Friday , 29 May 2015
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Google unveils Android ‘M’ program with concentration on confidence and battery life

Google’s subsequent chronicle of Android module for smartphones, tablets, watches and TVs is called “M” and will aim to beef adult confidence while conserving battery life, a tech association announced on Thursday during I/O, a annual developer discussion in San Francisco. With Android M, Google is attempting to widespread a mobile handling complement distant and wide, building on prior initiatives ... Read More »

Google launches local Android Smart Lock cue manager

Google I/O Android users will be means to store passwords in Google’s local Smart Lock manager, in a confidence bonus for a masses. The Choc Factory launched a Smart Lock for Passwords during a I/O discussion in San Francisco overnight available in a Android M developer preview. It says developers including Orbitz, Netflix, and The New York Times have relaunched ... Read More »

Google Partners With Udacity To Launch Android Development Nanodegree

At a I/O developer discussion in San Francisco, Google currently announced that it has partnered with Udacity to launch a six-course Android growth nanodegree. The thought here is to assistance developers learn how to write apps for Google’s mobile handling complement “the right way” adult to a indicate where they could potentially be hired by Google itself. Clearly then, this is ... Read More »

Android Pay is aged news now: Google teases Hands Free Payments prototype

In an afternoon event of Google I/O, several Google member showed off a new Android Pay platform and explained to developers how they could use it within their apps. With usually a few mins remaining, comparison clamp boss of ads and commerce Sridhar Ramaswamy showed a audience a discerning preview of an “early antecedent stage” mobile commerce complement that was conducted ... Read More »

Android M embraces USB Type-C, MIDI devices

USB Type-C is still a monument today, though as a year goes on, a new pier is going to start arrangement adult in some-more and some-more devices. In expectation of this, Google has introduced a handful of facilities in a Android M recover to support some of Type-C’s new features. Google hasn’t expelled a ton of information about a new ... Read More »

Google Mimics Apple With Android Pay

We’re another step closer to a universe where everyone pays for a fritter during a corner coffee emporium with a same device we use to pay for a video online. On Thursday during a annual developer discussion in San Francisco, Google denounced a new digital wallet it calls Android Pay. Like Apple Pay—the use that arrived on a latest Apple iPhones this past fall—Google’s ... Read More »

[Android M Feature Spotlight] A Dark System UI Mode Is Available In Developer …

Some people were utterly dissatisfied by Google’s pierce to a white complement thesis in Android 5.0 Lollipop. It can be utterly retina-searing in a dim room, though a Android M preview offers a solution. In developer options is a menu that enables a new element dim complement mode. Behold. The thesis choice has settings for light (the default), dark, and automatic. ... Read More »

The new Google Photos is now accessible for Android, iOS, and a web

We’re pretty eager around here for a all-new Google Photos, and now it’s accessible to everybody to try. On a web, we can revisit it at Or we can download a app for Android or iOS. The new service, that has “graduated” from Google+, now offers total storage of photos adult to 16 megapixels and video shot in 1080p. You can also store ... Read More »

What honeyed provide will a ‘M’ in ‘Android M’ mount for?

In no warn to anyone, Google announced that a next chronicle of Android will be called “M,” a healthy followup to Lollipop and a other succulent mobile handling systems. We won’t know for some time what a “M” will mount for and are really hoping it’s not something sore like “Mobile.” Our group came adult with a few suggestions of ... Read More »

Live From Google I/O: A New Android, Mobile Payments, Photos And Ads

As Google Google opens a annual I/O program developer discussion this morning in San Francisco, it will be looking to extend a strech even serve over a mechanism and a smartphone. Under fire as always by everybody from Apple Apple and Facebook to countless oversized startups, Google is approaching to outline a ways it will strech consumers on all demeanour ... Read More »