Some Android apps never get a Android-y interface they deserve. Their pattern possibly matches some other platform’s pattern standards, or looks like it’s been thrown together in a hurry. Pandora for Android had that repute for some time, though a latest refurbish brings a interface modernise that Android users deserve.

pandora screens

The new Pandora app facilities a uninformed new look.

While it’s not utterly Material Design, a new Pandora app sports a agree interface and a pure navigation bar, that is still separate into 4 categorical categories: Stations, Feed, Profile, and Settings, with an additional More symbol adult top. Overall, a interface looks most cleaner than it did before. 

pandora settings

The Settings are cleaner and still underline some of a facilities we desired before, like a built-in Alarm time to arise adult to your favorite station.

Pandora’s pattern renovate is also an indicator that many app makers have had to recur a approach their applications demeanour so that they compare adult with Google’s new design philosophy. It’s accurately a kind of boost Android needs to enhance a strech and we can’t wait to see how other developers follow suit.

The Pandora app is rolling out to Android phones everywhere. If we only can’t wait, squeeze it yourself from a Google Play Store.

A bug sensitively reported on Sep 1 appears to have grave implications for Android users. Android Browser, a open source, WebKit-based browser that used to be partial of a Android Open Source Platform (AOSP), has a smirch that enables antagonistic sites to inject JavaScript into other sites. Those antagonistic JavaScripts can in spin review cookies and cue fields, contention forms, squeeze keyboard input, or do most anything else.

Browsers are generally designed to forestall a book from one site from being means to entrance calm from another site. They do this by enforcing what is called a Same Origin Policy (SOP): scripts can usually review or cgange resources (such as a elements of a webpage) that come from a same start as a script, where a start is dynamic by a multiple of intrigue (which is to say, protocol, typically HTTP or HTTPS), domain, and pier number.

The SOP should afterwards forestall a book commissioned from http://malware.bad/ from being means to entrance calm during

The Android Browser bug breaks a browser’s doing of a SOP. As Rafay Baloch, a researcher who discovered a problem found, JavaScript assembled in a sold approach could omit a SOP and openly happen with other sites’ calm though restriction.

This means that potentially any site visited in a browser could be hidden supportive data. It’s a bug that needs fixing, and fast.

As partial of a attempts to gain some-more control over Android, Google has dropped a AOSP Browser. Android Browser used to be a default browser on Google, though this altered in Android 4.2, when Google switched to Chrome. The core tools of Android Browser were still used to energy embedded Web perspective controls within applications, though even this altered in Android 4.4, when it switched to a Chromium-based browser engine.

But usually as Microsoft’s end-of-life for Windows XP didn’t make that handling complement magically disappear from a Web, Google’s discontinuation of a open source Browser app hasn’t done it disappear from a Web either. As a monthly demeanour during Web browser use shows, Android Browser has a small some-more real-world use than Chrome for Android, with something like 40-50 percent of Android users regulating a injured browser.

The Android Browser is expected to be embedded in third-party products, too, and some Android users have even commissioned it on their Android 4.4 phones since for one reason or another they cite it to Chrome.

Google’s possess numbers paint an even worse picture. According to a online promotion giant, usually 24.5 percent of Android users are regulating chronicle 4.4. The infancy of Android users are regulating versions that embody a damaged component, and many of these users are regulating 4.1.x or below, so they’re not even regulating versions of Android that use Chrome as a default browser.

Baloch primarily reported a bug to Google, though a association told him that it couldn’t imitate a problem and sealed his report. Since he wrote his blog post, a Metasploit procedure has been grown to capacitate a renouned confidence contrast horizon to detect a problem, and Metasploit developers have branded a problem a “privacy disaster.” Baloch says that Google has subsequently altered a response, similar that it can imitate a problem and observant that it is operative on a suitable fix.

Just how this repair will be done useful is unclear. While Chrome is updated by a Play Store, a AOSP Browser is generally updated usually by handling complement updates. Timely accessibility of Android updates stays a sticking point for a handling system, so even if Google develops a fix, it might good be taken to those who indeed need it.

Users of Android 4.0 and adult can equivocate most of a bearing by switching to Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, nothing of that should use a damaged code. Other third-party browsers for Android might hide a damaged AOSP code, and unfortunately for finish users, there’s no good approach to know if this is a box or not.

We’re conference from a arguable source that Citrix has acquired a small association we wrote about behind in July called Virtual. The firm, manned by an considerable set of program hackers, claimed to be means to virtualize both Android and iOS totally adequate to act as an sourroundings for bug contrast and hardware emulation.

The buy creates clarity for Citrix, which could use Virtual to obey Android or iOS environments around a remote desktop. A association that could ‘cast’ iOS environments would also have a large leg adult on a foe like VMware or LogMeIn.

The company’s founder, Chris Wade, was one of a initial iPhone jailbreakers and built Virtual off of an open-source iOS device emulator he co-created called iEmu. We spoke to Wade behind in Jul about Virtual’s capabilities:

The thought was to pierce divided from simulation and go to full-blown virtualization,” Wade says. Virtual allows a user to squeeze a permit to run a certain volume of iOS or Android inclination with as tighten to genuine hardware capabilities as possible. Wade claims that Virtual has managed to virtualize a ARM core and obey peripherals that concede it to double as roughly any Apple TV, iPad or iPhone.

Virtual could also act as a deputy for services that offer real, earthy inclination for lease like Appurify, a association that was only acquired by Google in a ongoing conflict with Apple over who can offer a many finish set of developer tools.
Another underline of Virtual is that it can be used to run iOS inclination on OS X. This would counterpart a proclamation Google done during I/O about permitting Android apps to run on Chromebooks — nonetheless for both iOS and Android.

Wade also hired Nicholas Allegra, an iPhone hacker famous as Comex who produced one of a many renouned jailbreaking utilities. As of a final time we spoke with Wade, Virtual had not taken any funding.

No word on a cost of a buy yet, nonetheless it was a immature association and hadn’t nonetheless launched a product, so that substantially factored in.

We’ve asked Citrix about a merger and it declined to comment. Wade also declined to criticism on a sale of a company.

This is an engaging get for Citrix, and one that appears to prove a claims of a association are solid. While we was shown Virtual’s record in July, we remarkable that a demo was considerable enough, nonetheless that it was tough for me to oldster a opening claims but a launched product. Whatever they’d come adult with it seems it was plain adequate for a heading virtualization organisation to wish it. It will be engaging to see what they prepare up.


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Under The Hood

The Android One is powered by a quad-core (MediaTek MT6582) processor clocked during 1.3 GHz and corroborated by 1 GB of RAM. Meanwhile, a Moto E is powered by a comparatively defective dual-core (Qualcomm Snapdragon 200) Cortex-A7 processor clocked during 1.2 GHz and a same 1 GB of RAM. Also, a Moto E runs on Android OS v4.4.2 KitKat (upgradable to v4.4.4 KitKat), since a Android One runs on Android v4.4.4 KitKat out of a box. It is value observant that, a Google device Android One will accept a subsequent refurbish i.e. Android L (v5.0) forward of any other manufacturer.

Speaking of memory, both a handsets come versed with a same 4 GB of inner storage with microSD label support for enlargement adult to 32 GB.

Camera And Battery

Both a phones underline a same 5 MP primary camera unit. However, a Google handset has a LED peep housed in a rear, while there is no peep support in a Motorola device. Also, a Android One sports a 2 MP shooter in a front, since a Moto E does not come with a delegate unit. Furthermore, a Google device facilities a 1700 mAh battery, since a Moto E comes with a comparatively improved 1980 mAh battery unit.


Both a phones come versed with dual-SIM capability.


Google’s Android handset is labelled during INR 6,399 in India that roughly translates to as low as AU$116. The Moto E, on a other hand, is labelled during AU$179.95.

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Panasonic's CM1 joins a vast 1-inch, 20-megapixel sensor with a vast lens and an Android phone.
Panasonic’s CM1 joins a vast 1-inch, 20-megapixel sensor with a vast lens and an Android phone.
Stephen Shankland/CNET

COLOGNE, Germany — Smartphones have mostly transposed compress cameras, yet Panasonic launched a new product called a CM1 to move a dual product categories together.

Depending on how we demeanour during it, it’s possibly a really slim camera or a rather massive Android phone. Its standout underline is a vast f2.8 28mm-equivalent lens finished by Leica and an concomitant 1-inch, 20-megapixel sensor.

If we like a idea, you’ll substantially usually have to whine wistfully, since Panasonic usually will sell it in Germany and France, during slightest for starts when it goes on sale in a fourth quarter. The association denounced a product during a Photokina uncover here this week, yet didn’t exhibit pricing.

The common problems of tellurian sales — denunciation support, unfamiliar sell rates, and so on — are even some-more difficult for phones. Different countries and opposite network operators use opposite wireless radio frequencies, a problem called spectrum fragmentation that afflicts device makers.

The hybrid proceed is classically difficult: it’s tough to be as good during dual things compared to some-more specialized apparatus tailored for usually one or a a other. Smartphones are general-purpose already, including a obtuse camera than a CM1’s, and it seems expected a bulk of a marketplace will hang with some-more required designs. But a reward smartphone marketplace is a tough place to mount out, and Panasonic’s positively does do that.

It’s tough to kick a mainstream hulk like a Samsung Galaxy S5 or an Apple iPhone, yet a conflict for a smartphone niches is some-more open. That’s how phablets got their start — and now demeanour during a 5.5-inch shade on a entrance Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

Panasonic’s CM1 Android-camera hybrid (pictures)
See full gallery

The Panasonic CM1, denounced during Photokina 2014, marries a 20-megapixel camera to a 28mm-equivalent lens and an Android phone.

The Panasonic CM1 is slim for a phone. Here's how it looks with a lens cold when a camera isn't in use.

​The hulk camera lens on a CM1 draws attention. It's a Leica-designed ocular with a limit orifice of f2.8 and smallest of f11.

​When a lens is retracted, a Panasonic CM1 gets most slimmer.

Panasonic isn’t a initial to try a hybrid approach. Samsung has finished a reasonable pursuit with a Galaxy Camera, yet initial products that attempted to act as a mobile phone didn’t transport as good as business gravitated toward a Wi-Fi-only option. Few people wish a second mobile phone use contract, it appears. Panasonic clearly is anticipating a CM1 will be people’s tangible phone, not usually a compress camera that happens to run Android.

Another hybrid proceed came with a Nikon Coolpix S810c in April, that don’t have any phone aspirations. Nikon hasn’t had most success with a first-generation S800c that arrived in 2012, though. And some-more from a phone side of a business, Nokia’s smartphone group (now partial of Microsoft) has pushed a higher-end PureView line of phone cameras.

The CM1’s lens protrudes a bit, yet when we pull a primer camera symbol on tip to switch a camera on, a lens extends a small more. Surrounding a lens is a primer composition ring, yet copiousness of a controls are reached regulating a 4.7-inch 1,920×1,080-pixel hold screen.

The camera also will fire 4K video, Panasonic said.

The device will come with Android 4.4 KitKat and use LTE networks. It’s got 16GB inner storage, 2GB of memory, a microSDXC container for expandable storage adult to 128GB, and uses a 2.3GHz Qualcomm quad-core processor complemented by Panasonic’s Venus Engine picture processor.

The camera measures about a breadth and tallness of a reward smartphone, 135.4x68mm, yet it’s thicker during 15.2mm. At a thickest part, with a lens pulled in, it measures 21.1mm. It weighs 204 grams.

The oft-rumored Android Silver module was ostensible to showcase a best smartphones using Android as Google dictated it. It was to be corroborated with a vital participation in conduit sell stores and publicized with big, costly ad campaigns. That’s all hearsay, of course; Google has never reliable anything per Android Silver. But now, it sounds like a association might be carrying doubts about such a plan. The Information claims that Android Silver is now “on hold,” with some employees expressing “serious doubts” that — if Google were to pierce brazen — it would ever be a success.

The depart of one pivotal executive, Nikesh Arora, clearly threw a outrageous wrench into a whole thing. Arora served as Google’s longtime sales trainer before his remarkable exit in July, when he left for SoftBank. Crucially, he was also in assign of Google’s business relations in a mobile industry, both with wireless carriers and phone makers, according to The Information’s report. His withdrawal substantially didn’t do Android Silver any favors, though partners including carriers, manufacturers, and retailers also offering adult a “mixed reaction” to Google’s idea. So it sounds like we won’t be saying an Android Silver arrangement — with high-end phones powered by near-stock Android and giveaway of many conduit grow — during Verizon or ATT stores anytime soon. Maybe a whole judgment was too good to be true. For now, Google’s clearly got other priorities.

Your move, Samsung. For years, big-screen smartphones powered by Google Inc.’s (NASDAQL GOOGL) Android handling complement have been chipping divided during iPhone’s marketplace share, utterly in rising markets. But with a introduction of a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) usually copied a torpedo underline of many Android phones: vast screens.

Pre-sales of a iPhone 6 and 6 Plus forward of a devices’ Sept. 19 launch are violation records. How many of these iPhone buyers are Android converts? We’ll have to wait for a sales data. But if you’re Apple fan critical in an Android world, here are some signs that it competence be time to switch:

You usually chose Android for a vast screen. Devices powered by a Android handling complement have dominated a large-screen marketplace for some time, with manufacturers ordinarily releasing inclination with displays that transcend 5 inches and some that even transcend 6 inches. The prior tradition was: If we wanted a vast phone, we approaching opted for an Android device given Apple stubbornly expelled device after device with 4-inch displays.

Now, a iPhone 6 facilities a 4.7-inch arrangement and a iPhone 6 Plus facilities a 5.5-inch display. Both inclination support to dual really critical sectors of a market. Analysts contend that inclination with displays incomparable than 4 inches though smaller than 5 is now a fastest flourishing market, while inclination over 5 inches are a critical niche marketplace that does not have many inclination during reward cost points and specifications. It is believed that with a iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple is trying to win back a Android users it formerly mislaid due to device size.

You find Android interfaces too difficult. Apple’s iOS handling complement is famous for providing a elementary and streamlined user experience, while a Android handling complement is some-more focused on customization and ongoing growth of applications and other features. Many programmers and hackers mostly opt for Android for this reason, though a movement in a program competence be too many for a layman user.

The Android user knowledge can also change depending on a formula of a device due to a tradition program that manufacturers supplement on tip of Android. There is pristine Android found on Google’s Nexus line, a TouchWiz UI for Samsung (KRX: 005930), a Sense UI for HTC (TPE: 2498), a Optimus UI for LG (KRX: 066570) and many others. But a Apple user knowledge will be a same on a iPhone 6, iPhone 5s and so on.

You’re undone by sparse Android updates. Apple is also totally in assign of promulgation program updates to all a upheld devices, that means that updates turn accessible for all iOS inclination during roughly a same time. The routine for receiving Android updates is many opposite given for many devices, a program has to go by device manufacturers and mobile carriers before they strech users. This mostly leaves inclination though updates for several months following a recover of a new Android complement version. In particular, this could leave users with uncertain bugs and other issues for an extended duration of time. Though Google is creation an bid to repair this emanate by optimizing a latest complement chronicle to be concordant with some-more devices, most Android devices still run a many comparison chronicle of a handling system.

Your whole wiring ecosystem is Apple solely your phone. Somehow we possess a MacBook, an iPad, an iPod; all of your song is on iTunes, nonetheless we have an Android smartphone. Dual fans of Apple and Android know all too good a difficult disfavour between a dual platforms. Connecting an Android mobile device to an Apple mechanism will prompt a Android File Transfer feature, that allows users to manually pierce files from one device to another — instead of automatically syncing files. This is usually one of many roadblocks of carrying exclusive devices. Tried and loyal Android smartphone fans with Apple computers will be accustomed to this, though if it’s too many of a con for you, it competence be time to switch to an all-Apple device lineup.

You’re endangered about safety. Despite a major iCloud hack during that insinuate photographs of several celebrities were stolen, Apple’s program is deliberate some of a safest on a market. Apple encrypts both a program and hardware, so that all information on a inclination is confidential. The Android height is deliberate open source, that means anyone can entrance a system’s formula and cgange it to their liking. While many developers and programmers use this ability for good, there are many that do not. The Android handling complement reportedly contains 97 percent of all malware on a market. The law is, no program is totally protected and it is utterly easy to strengthen an Android device from malware threats. But for some, owning an Apple device gives an additional clarity of security.

You’re meddlesome in Apple Watch/Apple Pay. Apple also recently announced a new device Apple Watch and a new use Apple Pay. Consumers shouldn’t be astounded that these new products are concordant usually with other Apple devices; so if we wish to use either, you’d have to punch a bullet and get an iPhone.

You can’t confirm on that Android device we want. Samsung recently announced a Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge smartphones; there is also a Sony Xperia Z3 and a Motorola Moto X (2014) among a latest Android-powered devices. In addition, there are many Android inclination that expelled progressing this year, such as a Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and LG G3. The doubt becomes that do we choose? If you’re unsure, an easier doubt competence be: Do we choose a vast iPhone or a incomparable iPhone?

The new iPhone will be accessible in usually a few days. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be accessible for squeeze on Sept. 19 and a inclination are already accessible for pre-order. Not usually have a new iPhones sole some-more than 4 million pre-orders, they are approaching to surpass 10 million handset sales during their rudimentary weekend. The iPhone 6 launch is approaching to be a largest in Apple history. Additionally, mobile carriers are offering several deals in sequence to get business to squeeze a new iPhones on their network.

You wish a new U2 album. While many iOS users are perplexing to figure out how to delete a new U2 manuscript “Songs of Innocence” from their iTunes library, maybe you’re still a fan on Bono. Notably, a manuscript was sent to users for giveaway during a iPhone launch eventuality final Tuesday. This competence be a honeyed understanding for some — buy a iPhone 6 and get a new U2 manuscript free.

Microsoft is display a newfound appreciation for Android with a chronicle of a OneNote capability app for Android Wear smartwatches.

Users can implement a OneNote for Android Wear app, and afterwards use a “take a note” voice authority to foreordain content notes. The note afterwards syncs online for entrance from any device.

OneNote’s Android Wear support is bare-bones compared to other note-taking apps, such as Google Keep and Evernote. You can’t use it for time- or location-based reminders, and we can’t open existent records on a watch itself. Still, if you’re already bending into Microsoft’s platform, a smartwatch app is useful for logging a discerning suspicion though holding out your phone.


I gave a app a try on a Moto 360, and it works as advertised. If we have other note-taking apps installed, a watch will prompt we to select a default app for voice dictation, though we won’t be stirred again after you’ve comparison OneNote from a list. (You can change a default for note-taking by a Android Wear smartphone app.)

My usually nitpick is that Microsoft combined a apart app for Android Wear instead of building smartwatch support into a categorical OneNote app. It doesn’t make most unsentimental difference, though a beauty of Android Wear is that users shouldn’t have to implement and conduct a second set of apps only for a watch. In theory, once there’s a vicious mass of developer support, all should only work with a apps we already have on your phone.

Hopefully, that’s a indicate Microsoft will grasp as it continues to comfortable adult to Android. In further to a new Android Wear app, Microsoft has also recently launched an Outlook Web App for Android, an Android inscription chronicle of OneNote with scratch support, and business assign support for OneDrive .

According to a report by The Information, Google has strike a postponement symbol on a Android Silver program. Citing “people informed with a status,” it claims that Google was carrying a tough time removing adequate buy-in from phone makers and carriers, along with inner doubts about either a module would work.

The Android Silver judgment was a small confusing, to contend a least. The devise was for Google to work with manufacturers like LG, HTC, Motorola, and Samsung to build reward Android phones that it would afterwards marketplace underneath a Android Silver code in conduit and big-box sell stores. Depending on who we ask, a phones would run batch Android (or something tighten to it), and be updated directly by Google. The whole indicate was to emanate a reward high-end code and shopping knowledge around a best Android phones that would assistance a association contest opposite Apple in a high-price, high-margin reward sell smartphone space.

It was even rumored to be an contingent deputy for Google-designed Nexus phones, yet that thought was quickly refuted.

According to The Information’s sources, Google has motionless to put some-more bid behind a Android One program; a yin to Android Silver’s yang. Android One is meant to furnish really inexpensive (about $100) phones that run a latest chronicle of Android and are updated directly by Google. The module only rolled out in India; it’s a ploy to get a subsequent billion non-smartphone users in rising markets to burst on with Android.

The detriment or check of a Android Silver module might not be a large deal. While Apple is approaching to be really successful with a iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, a altogether marketplace share of Android inclination continues to grow year by year. In timeless markets, high-end Android phones are still doing utterly well.

NEW DELHI: Homebred smartphone builder Micromax has already sole about 20,000 units of a initial Android One smartphone, Canvas A1, by a Amazon website after it went on sale a day earlier, while a device, along with a identical one from Spice, is already accessible on resale sites such as eBay, Quikr and OLX.

Micromax’s Canvas A1 was sole out within a few hours of a start of sale during 3 pm on Monday, yet Karbonn and Spice’s Android One inclination – that also started offered during a same time on Snapdeal and Flipkart respectively – were still accessible on a ecommerce websites. Karbonn and Spice didn’t contend how many inclination they had sole compartment now.

While Karbonn’s Sparkle V and Spice’s Dream UNO Mi-498 were listed with Rs6,399 cost tags, Micromax, India’s second largest smartphone vendor, was offered Canvas A1 during Rs6,499, bundled with an Airtel information plan. Karbonn is India’s third largest.

A hunt on online sell platforms ebay, OLX and Quikr threw adult several sellers opposite a country, including Chattisgarh, Mumbai, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal, charity hermetic or unopened Canvas A1 Android One and Spice’s Android One Dream UNO handsets during prices trimming between Rs 5,800 to Rs 8,000.

Google has primarily tied adult with a 3 handset vendors for a Android One plan who had launched their particular Android One smartphones yesterday, by their disdainful tie-ups with a ecommerce websites. The phones will be accessible by a normal sell channels soon.

Apart from a Android One devices, Chinese smartphone builder Xiaomi’s renouned Mi3 and Redmi 1S smartphones are also accessible on these 3 sites during adult to Rs 19,000 (original cost Rs13,999) and Rs 11,000 (original cost Rs5,999) respectively.

Xiaomi also has an disdainful agreement with Flipkart to sell all of a inclination usually by a e-commerce website. While a association has temporarily stopped offered Mi3, citing supply issues, direct for a Redmi has also distant exceeded supply. Xiaomi is slated to sell another 40,000 units of Redmi 1S during 2 pm today.