Tuesday , 27 January 2015
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Conjuring Android's best features

But there are during slightest a handful of accessible tricks that each owners of an Android device should know. All of these tips work on a latest chronicle of Android, famous as Lollipop, though many work on a prior version, too. DOWNLOAD GOOGLE CAMERA If we don’t adore a camera on your Android phone, there’s a possibility a giveaway Google ... Read More »

Facebook Releases Lite Android App For Emerging Markets

Facebook is operative on an app called Facebook Lite, that is optimized for low-end Android inclination in rising markets. Facebook Lite launched in a singular series of countries opposite Asia and Africa over a weekend, according to TechCrunch. Depending on a app’s feedback, Facebook Lite might enhance to other countries. The Facebook Lite app is usually 252KB, a distance that is substantially ... Read More »

Facebook’s new Android app goes light on a data

Facebook is critical about swelling a use to people in countries though quick mobile networks or cutting-edge smartphones. Its new Android app, Facebook Lite, that isn’t accessible in a United States or Europe, is targeted during people with bad internet use or who are singular to 2G networks. Facebook Lite clocks in during a 252KB download — about one hundredth the distance ... Read More »

Oops, we downloaded malware on your Android phone

If you’re unexpected saying spammy notifications for apps you’ve never downloaded, your Android device could be putrescent with malware. While there’s technically no such thing as an Android “virus”, there’s copiousness of damaging malware can be usually as frustrating—it spams we with notifications, uses adult information and battery life, and slows down your phone, all while perplexing not to get caught. ... Read More »

Asana’s New Android App Shows Design Matters in a Business World

Asana co-founder Justin Rosenstein. Asana When Asana’s lead mobile operative took a floor, he played a strain video that showed usually how many people hated a company’s Android app. “It had this unequivocally unhappy song. And a video itself was a multiple of pictures—fire and brimstone—overlaid with quotes of complaints from Android users,” remembers Justin Rosenstein, one of a co-founders ... Read More »

Why we cite Samsung Gear’s Tizen to Android Wear

A few months ago a US Senior Editor Andrew Grush offering his praise of a Moto 360, having spent a month with it. Despite a peculiarity of a essay itself, we took emanate with a core of a content: that Android Wear is a suitable height for wearables. we have to disagree, during slightest as things now stand. Android Wear seems ... Read More »

Microsoft, Adobe kick open source developers to Android

Trending: A genuine Skype Killer? Hottest new products of a week 13 geeky SkyMall catalog treasures Resources/White Papers network world Security All Security Access Control Application Security Compliance Malware/Cybercrime Mobile Security Network Security Security and Vulnerability Management LAN WAN All LAN WAN Ethernet Switch IPv6 Internet of Things Router Service Providers WAN Optimization SDN Unified Communications/VoIP All Unified Communications/VoIP Collaboration/Social ... Read More »

Apple Vs Android War Escalates With New Nexus 6 Details

I have a love and hatred relationship with a Nexus 6 and there is no doubt that a large inheritor to a game-changing Nexus 5 polarises opinion. But whatever your feelings, it has been suggested that a Nexus 6 had to cut one vital dilemma that could have critical repercussions for Android – and that it is Apple Apple’s fault. ... Read More »