Friday , 22 May 2015
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Factory reset FAILS in 500 MEEELLION Android phones

Cambridge University boffins Laurent Simon and Ross Anderson contend half a billion Android phones could have information recovered and Google accounts compromised interjection to flaws in a default wiping feature. The gaffe allows tokens for Google and Facebook among others to be recovered in 80 percent of cases. Encryption keys can also be recovered and can with some brute-force cue ... Read More »

Try a Microsoft Hyperlapse beta on Android

Nicole Cozma/CNET Microsoft has expelled a new app for Android inclination that will let we spin any video into a well-spoken hyperlapse. If you’re meddlesome in formulating super-smooth hyperlapse videos on your Android phone, afterwards you’ll wish to check out this latest app from Microsoft. But first, you’ll need to perform a bit of setup. Setup First you’ll wish to ... Read More »

Full-on Google Maps is (almost) operative on Android Wear

The full Google Maps knowledge is headed to your wrist. A array of updates to a Google Maps app and Android Wear seem to have combined a new character of navigation, where a shade on a smartwatch is taken adult by an whole map, display your plcae and providing directional views regulating a compass. However, before anyone gets too excited, ... Read More »

Selling your Android phone? Don’t. It keeps your data.

If we recently sole your aged Android phone, chances are your content messages, emails, cinema and Facebook pivotal are still in there, even if we wiped a memory clean. A new investigate by mechanism researchers during a University of Cambridge shows that “factory reset” — during slightest on Android inclination — doesn’t indeed erase everything. Sometimes it doesn’t even come ... Read More »

Sling TV app comes to Android TV, adds ESPN Deportes (hands-on)

David Katzmaier/CNET Just in time for a Google I/O developer discussion subsequent week, a Android TV streaming height is removing live TV. The Sling TV app is now accessible on Android TV devices, namely a $100 Google Nexus Player streaming box and a few 2015 Sony and Sharp intelligent TVs. Owners of those inclination can download a giveaway app and ... Read More »

Google building “Brillo” Internet of Things OS formed on Android

The Information is behind with some-more Google news before I/O. The opening claims that Google is developing another operating system, this time for low-power “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices. The OS is codenamed “Brillo,” and a announcement claims Google “is expected to recover a program underneath a Android brand, as a organisation building a program is related to a company’s Android unit.” We’re going ... Read More »