Monday , 25 May 2015
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Screenshots of Google’s new Photos app for Android leak

Google’s new Photos app is entrance shortly as a apart knowledge from Google+. Screenshots of a Android chronicle leaked today, pleasantness of Android Police, and there is a lot to show. We’ve listened rumors that Google+’s picture functions may be spun out into a standalone print service given during slightest Aug 2014. In March, Sundar Pichai, comparison clamp boss for ... Read More »

Chrome for Android goes roughly ‘entirely open source’

Launched in Sep 2008, Google’s Chrome browser is now widespread in a share of a desktop web browser market, with approximately 1 in 4 Internet users interfacing with a web regulating a browser. What many Chrome users substantially don’t know, however, is that it’s indeed formed off a open source Chromium browser, also grown by Google. Up until currently Chrome for Android differed ... Read More »

Mozilla Changes Firefox OS Strategy Due To Android’s Popularity

Mozilla’s arch executive announced vital switch of plan to boost Firefox OS marketplace share. Unlike a prior module with concentration on price, Firefox will finally broach “quality.” Technology Gist After a unsuccessful try to make a hole in Google’s Android mobile handling system, a hunt giant’s former web browser partner, Mozilla, is bringing in a code new strategy. Instead of ... Read More »

Everything we know about Google’s subsequent large Android update

Flickr/etnyk See Also It’s been roughly one year given Google strictly denounced a stream chronicle of Android, called Lollipop, that means it’s usually about time to see what a subsequent vital refurbish will bring. Google is holding a annual developer discussion subsequent week, that is where it customarily spills some sum on a subsequent chronicle of Android. We substantially won’t ... Read More »

Mozilla shifts gears: $25 phones out, Android apps in

Mozilla is perplexing a best to stay applicable in a tech landscape dominated by a vital players, and that competence meant relocating divided from its ultra-budget phone scheme. With Firefox OS-powered $25 handsets struggling to benefit traction in India and Indonesia, a nonprofit has motionless to concentration on constrained facilities instead — that competence meant Android app support. According to ... Read More »

Office For Android, Sway, OneDrive Updates: MS Office News

News surrounding Microsoft Office this week enclosed a open preview of Office for Android and eDiscovery for Office 365. (Click picture for incomparable perspective and slideshow.) The past week has been a bustling one in Redmond. Microsoft has changed full speed forward with even some-more updates for Windows 10 and a Office suite, following tighten on a heels of a ... Read More »

Red Alert! Second-Hand Android Phones May Contain Retrievable Data

According to a latest investigate of a Cambridge University, offered your Android phone could put we during risk of losing your many personal information to any stranger. If we are formulation on offered on your Android phone afterwards beware since according to a latest investigate finished by a mechanism researchers of Cambridge university a “factory reset” choice could put we ... Read More »

Android M rumored to embody refurbish guarantees for upheld devices

With Google I/O reduction than a week away, a rumors are entrance thick and quick about what we can design from Android M, a subsequent jump brazen for Google’s mobile handling system. The latest wheeze from behind a scenes addresses one of a platform’s biggest problems: device updates and fragmentation. The gossip comes courtesy of Android Police, one of a ... Read More »