Sunday , 24 May 2015
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Mozilla shifts gears: $25 phones out, Android apps in

Mozilla is perplexing a best to stay applicable in a tech landscape dominated by a vital players, and that competence meant relocating divided from its ultra-budget phone scheme. With Firefox OS-powered $25 handsets struggling to benefit traction in India and Indonesia, a nonprofit has motionless to concentration on constrained facilities instead — that competence meant Android app support. According to ... Read More »

Office For Android, Sway, OneDrive Updates: MS Office News

News surrounding Microsoft Office this week enclosed a open preview of Office for Android and eDiscovery for Office 365. (Click picture for incomparable perspective and slideshow.) The past week has been a bustling one in Redmond. Microsoft has changed full speed forward with even some-more updates for Windows 10 and a Office suite, following tighten on a heels of a ... Read More »

Red Alert! Second-Hand Android Phones May Contain Retrievable Data

According to a latest investigate of a Cambridge University, offered your Android phone could put we during risk of losing your many personal information to any stranger. If we are formulation on offered on your Android phone afterwards beware since according to a latest investigate finished by a mechanism researchers of Cambridge university a “factory reset” choice could put we ... Read More »

Android M rumored to embody refurbish guarantees for upheld devices

With Google I/O reduction than a week away, a rumors are entrance thick and quick about what we can design from Android M, a subsequent jump brazen for Google’s mobile handling system. The latest wheeze from behind a scenes addresses one of a platform’s biggest problems: device updates and fragmentation. The gossip comes courtesy of Android Police, one of a ... Read More »

Microsoft Builds a Bridge from iOS and Android to Windows

Foley on Microsoft Microsoft Builds a Bridge from iOS and Android to Windows The company’s plan is directed during attracting some-more developer support for a mixed Windows 10 platforms. By Mary Jo Foley 05/22/2015 After some-more than a year of rumors about Microsoft bringing Android apps to Windows, we finally know how and when a association is formulation to do ... Read More »

More Android Users Are Switching to Apple Inc.’s iPhone

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Photo: Apple The iPhone 6 has been a extensive success. From a commencement of final Oct by a finish of March, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL  ) sold a overwhelming 135.7 million iPhones, a record high for a company. But who, exactly, did Apple sell those iPhones to? Existing iPhone owners entrance behind for a incomparable ... Read More »