Saturday , 23 May 2015
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Quick tip: Get video on direct with Twitch for Android

Nicole Cozma/CNET Twitch is now charity video-on-demand (VOD) use to users of their mobile apps. However, if you’re regulating a Android version, we indeed need to do some-more than usually accept an refurbish from a Google Play store. The Official Twitch Blog records that a association has addressed confidence vulnerabilities in their mobile app. As a result, if you’d like ... Read More »

Factory reset memory clean FAILS in 500 MEELLION Android mobes

Half a billion Android phones could have information recovered and Google accounts compromised interjection to flaws in a default wiping feature, University of Cambridge scientists Laurent Simon and Ross Anderson have claimed. The gaffe apparently allows tokens for Google and Facebook, among others, to be recovered in 80 per cent of cases. Encryption keys can also be recovered and, with ... Read More »

This man put Windows XP on an Android smartwatch

YouTube user Dave Bennett loves all about his Android smartwatch, solely for a handling system. It has too many smartwatch-relevant functions, adapts scrupulously to a tiny shade size, and is honestly usually too modern. So Bennett motionless to put Windows XP, an OS expelled 13 years ago, on his LG G Watch: As we can see, a touchscreen works when ... Read More »

6 Android M facilities fans wish to see denounced during Google I/O subsequent week

We always try to keep adult with assorted fan communities to get a clarity of how they’re feeling about their favorite products. Reddit’s Android fan community is typically unequivocally intelligent and insightful, that is because we were meddlesome to see what Android M facilities they’d many like to see Google betray during a large Google I/O discussion subsequent week. Here ... Read More »

Android M competence have the possess fingerprint login system

Android is removing a TouchID-style complement of a possess with Android M, according to Buzzfeed‘s sources. Apparently it’ll act a lot like the iOS tool too, bypassing passwords for compared apps in preference of reading your fingerprint. Given that I/O is most right around a dilemma (next week!) it shouldn’t be prolonged before this all gets reliable — Google hasn’t ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs LG G4: Android’s Best

I didn’t see this coming. Samsung incited adult during a Mobile World Congress with a 50% incomparable stage, 25% cheesier jokes directed during Apple and a 10% some-more thespian mic-drop when it denounced a S6. Then everybody went a bit nuts. ‘The camera is improved than a iPhone 6’s!’ headlines read. ‘It looks like a iPhone 6 yet doesn’t hook ... Read More »