Wednesday , 8 July 2015
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Android M 6.0 Update Features, Release Date & Rumors Here!

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – FEBRUARY 02: Google’s clamp boss of engineering Andy Rubin speaks during a press eventuality during Google domicile on Feb 2, 2011 in Mountain View, California. Google denounced a Android Honeycomb, handling system, a initial Android handling complement designed privately for tablets. (Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) 0 The Android M is certain to be a diversion ... Read More »

This new Android malware looks like a classical Nintendo game

Nintendo fans with Android phones, beware. A new square of Android malware is display adult in third-party app stores dressed as a classical Nintendo game. Cybersecurity organisation Palo Alto Networks says it has discovered a new family of malware that looks and behaves like promotion software, all while dark personal information from putrescent Android devices. The malware is called Gunpoder, and it’s dark in a gaming ... Read More »

BB10 AND Android? How BlackBerry can have the cake and eat it

Analysis New BlackBerry handsets are entrance with unrecognized partial numbers, that were speckled on an Indian import database. Three weeks ago, Reuters reported that new models from a association would run Android – lifting doubt outlines over BlackBerry’s possess exclusive BlackBerry OS 10 (BB10) platform. In a deficiency of a fast reason – BlackBerry is mouth-watering general media to a ... Read More »

Android tablets, Chromebooks, and convertibles: Which setup creates clarity for …

The lines, they are a-blurrin’. That’s what Bob Dylan pronounced in his classical 1964 song, right? Okay — maybe I’m blurring ol’ Bobby’s words with a pretension of that Weird Al-parodied sight (The Song That Must Not Be Named — yes, I’m looking during you, Mr. Thicke). But controversial cocktail song references aside, there’s no doubt mobile record as we ... Read More »

Warning: Hacking Team Wrote Malware for Flash, Android, and Windows

We learned yesterday that a Hacking Team—an Italian confidence association with ties to rough governments and a repute for offered forward view tools—got hacked. Today, we’re training some frightful things about what this all means for we and me. In a word: malware. Thanks to papers leaked after a hack, we now know Hacking Team sole exploits and digital weapons ... Read More »

‘Current Flow’ is one of a best new Android games [VIDEO]

Finding dark gems in a Play Store is one of a favorite things. It’s like that feeling of anticipating a $20 check in a cloak we haven’t ragged in a prolonged time. You’re not awaiting much, though afterwards you’re agreeably surprised. We had a same feeling when downloading a diversion called Current Flow, that now has reduction than 5,000 downloads ... Read More »