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Now that Apple’s got a bigger, improved iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, we think oodles of big-screen Android aficionados might forsake to iOS. (Apparently Apple thinks so too). But while switching phones is one form of headache, switching phones and switching handling systems can satisfy migraine-level heedfulness if you’re not scrupulously prepared.

But we will be prepared. From your can’t-miss calendar events to your favorite apps, here’s how to make certain your many critical mobile needs make a transition from Android to iOS as uniformly as possible.

Mail, Calendar, and Contacts

If we keep your life synced with Google’s cloud-based ecosystem, transferring from Android to iOS is comparatively easy. You’ll need to emanate an Apple ID when we initial start your iOS tour (if we don’t already have an iTunes account), yet we can supplement your Google comment once you’ve finished your phone’s initial set up.

To do this, go to Settings Mail, Contacts, Calendars, afterwards daub Add Account. There, we can supplement your Google comment (or any other email comment you’d like synced on a device). Once added, we can name to sync Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Notes.

If you’ve kept your contacts stored locally on your Android phone, you’ll initial need to export your contacts to that device’s SD card, bond it to your mechanism and download a ensuing .vcf file, afterwards record into your Google account. Click where it says “Gmail” in a tip left to go to Contacts, afterwards click a More add-on and name Import. Now, when we supplement your Google comment to your iPhone, your contacts will come along, too.


Since iOS 8 now supports third-party keyboards, a chances you’ll be means to continue regulating a near-identical chronicle of your keyboard are intensely high. Lucky you!

Adding a third celebration keyboard to your complement is flattering simple. Download a keyboard app from a App Store afterwards go to Settings General Keyboards Add New Keyboard. Navigate to a territory for third celebration keyboards, and you’ll see all a keyboard apps you’ve downloaded. Select a one we wish to use, give it accede to be used systemwide, and you’re prepared to go.

Popular keyboards like SwiftKey, Swype, Fleksy, and TouchPal should now all be accessible for iOS 8.


While we won’t have a same arrange of homescreen widgets as on an Android handset, iOS 8 does concede widgets in a Today perspective in Notification Center. You entrance with a appropriate down from a tip of a shade and, as a name suggests, this is where you’ll also find a list of recent, actionable notifications you’ve received.

As for widgets, a latest chronicle of a Yahoo Weather app includes one that acts like a tiny chronicle of a full blown app, with a location-specific Flickr print annotated with stream and destiny heat conditions. Calendar apps like Readdle’s Calendars 5 also offer Notification Center widgets for a improved glanceable chronicle of your daily report than Apple’s Calendar provides.

Dropbox, Evernote, and OpenTable are some of a other titles that offer such widgets. 9to5Mac has a comprehensive alphabetical list of apps that now capacitate Notification Center widgets, yet some-more will certainly be on a way.

Your App Collection

Unfortunately, there’s no one or dual step approach to get all your favorites from Android onto your iOS device. You’ll need to go by and manually restock your homescreen with a apps we use on a regular.

But this distrurbance is indeed an event in disguise. Now’s a time to take an register of your app collection. Make a list of your tangible favorites, a ones we use daily, and a ones we can’t suppose vital without. Ditch a rest. Congratulations, your app collection usually got a consummate tumble cleaning.

With a difference of usually a handful of titles (mostly games), scarcely all of your Android favorites should also be on iOS. If we already shelled out large income for an Android chronicle of an app, it could be value dropping their patron use a line–they might be means to offer a bonus formula for your continued patronage, rather than risk we selecting a cheaper competing app. If a app is usually $1 though, don’t be stingy, uncover a dev some love.

Photos, Music, PDFs, and Other Media

One of a things we adore about removing a new handset is a possibility to start fresh. But some folks like to keep their favorite photos, videos, and song on their device, always. No sweat. If that’s you, you’ll wish to initial download them onto your mechanism (connect your Android device and afterwards sync regulating Outlook or Exchange) and send them onto your iPhone around iTunes. To do this, bond your iPhone around USB or over WiFi and launch iTunes, click “Sync with Phone,” afterwards name a media we wish on your new phone (you can name from books, cinema and TV shows, notes, photos, audio content, and more).

If you’re transferring PDFs and ePub documents, we can still entrance them on iOS regulating iBooks to review them (or another PDF reader). If you’ve got Office documents, Apple’s Pages, Numbers, and Keynote will let we review and revise them on a iPhone, or we can use Microsoft Office for iOS.

Your MP3 files, if we aren’t already an zealous Spotify or Rdio user, will live in Apple’s Music app on iOS once they’ve been combined to iTunes. And once your audio collection is sorted, if we wish to buy some-more song on a go, you’ll be shopping calm on iTunes (same goes for cinema or TV shows).

For anything stored in a cloud—for instance on Evernote, Google Drive, or Dropbox—you’re good to go. Just download a iOS chronicle of those apps, and you’ll be means to entrance your files once they’re synced.

On Thursday Google announced that a subsequent chronicle of Android will have encryption enabled by default, safeguarding user information from anyone who lacks cue access. It’s a underline lauded by remoteness advocates, and matches Apple’s new iPhone policy. But Google’s new routine isn’t really useful if we possess an Android phone that won’t be updated to Android L for a while (if ever).

But let’s not get too focussed out of shape. We’re here to share how we can encrypt your Android inclination regulating a Jelly Bean and Kit Kat systems. That’s right: Privacy facilities are already built in. You only need to spin them on.

Why encrypt?

Remember: Encryption isn’t only about holding a philosophical position in a post-Snowden authorised landscape. Protecting your information opposite all demeanour of penetration might be advised if you’re a doctor, counsel or business chairman who has a authorised and reliable shortcoming to defense supportive data.

Likewise, your device is full of personal and work information, like comment numbers and passwords, that could be useful to racketeers and scammers. No matter who we are, we have a lot of personal and maybe veteran information on your phone that we wouldn’t wish only anyone to access.

Encryption contra close screen

encrypting close shade cropped

Your close shade only keeps someone from regulating your phone. But it’s not too formidable to get during a data staying on your phone by plugging it into a mechanism around a USB port. Enter encryption, that provides a turn of insurance distant over a elementary close shade code, scrambling all a information on your phone with a special cryptographic key. So even if someone pulls all a information off your phone, circumventing a close screen, a information will be invalid but your key.

Bear in mind that it’s tough to know when you’ve entirely broken information on a phone. Forensic research of a gone phone can feasible display info like content messages. But if a messages are encrypted to start with, there’s no approach that they can be recovered.

Encryption disadvantages

It’s not all a travel in a park. Be wakeful that opening on comparison inclination can be slowed by encryption, and it can negatively impact battery life, too. If your Android phone or inscription was done in a final integrate years, it expected has special hardware to speed adult encryption, and a impact on speed and battery life will be negligible. Also, encryption isn’t 100 percent foolproof (though it creates accessing your information so formidable and expensive, crooks substantially won’t take a time to mangle it).

How to encrypt Jelly Bean and KitKat devices

Step 1: Plug in your device’s energy wire and concede a battery to charge. Keep a energy wire connected.

Tip: The encryption routine can take as prolonged as 30 mins or more. If your battery dies and a phone shuts off in a center of a process, a routine will fail, and you’ll remove data.

Step 2: Open a device’s Settings and demeanour for a Security menu item. Then name a Screen Lock menu object and select a PIN or Password and follow a prompts to endorse it.

Tip: One distrurbance with encryption is that you’ll always need to enter a PIN, or a longer password, to open a device. Longer passwords are harder to hack.

encrypting we need

Step 3: Scroll to a Encrypt phone or Encrypt tablet choice within a Security settings and select a Encrypt SD card choice by checking a checkbox. Select Next and endorse your PIN during a prompts.

encrypting select pw

Step 4: Press a Encrypt phone or Encrypt tablet button.

Tip: You can’t retreat encryption in Android. If we confirm to decrypt your device later, you’ll need to perform a bureau reset, that will clean all data.

Step 5: Just wait awhile. The device will reboot several times during a encryption process, that can take 30 mins or more. On completion, you’ll be stirred to enter your password, that is your PIN or password, depending on what you’re using. Whatever we do, don’t forget it!

There’s a lot to adore about Android, though one problem that plagues a mobile height is a accumulation of opposite interface skins. Samsung has TouchWiz, HTC does a Sense UI, Asus has Zen UI, and on and on it goes.

If you’re sleepy of all a nonsense and usually wish batch Android we have dual options: Buy a device among a singular preference of Google Play Edition inclination or implement a new Android ROM that brings your phone or inscription to a vanilla state.

Today, we’re going to try that second choice by installing CyanogenMod, a ROM pre-installed on a OnePlus One, regulating Cyanogen’s roughly one-click installer for Windows.

Getting a batch chronicle of Android isn’t a usually reason to try CyanogenMod. The publicly available, giveaway Android ROM also comes with some neat facilities like themes, granular remoteness permissions, and entrance to apps requiring base permissions—though it leaves a Android basis good adequate alone. The ROM also gives we base entrance to your phone, radically vouchsafing we do whatever you’d like to a software, creation it rarely customizable.

CyanogenMod is used by lots of people worldwide and a fast chronicle is a really arguable chronicle of Android. However, messing around with your phone’s handling complement always carries during slightest a tiny possibility you’ll finish adult bricking a device. Proceed during your possess risk.

Back-up and check

Before we do anything, it’s best to make certain all your information is corroborated up. Installing CyanogenMod will totally clean your device and lapse it to a uninformed state. If your device is heavily integrated with Google’s services afterwards your email, contacts, and list of commissioned apps should already be tied to your Google account.

As for your photos, they might be corroborated adult to a cloud as good by services like Google+, Dropbox, and OneDrive. But these are all opt-in facilities that do not occur automatically.

If you’re not certain either your information lives in a cloud it’s best to use a fill-in and revive app like My Backup Pro. Some confidence apps such as Lookout also offer cloud-based back-ups.

The pivotal is to make certain your fill-in is saved to an outmost web use or a PC, given we will be wiping all information off your smartphone or tablet.

Finally, before we get critical about installing CyanogenMod it doesn’t harm to make certain your device is concordant with a OS. Check on Cyanogen’s site to be sure.

Also, your battery should be good charged before commencement this process. Even better, block in your phone.

Download a mobile app

Installing CyanogenMod requires dual apps: one on your Android device and one on your Windows PC. But a mobile app is not accessible in Google Play, so initial we have to prepared your Android device for installing apps from unapproved sources.

Open a Settings app on your Android phone and daub on a Security heading. On a subsequent page, demeanour for a Unknown sources choice and check a box subsequent to it. Next daub OK on a warning box that appears.


Install a CyanogenMod Android app right from a notifications lift down.

Now download a CyanogenMod app from a ROM’s site. Once it’s downloaded to your device, lift down a notifications drawer and daub a object that says OneClick.apk Download complete and afterwards daub Install.

Once a app is prepared to go, open it adult and daub Begin. Next, you’ll see a warning that CyanogenMod could finish adult bricking your phone in singular cases. Since we live on a corner (and we’ve already finished certain CyanogenMod works with a device), daub I Agree.


You contingency capacitate USB debugging before perplexing to implement CyanogenMod.

Now, you’ll be asked to cgange one or dual settings on your phone, including USB debugging and your phone’s USB camera connection. Depending on your device we might have to capacitate both facilities or usually one. In a box of USB debugging, daub a Continue symbol and a shade from a Settings app will open. Look for a USB debugging choice and capacitate it.

After that’s done, your phone is prepared for CyanogenMod.

Now, we spin to a PC.

CM installer


Start a designation routine by joining your Android device to a Windows PC around USB.

Download and implement a CyanogenMod Installer for Windows and a bond your phone to your PC around USB.

Now usually follow any instructions that pop-up on a screen.


The CMInstaller for Windows will ask we to capacitate USB debugging again.

You’ll be asked, for example, to endorse installation, and to capacitate USB debugging a second time from a pop-up window on your Android device.


Use your device’s energy buttons to clear your device’s bootloader.

You’ll also have to clear your device’s bootloader by utilizing a earthy buttons on your phone. The pivotal during this partial is to usually hold your device if educated to by a CM installer on your PC.

It’s all really candid and after a small while you’ll have a uninformed implement of CyanogenMod on your phone or tablet.

In my tests with a first-generation Nexus 7 a designation routine took reduction than 10 minutes, including device reboot, once I’d started a process on my PC.

The pre-release window for Android L continues to be full of surprises. The new Android OS, due out before a finish of a year, is set to encrypt device information by default, a initial for a Android universe—but it’ll substantially be a while before default encryption comes to each Android user.

Savvy Android users already know how to keep their phones and tablets stable with encryption. Beginning with Android Honeycomb in early 2011, Google has offering entrance to discretionary full-disk encryption around a Settings app. As Honeycomb was a tablet-only release, smartphones didn’t get this underline until Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was released, several months after Honeycomb.

Based on a strange news from The Washington Post, it’s not transparent if a default encryption in Android L will usually be a customary encryption Android offers now or if this will be something new. It’s also opposite if people with comparison inclination upgrading to Android L will also see encryption incited on by default.

Google was taken for criticism during this writing, though we’ve asked a association for some-more information and will refurbish this story should we get a response.

Defaulting to encryption is zero though a good thing. It means bad actors (as good as overzealous law enforcement) will have a formidable time enormous into your phone but your authorization. Google won’t be means to entrance (or palm over) your phone’s data, either—although law coercion will still be means to collect some information from Google’s servers with a correct warrant.

A delayed roll-out

But even with encryption incited on by default in Android L, it will expected be a prolonged time before a infancy of Android users have inclination that default to a some-more secure state.

encrypting we need

Android suffers from a critical box of fragmentation. At this writing, a infancy of Android users worldwide (around 54 percent) were regulating Android 4.1-4.3 (Jelly Bean), according to Google’s possess count. Only 24.5 percent duration are using a many new chronicle of Android, chronicle 4.4 KitKat.

The biggest problem for Android is that Google depends on phone manufacturers and carriers to hurl out timely updates to comparison phones. That exceedingly delays a hurl out of new facilities to users—if inclination get updated during all.

That’s a decidedly opposite conditions from iOS, where a immeasurable infancy of users are always on a latest chronicle of iOS within a few weeks of a release. That spin of adoption happens since Apple tends to hurl out a latest chronicle of iOS to as many aged inclination as it pretty can. Apple also has a advantage of bypassing a carriers and provision iOS updates directly to users. Apple inclination as aged as a iPhone 4S and a iPad 2 can ascent to the just-released iOS 8.

Large scale adoption of a newest chronicle of iOS also enables Apple to broach critical new facilities comparatively quickly. In iOS 8, for example, Apple is beefing adult device encryption so that Apple can’t collect information stable behind a passcode. For pre-iOS 8 phones, a association could retrieve name information from iPhones and iPads.

Apple’s advantages aside, it’s heartening to see Android delinquent to encryption with a recover of Android L.

But because wait? With usually a little minority of Android users using pre-Android 4.0 devices, many Android owners can already spin on encryption for their inclination if they wanted to. Check out Greenbot’s educational on how to encrypt your Android device today.

Following its recover in late August, Disney’s free-to-play mobile diversion Star War Commander has jumped adult a charts with 5 million downloads on iOS alone. Now, a diversion is expanding further, rising currently for dual new platforms: Android and Windows devices.

Star Wars Commander is a fight plan diversion in a capillary of Clash of Clans. One of a game’s categorical differentiating factors, however, is that we can select your side, possibly a Rebel Alliance or a Galactic Empire. On iOS, many people are personification as a Dark Side, solely for gamers in North Dakota for some reason.

Additionally, Disney announced currently that it skeleton to continue to refurbish Star Wars Commander with new stories and characters.

You can download Star Wars Commander currently from Google Play during this link. Later today, a diversion should be accessible for download from a Windows Phone Store and Windows Store.

For some-more on Star Wars Commander, check out GameSpot’s talk with Disney about a game.

Eddie Makuch is a news editor during GameSpot, and we can follow him on Twitter @EddieMakuch

For all of GameSpot’s news coverage, check out the hub. Got a news tip or wish to hit us directly? Email news@gamespot.com

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Jivi Mobiles has launched a initial Android smartphone in India called Jivi JSP 20 during a cost of Rs. 1,999. The Jivi JSP 20 is now a lowest labelled Android smartphone in India and is targeted during feature-phone users looking to change to smartphones.

“Prime Minister’s digital India prophesy envisages adults accessing e-services on rarely affordable mobile devices. We are ancillary his prophesy of a smartphone in each hands by 2019 by ruinous a cost barrier,” pronounced Pankaj Anand, Jivi Mobiles.

Jivi JSP 20

The 2G smartphone facilities a 3.5-inch capacitive hold arrangement with One Glass Solution during a fortitude of 320 x 480 pixels. Running on a 1 GHz processor and Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread handling system, a smartphone offers twin SIM (G+G) functionality, WiFi and Bluetooth.

Jivi JSP 20

On a memory front, a Jivi JSP 20 comes with 128 MB RAM and offers 256 MB of inner storage that can be stretched adult to 32 GB around microSD card. The phone facilities a 2 MP back camera with peep andis powered by a 1350 mAh battery.

Jivi JSP 20

The smartphone is accessible exclusively during Amazon.in. The smoothness of a smartphone will start from Sep 25 and buyers pre-booking a Jivi JSP 20 before Sep 24 will get a flip cover for free.

“While, a spec piece might not be attractive, a Jivi JSP 20 simply aims to bond masses to a Internet. We will deliver some-more smartphones with improved specs really shortly during a cost of underneath Rs. 5,000,” combined Anand.


3.5-inch OGS capacitive display

Dual SIM (2G + 2G)

1 GHz processor

Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread

128 MB RAM

256 MB inner storage expandable adult to 32 GB

2 MP back camera with flash

1350 mAh battery


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Google Play Editions

HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 have Google Play Edition models accessible during a Google Play Store that runs a strange Android UI instead of a particular branded user interface such as HTC Sense or Samsung TouchWiz.

Google Play Edition inclination are treated like Nexus models on receiving involuntary updates around approach refurbish pull from Google bypassing network carriers. However, a sequential upsurge of Android 5.0 L updates for Android One, Nexuses and Google Play Edition models sojourn different during this time.

Samsung Galaxy S5 And Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 have a possibility to get Android 5.0 L as early as Nov 2014 formed on a information collect by SamMobile on how fast a OS can be blending to Galaxy devices. It is apparent that Samsung chose both Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 as first-hand recipients of Android 5.0 L due to a flagship standing for 2014.

Android 5.0 L will expected follow a recover date settlement of prior Android versions such as Android KitKat expelled on Oct 31 2013, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean 0n Nov 13 2012 and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in Dec 2011. Android 5.0 L facilities embody extended notifications, a new runtime and an potency apparatus famous as Project Volta.

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When it comes to smartphones, a many ordinarily used handling complement is a Android OS by Google. The Android knowledge wouldn’t be finish though a engorgement of applications, or apps for short.

Google Play StoreWikimedia Commons/Image

Apps can operation from application apps that assistance revoke battery use to gaming apps where people use to pass a time. These apps are dual of possibly types, a ones that we compensate for and a ones that are giveaway for download. Free apps are some-more oftenly downloaded though these come with countless ads and other third celebration agreements though are mostly protected to use. Paid apps customarily come with combined facilities and no advertisements.

The Android Play Store lists a catalog of tip apps that are giveaway to download and are ranked from tip rated to lowest. Apps are rated from 1 to 5 stars with 1 being a lowest and 5 being a highest.

For September, a tip giveaway apps are as follows and can be seen during a Google Play website:

1. Facebook Messenger
2. Facebook
3. Skype – giveaway IM video calls
4. Retrica
5. Viber
6. DU Battery Saver Widgets
7. Zombie Roadkill 3D
8. Street Dunk 3 on 3 Basketball
9. Candy Crush Saga
10. Camera 360 Ultimate

 The apps can be downloaded around a Google Play Store app on a user’s Android phone as prolonged as there is adequate space in a phone or a SD card’s memory. If a user wants to, he/she can rate an app formed on his or her practice with it and give a brief examination on a app’s page.

After Apple announced a recover of a latest line of iPhone 6 inclination final week, Android users will also get good news as a Android L is set to be launched someday soon.

According to a news posted by Tech Times, Google tapped HTC to build a Nexus 9 tablet.

The news settled that HTC has scheduled a media eventuality on Oct. 8. Dubbed as “Double Exposure,” a tech association is approaching to recover a HTC One M8 Eye, that is a stand-alone camera, as good as a HTC Eye line of smartphones. Speculations are abundant about a phenomenon of a Nexus 9 with Android L device during a same event.

Android fans have been awaiting a recover of Android L someday this year. Sources explain that a Android L had been accessible given Jun 25 for a developers, though a open can usually get a reason of it someday this Fall.

The latest Android OS is deliberate as a biggest mobile handling complement refurbish that Google has done given 2008. One of a many distinguished additions is a new Material Design feature, that allows a interface to turn some-more charcterised and colorful. It also creates a shadows and 3D effects turn some-more insightful.

Android L, also famous as Android 5.0 L, will also have a 64-bit processor, and will use a new runtime called ART instead of a aged Dalvik. In addition, a new notifications bar will be given an softened functionality as good as a improved tone scheme.

Not all mobile inclination will be authorised for a Android 5.0 L update. Only those inclination underneath Google can suffer a new handling system, including a Google Play Edition, Nexus, as good as a soon-to-be expelled Android One.

Some of a mobile gadgets that can support a latest Android refurbish embody a reported Motorola Nexus 6 as good as a pronounced HTC Nexus 9.

Android L, set to go adult opposite a recently expelled Apple iOS 8 in biggest mobile OS refurbish given a 2008 launch, is approaching to be denounced this autumn, according to reports.

Google Android figurineReuters/File

A Google Android figurine sits on a acquire desk

Formerly famous as Android 5, Google strictly introduced a Android L progressing this summer during their annual I/O conference. Although a Mountain View-based tech hulk didn’t announce a recover date of a new Android system, they done it accessible for download as exam betas (Developer Preview) for protected developers.

Speculations strongly advise that it will arrive palm in palm with a supposed Nexus 8 or progressing than that, Experts Reviews reported. As for a updates, Android Geeks forked out that one of a pivotal facilities of a Android L will be about Lock Screen improvements. While prior versions like a KitKat and a after usually allows user to see notifications and a time, a latest Lock Screen now enables approach communication with a notifications.

The tech-giant also grown a complement where it prioritizes to arrangement those notifications that are deemed of pinnacle significance by a magnitude that a user interacts with them.

Other reports indicating out to leaks and rumors showed a vital makeover into a user interface and icons where “everything animates as we hold it, with objects drifting into perspective and tapped icons rippling like puddles.”

More than only a looks will be updated, however. Operating complement overhauls also embody a new Personalized Unlocking mode. The new confidence complement will find informed connectivity networks like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, locations and even “voice imprints” that automatically deactivate a close shade protection.

Google will also be giving a mobile webpages and hunt some makeover. As with a keyboards, a Android L is also pronounced to guarantee some-more personalization features.

The battery life alleviation has also been mentioned by a website. They pronounced that like Project Butter for Jelly Bean, a Project Volta will work with a Android L. It includes a new battery historian that gives off improved liberate details.

“It will activate automatically when your battery drops next a certain percentage, downclocking a CPU, disabling additional facilities like plcae stating and dimming a display,” Experts Reviews added.