting, users who possess both a Mac mechanism and an iPhone can finally suffer a finish Continuity knowledge that Apple initial showed off this past Jun during WWDC. We’ve been regulating and enjoying Continuity with a iPhone though a new recover of iOS 8.1 is a good sign that Android users have had this form of functionality for years now interjection to one good giveaway app.

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As we remarkable only final month, an solution app from a developer called Sand Studio called AirDroid does only about all Apple’s Continuity resolution can do and more. Here’s a app’s outline from a page in a Google Play store:

Manage your Android inclination on a web, all over a air.
– No USB wire required.
– No motorist designation required.
– Same WiFi network or Internet.
– Pure web app, works on Windows, Mac, Chromebook and Linux.
Simply implement AirDroid on your Android and you’ll be means to suffer a following facilities on your mechanism during
– SMS: send and accept particular or organisation messages.
– Apps: Import and trade .apk files.
– Files: Manage files on Android and transferring files between Android and computer.
– Photos: View and conduct photos on Android and transferring photos between Android and computer.
– Music Videos: Play and conduct song videos on Android and transferring them between Android and computer.
– Ringtones: Set song as ringtone and trade any ringtone.
– Contacts: View and revise all a contacts.
– Screenshot: View a genuine time shade of Android devices, take immobile screenshots. (root required)
– Camera: See by a lens of both front and behind camera, also supports flashlight.
– URL: Push url to Android and open automatically open it with Android browser.
– Clipboard: Share clipboard calm between Android and computer.
There are also some really useful facilities on a Android client, including WiFi tethering, record manager, charge manager, etc.
AirDroid philosophies:
– One reduction cable.
You should be means to bond opposite inclination wirelessly, but a hassles of USB cables.
– One reduction screen.
You should be means to work or play with one screen, but being dreaming by other screens.
– One reduction worry.
You should be means to locate your Android inclination any time, any where, and clean all personal information if it’s lost.

The giveaway chronicle of AirDroid is impossibly useful, and afterwards a paid reward subscription ($1.99 per month, $19.99 per year or $38.99 each dual years) adds even some-more value.

Download AirDroid

Ever consider a blurb about wiring can’t be emotional? Think again.

In this 2014 Android ad, clips of people from all opposite ethnicities, ages and passionate orientations doing all opposite kinds of things — from dancing to roving a ferris circle to proposing — are interspersed with images of opposite Android electronics. The blurb deftly uses ‘and ____,’ stuffing in a vacant depending on a shave during hand. From ‘andwhoa’ (an overwhelming backflip) to ‘andwheee!’ (a child roving a ferris wheel) to, finally, ‘android,’ — it brings home a idea that Android is truly all-inclusive.

The blurb ends with Android’s aphorism of “Be together. Not a same,” and, deliberation a movement showcased via a clip, it comes together to make for a really touching sentiment.

The strain featured in a blurb is ‘Party Hard’ by Andrew W.K. The song, ranked No. 89 on VH1′s Top 100 Hard Rock Songs, is a fantastically upbeat strain whose speed totally matches a fast-paced commercial.

While ‘Party Hard’ is flattering loyal forward, a male behind it is not. Controversy surrounds a loyal temperament of Andrew W.K., and statements from a artist himself have finished small to explain a poser surrounding him. Initially saying that Andrew W.K. was, in fact, a made persona, a musician after went on to redress those statements. So… who, exactly, is Andrew W.K.? The universe might never know, though he did recover this overwhelming song.

Check out a Android blurb featuring this strain in a video posted above!

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Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014, 04:49 pm PT (07:49 pm ET)

New Geekbench processor benchmarks uncover Apple’s triple core, 64-bit A8X Application Processor is dramatically faster than a latest Android tablets, notwithstanding their additional cores and faster time rates.

iPad Air 2 vs. Android Tegra K1, Snapdragon, Exynos

Previous Android tablets trimming from Amazon to Samsung delivered mixed core benchmarks in a ballpark of Apple’s strange iPad Air, notwithstanding regulating many faster and incorporating twin to 3 times as many RAM in a thicker—or in a box of Samsung, plastic—body. Their singular core scores were significantly reduce however, closer to Apple’s fourth era iPad from late 2012.

In 2013, Google’s Nexus 7 likewise lagged Apple’s iPad 4 in singular core performance, though benchmarked aloft for program that could take advantage of mixed cores. Nexus 7 was essentially marketed as being cheaper than identical iPads, though Google has given shifted a plan for a latest stand of Nexus tablets, that are now some-more expensive.

The fastest Android tablet, a gaming-oriented device constructed by Nvidia to uncover of a energy of a Tegra K1 Application Processor, has ruled a roost in CPU benchmark opening given a recover this summer, nonetheless it ironically can’t run some of a many renouned games, including tip Google Play pretension “Five Nights during Freddy’s.”

Google’s new, some-more costly Nexus 9 will use a Tegra K1 identical to a Shield Tablet in a form cause designed to demeanour and work some-more like an iPad than required 16:9 Android tablets. It will also be labelled higher. The HTC-built Nexus 9’s K1 uses Nvidia’s new 64-bit “Denver” twin core CPU. It has not nonetheless been expelled or benchmarked.

[Update: According to total published by GSMArena, Nexus 9 turns in scores (added below) that are many improved in singular core though usually somewhat improved in mixed core benchmarks than a strange Tegra K1 Shield Tablet. Its singular core opening is identical to iPad Air 2 though a mixed core CPU opening is kick by a A8X iPad Air 2 by 34.8 percent.


According to numbers published by Geekbench developer Primate Labs (above), Apple’s iPad Air 2 is 39.8 percent faster than a K1 powered Shield Tablet in mixed core tests, even regulating 3 cores to a K1’s 4 core chip design. In singular core tasks, iPad Air 2 scores 67.9 percent faster than a K1.

Compared to Samsung’s possess Exynos 5420 Octa Application Processor, used in a Galaxy Tab S 10.5 introduced alongside a Shield Tablet this summer, Apple’s iPad Air 2 is 69.5 percent faster in mixed core tasks (again with 3 cores to a Exynos’ 4 active cores or 8 advertised cores) and 104 percent faster in singular core tasks, even clocked significantly slower and with 2GB rather than 3GB of RAM.

AppleInsider is still watchful to obtain A8X GPU opening benchmarks for a new iPad Air 2, that should be engaging to review opposite Nvidia’s K1 “Kepler” GPU architecture, given Nvidia’s core competency in GPU design.

The reduction absolute A8 chip Apple uses in a iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models already shows a large advance over a GPU opening of Samsung’s ARM Mali-based GPU used in a Exynos 5 Octa versions of a Galaxy smartphones and phablets, and is roughly tied in core GPU opening with Qualcomm’s Adreno 420 GPUs used in a Snapdragon 805, that powers many aloft finish Android smartphones.

However, due to stipulations in Android software, as good as Android licensees’ spec-centric engineering decisions that resulted in putting intensely high fortitude 2K “WQHD” displays on 5 to 6 in. smartphones, Qualcomm’s GPU opening relation with a A8 is erased, ensuing in OpenGL ES 3.0 opening roughly half that of iPhone 6 Plus and even worse when compared to iPhone 6 during a local Retina HD resolution.

Blizzard Entertainment’s digital collectible label diversion Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft won’t make a approach to mobile phones until subsequent year, a developer reliable today, observant a iPhone and Android phone versions of a diversion need some-more time.

Hearthstone for iPhone and Android was announced during final year’s BlizzCon by then-chief artistic officer Rob Pardo. While a Android inscription chronicle is still slated for a recover before a finish of 2014, Hearthstone fans looking for a some-more compress chronicle of a diversion will have to wait a bit longer.

“We’re also tighten to carrying Hearthstone out to a iPhone and Android phone users, though it’s turn transparent that we need a small some-more time to get that chronicle right,” community manager Christina Sims wrote in a development update.  “While we have a build adult and regulating internally, it needs a bit some-more work, and we don’t feel like we’ll be prepared to share it with we until early subsequent year. It’s really critical to us that a phone knowledge for Hearthstone is only as permitted as a inscription and PC versions. One of a biggest hurdles with that is revamping a user interface so it feels discerning and offers a same peculiarity Hearthstone experience, though this time from a palm of your hand.”

Sims says Blizzard is regulating a additional time to “make Hearthstone‘s user interface on a phone customized to feel good for a platform, rather than a pier that doesn’t taken into comment a stipulations of a smaller screen.”

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft was officially released for Mac and Windows PC in March. An iPad version followed in April.

For some-more on Hearthstone and how a “planet-cracking success” helped lead Blizzard Entertainment to reexamine a forms of games it makes, read Polygon’s feature on a company.

Google’s new Android 5.0 Lollipop refurbish recover is now confirmed for a series of inclination including a fast of Nexus smartphones and tablets, a HTC One M8, and a Moto X. Samsung, a world’s largest Android manufacturer, stays wordless yet we design a Samsung Galaxy Lollipop refurbish to start rolling out in a weeks ahead. Today, brazen of that release, we demeanour during what we design from Samsung’s Galaxy Android 5.0 release.

While a courtesy of many Samsung Galaxy smartphone and inscription users is still on Android 4.4 KitKat and some-more specifically, Android 4.4.4 KitKat, there’s another refurbish that’s starting to squeeze during their eyes and ears. That refurbish is Android 5.0 Lollipop, a refurbish rigourously famous as Android L, and an refurbish that’s entrance to reinstate Android 4.4 KitKat in usually a few brief weeks.

Google’s Android 5.0 Lollipop refurbish will be accompanied by dual new Nexus inclination including a Nexus 9 from HTC and a Nexus 6 from Motorola. Both inclination will assistance chaperon in a new epoch for Google and a Android handling system. Google recently reliable a refurbish for a series of comparison devices as good including a Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Nexus 5, and Nexus 4. Other Android manufacturers have assimilated a fun as good and HTC, Motorola and Sony have all reliable a slew of Lollipop updates for a future.

As approaching Samsung stays wordless about Android 5.0 Lollipop in a days after a central proclamation withdrawal Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, and other Galaxy smartphone and inscription users in a dark. We’ve seen a number of unaccepted Galaxy Android L recover sum boyant to a surface yet and those sum have helped to paint a really extended design for Galaxy users.

Today, we wish to go a step serve and outline what we do not design from Samsung’s Galaxy Lollipop refurbish release. These predictions are formed on a stream rumors, Samsung’s history, a endless coverage of Samsung’s Android refurbish releases, and good ole tummy feelings. Here’s what we don’t design to occur down a road.

Android 4.4 Updates to Abruptly Stop

Do not design Samsung to kill off a Android 4.4 KitKat refurbish hurl out. The association is currently in a midst of Android 4.4.2 KitKat and Android 4.4.4 KitKat hurl outs to name inclination and we design many of those Android 4.4 KitKat hurl outs to continue as we build into a tumble and a attainment of a Android Lollipop update.


We don’t design Android 4.4 KitKat updates to stop until 2015. They’re still going clever and there are a ton of inclination that still need to get a upgrade. There’s a possibility that we could see a few skip over Android 4.4 and conduct true to Android 5.0 yet during this point, given that we’re in a hurl outs late stages, we consider Samsung is going to go brazen and finish a Android 4.4 KitKat ascent routine for inclination like a Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4, and others.

In other words, if you’re still on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, don’t usually assume that you’re streamer true to Android 5.0 Lollipop. You could get Android 4.4.2 or Android 4.4.4 KitKat between now and then.

Tons of Galaxy Android Lollipop Release Confirmations

Do not design to see a ton of Android 5.0 Lollipop recover confirmations. Samsung itself typically stays really wordless adult until a hurl outs indeed begin. Samsung’s conduit partners also mostly stay silent. There are some outliers though.

French conduit SFR typically confirms Android updates distant in advance. So do Aussie carriers Optus, Vodafone and Telstra. In North America, Rogers can be counted on to broach Android 5.0 refurbish news good in advance. Other that those carriers though, there are no guarantees. In a U.S. generally carriers adore to stay still so as not to set expectations for their customers.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Photos5Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Photos5

Do not design anything opposite from this hurl out. Most carriers simply don’t promulgate really good with their business and that substantially won’t change until they start losing business or until a Android refurbish routine changes. We should see many updates reliable hours or maybe a day before their attainment for inclination like a Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5.

Concise Roll Out

Do not design a Samsung Galaxy Android 5.0 Lollipop refurbish to take place over several days or several weeks. Samsung’s Android updates typically hurl out over a march of a year or more. Just have a demeanour during Android 4.3 Jelly Bean (first started rolling out in Oct 2013, still rolling out) and Android 4.4 KitKat (First started rolling out in January, still rolling out).

We don’t design anything opposite from Android 5.0. It’s roughly positively going to see a long, drawn out recover that extends low into 2015 and substantially into 2016 as well. We don’t design owners of newer inclination like a Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note Edge to have to wait until 2016 yet we wouldn’t be astounded if obtuse inclination like a Galaxy S4 mini saw their upgrades hurl out late.


Keep in mind, hurl outs are also contingent on segment and carrier. Carriers in problematic markets will also substantially loiter as Samsung focuses a efforts on pivotal markets like Korea, a United States and a United Kingdom.

Slow U.S. Galaxy Lollipop Updates

Speaking of a United States, do not design it to be delayed to Android 5.0 Lollipop. Sprint generally has been intensely discerning to Android updates yet we design other carriers like ATT and Verizon to be partial of a initial call of Android 5.0 Lollipop updates for Galaxy smartphones and tablets. The U.S. marketplace and a tip 5 carriers is always during a forefront of updates.

Galaxy S5 Review - 15Galaxy S5 Review - 15

We design this to extend to smaller informal and pre-paid carriers as well. Smaller carriers like C Spire and Cricket are typically usually a few weeks off a gait of a incomparable U.S. carriers and we should see them hurl out their possess Android 5.0 updates in a weeks after a vital upgrades. They should be out brazen of many regions around a universe as well.

Copious Galaxy Android 5.0 Leaks

Do not design to see tons of Android 5.0 Lollipop leaks brazen of time. We’ve already seen one huge trickle from SamMobile yet it did not make a refurbish accessible to a public. We should see a few Android 5.0 Lollipop leaks brazen of time yet we’d be repelled if a estimable series of Android 5.0 updates emerged brazen of their release.

Samsung historically has kept a parsimonious lid on a Android upgrades brazen of their recover and in new years, that lid has tightened and leaked updates have been few and distant between. We could see a few for tip inclination leak, consider Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4, yet owners of obtuse inclination like a Galaxy Note 3 should rage expectations going forward.

Galaxy S3 Android Lollipop Update

Again, do not design there to be a Galaxy S3 Android 5.0 Lollipop update. Samsung did not hurl out an central Android 4.4 KitKat refurbish for a general indication and usually a name few Galaxy S3 LTE models have perceived Android 4.4.4 KitKat so far. That doesn’t assistance to teach any certainty in a warn Android 5.0 recover in a future.


The Galaxy S3 is an aging smartphone and it will spin 3 years aged subsequent year. And while it’s a widely adopted device, it’s transparent that Samsung is carrying problems with Android 4.4 KitKat (a most smaller refurbish than Android 5.0) behind a scenes. We’d be repelled if Samsung motionless to move it adult from Android 4.4.

No Android 5.0 Lollipop Problems

Do not design Android 5.0 Lollipop to repair each singular Android 4.4 KitKat problems on Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, do not design Android 5.0 Lollipop to be blank of bugs.

Samsung’s Android updates roughly always come with fixes on house and we consider that a set of Android 5.0 upgrades will roughly positively come with an array of bug fixes directed during stabilizing a company’s handling system. That said, Samsung’s Galaxy updates roughly always come with bugs and problems of their own. Especially vast updates like Android 5.0 Lollipop.

So, don’t go into a Android 5.0 recover meditative it’s going to solve all of your problems. It competence repair a few things yet there’s a good possibility that it will come with some new problems, problems that Samsung and a partners will need to assuage with Android 5.0 Lollipop bug repair updates.

Smartphone versions in 2015.



Hearthstone is on lane to come to Android tablets by a finish of a year, Blizzard has announced.

“We’re holding things one step during a time and we’ve got a sights set on a recover for Android tablets, a subsequent new platform, before a finish of a year,” a developer remarkable on a blog. “We’ve only got a few some-more mana crystals to gloss and some Angry Chickens to follow down.”

In reduction advantageous news, Blizzard pronounced that a smartphone versions of Hearthstone won’t be prepared until subsequent year. “We’re also tighten to carrying Hearthstone out to a iPhone and Android phone users, though it’s turn transparent that we need a small some-more time to get that chronicle right,” a developer explained. “While we have a build adult and using internally, it needs a bit some-more work, and we don’t feel like we’ll be prepared to share it with we until early subsequent year.”

“It’s really critical to us that a phone knowledge for Hearthstone is only as permitted as a inscription and PC versions. One of a biggest hurdles with that is revamping a user interface so it feels discerning and offers a same peculiarity Hearthstone experience, though this time from a palm of your hand.”

“Releasing Hearthstone on iPhone and Android phones is something we’re impossibly vehement about, though eventually we’d rather take a additional time to make Hearthstone’s user interface on a phone customised to feel good for a platform, rather than a pier that doesn’t taken into comment a stipulations of a smaller screen.”

Hearthstone has been downloaded some-more than 20 million times. Here’s an infographic on some other neat factoids about a game, such as that neutral cards are many frequently played.

Picture of Jeffrey.

About Jeffrey Matulef

Jeffrey Matulef is a yank, though don’t reason that opposite him. Based in Portland, OR he operates as Eurogamer’s US news editor.

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Gmail might be shortly be a lot improved during handling your email.

The Android chronicle of a app will be updated in a entrance weeks with support for Outlook, Yahoo and other forms of non-Gmail email accounts, according to a report from Android Police.

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The update, approaching to coincide with a launch of upgraded handling complement Android Lollipop, will concede users to sync non-Gmail accounts with a app for a initial time, according to a video Android Police says is from a arriving app. The video shows users accessing mixed forms of email accounts, including Yahoo and Outlook, from within Gmail.

gmail 5.0

Gmail’s arriving Android app will reportedly support Outlook, Yahoo and other forms of non-Gmail email accounts.

Image: Android POlice

It appears that switching between Gmail and non-Gmail accounts will work most a same approach as navigating between opposite Google accounts within a stream app. The video also shows off Gmail’s new Material Design-focused look, with new avatars, icons and menu styles. Material Deign is Google’s new pattern language, revealed alongside Android Lollipop during Google I/O progressing this year.

It’s an engaging pierce for Google, that until now has focused on users of a possess email platform. But opening adult a Gmail app to other forms of email accounts could potentially pull thousands of new Android users who don’t use Gmail for possibly work or personal accounts to a app.

It’s not transparent when, or if, a identical refurbish might come to a iOS chronicle of Gmail though Google typically rolls out vital updates to a Android apps before bringing them to iOS.

Have something to supplement to this story? Share it in a comments.

When we reviewed Motorola’s new Moto X final month, we didn’t chop words. All things considered, the second-generation Moto X was and still is a best Android phone on a planet. The customization options are unparalleled, a hardware and build peculiarity are tip notch, a arrangement is pleasing and a performance is impressive. It unequivocally is a sum package. The best things about a Moto X might be a good voice controls and other preference enhancements Motorola combined to Android on a Moto X, and now one of a coolest facilities from a Moto X is apparently entrance to all tip Android phones in Google’s new Android 5.0 Lollipop update.

FROM EARLIER: 10 tip things we had no thought your Android phone could do

As remarkable by Android Police, a upcoming Nexus 6 includes a new environment called “Ambient Display” that offers a new take on a nap shade from a Moto X.

On a Moto X, a screen pulses while a phone is defunct and displays a time along with notifications for messages, emails, missed calls and more. A identical underline called “Ambient Display” has been combined to a Nexus 6, and a blog post from Phone Arena suggests a underline is entrance to all phones that get updates to Android 5.0.

Some pictures from Android Police display a new Ambient Display underline in movement follow below, and a print during a tip of this post shows a strange underline on Motorola’s second-generation Moto X.



Android’s Google Play store.

Google has launched a website called Switch that has one idea in mind: teach Apple iPhone and iPad users on how they can simply pierce their information to Android-based devices.

Essentially a manual, it describes how owners of Apple devices, that run a iOS mobile handling system, can take photos and song and pierce them to inclination regulating Google’s Android, as good as send contacts, set-up email and find apps that they were regulating on their iOS-based devices.

While a site is rather tiny in a scope, it’s an apparent shot during Apple. The site provides minute instructions on removing calm from one device to another and touts how “simple” it is to send that information.

Apple and Google have been in a fight of difference — and a conflict for business — over a final several years with any side hammering a other for ostensible shortfalls. Apple during a special press eventuality final week took aim during Android’s purported fragmentation, indicating out that a height is carrying difficulty removing users onto a singular chronicle of a software. Google, meanwhile, tends to concentration on a advantages of Android and facilities where it believes a product stands out.

Google’s Android has about a 51 percent share of a US market when it comes to smartphone platforms, according to a news final month from investigate organisation ComScore. Apple has somewhat some-more than 42 percent of a market.

The iPhone builder final month launched a possess guide on how to switch from Android to iOS. Like Google, Apple provides directions on how to make a pierce and explains how it believes a switch is easy.

Neither Apple nor Google immediately responded to a ask for comment.

For some people, switching from Android to iOS or clamp versa is a formidable thing to do, not usually since they competence have invested income in a certain ecosystem around apps and other digital calm purchases, though also since they competence find it formidable to pierce a information they caring about most, including contacts, pictures, music and others. Luckily, there are central guides for that. After Apple put adult a beam for switching from Android to iOS, Google has also set adult a special iOS-to-Android page on a Android site, just in time for a attainment of a new Nexus 6 smartphone and forward of a Android 5.0 Lollipop launch.

FROM EARLIER: How to knowledge Android 5.0’s beautiful Material Design on your phone right now

Google has elementary instructions to assistance iOS 8 users send all their contacts, photos and song from an iPhone or iPad to an Android device. The usually thing Google can’t send over is paid iOS apps (the same goes for Apple’s guide), as users will have to squeeze a same apps they used on iOS from a Google Play Store (if those were paid apps that is). However, Google explains that some of a apps used on iOS that are giveaway of charge, such as Netflix and many others, will also be giveaway on Android.

Finally, in Google’s guide, accessible during a source couple below, users will also find instructions on how to set adult email and messaging on their Android inclination after they make a switch, and instructions on branch off iMessage on iOS before they make a burst are also included.

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