Microsoft is display a newfound appreciation for Android with a chronicle of a OneNote capability app for Android Wear smartwatches.

Users can implement a OneNote for Android Wear app, and afterwards use a “take a note” voice authority to foreordain content notes. The note afterwards syncs online for entrance from any device.

OneNote’s Android Wear support is bare-bones compared to other note-taking apps, such as Google Keep and Evernote. You can’t use it for time- or location-based reminders, and we can’t open existent records on a watch itself. Still, if you’re already bending into Microsoft’s platform, a smartwatch app is useful for logging a discerning suspicion though holding out your phone.


I gave a app a try on a Moto 360, and it works as advertised. If we have other note-taking apps installed, a watch will prompt we to select a default app for voice dictation, though we won’t be stirred again after you’ve comparison OneNote from a list. (You can change a default for note-taking by a Android Wear smartphone app.)

My usually nitpick is that Microsoft combined a apart app for Android Wear instead of building smartwatch support into a categorical OneNote app. It doesn’t make most unsentimental difference, though a beauty of Android Wear is that users shouldn’t have to implement and conduct a second set of apps only for a watch. In theory, once there’s a vicious mass of developer support, all should only work with a apps we already have on your phone.

Hopefully, that’s a indicate Microsoft will grasp as it continues to comfortable adult to Android. In further to a new Android Wear app, Microsoft has also recently launched an Outlook Web App for Android, an Android inscription chronicle of OneNote with scratch support, and business assign support for OneDrive .

According to a report by The Information, Google has strike a postponement symbol on a Android Silver program. Citing “people informed with a status,” it claims that Google was carrying a tough time removing adequate buy-in from phone makers and carriers, along with inner doubts about either a module would work.

The Android Silver judgment was a small confusing, to contend a least. The devise was for Google to work with manufacturers like LG, HTC, Motorola, and Samsung to build reward Android phones that it would afterwards marketplace underneath a Android Silver code in conduit and big-box sell stores. Depending on who we ask, a phones would run batch Android (or something tighten to it), and be updated directly by Google. The whole indicate was to emanate a reward high-end code and shopping knowledge around a best Android phones that would assistance a association contest opposite Apple in a high-price, high-margin reward sell smartphone space.

It was even rumored to be an contingent deputy for Google-designed Nexus phones, yet that thought was quickly refuted.

According to The Information’s sources, Google has motionless to put some-more bid behind a Android One program; a yin to Android Silver’s yang. Android One is meant to furnish really inexpensive (about $100) phones that run a latest chronicle of Android and are updated directly by Google. The module only rolled out in India; it’s a ploy to get a subsequent billion non-smartphone users in rising markets to burst on with Android.

The detriment or check of a Android Silver module might not be a large deal. While Apple is approaching to be really successful with a iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, a altogether marketplace share of Android inclination continues to grow year by year. In timeless markets, high-end Android phones are still doing utterly well.

NEW DELHI: Homebred smartphone builder Micromax has already sole about 20,000 units of a initial Android One smartphone, Canvas A1, by a Amazon website after it went on sale a day earlier, while a device, along with a identical one from Spice, is already accessible on resale sites such as eBay, Quikr and OLX.

Micromax’s Canvas A1 was sole out within a few hours of a start of sale during 3 pm on Monday, yet Karbonn and Spice’s Android One inclination – that also started offered during a same time on Snapdeal and Flipkart respectively – were still accessible on a ecommerce websites. Karbonn and Spice didn’t contend how many inclination they had sole compartment now.

While Karbonn’s Sparkle V and Spice’s Dream UNO Mi-498 were listed with Rs6,399 cost tags, Micromax, India’s second largest smartphone vendor, was offered Canvas A1 during Rs6,499, bundled with an Airtel information plan. Karbonn is India’s third largest.

A hunt on online sell platforms ebay, OLX and Quikr threw adult several sellers opposite a country, including Chattisgarh, Mumbai, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal, charity hermetic or unopened Canvas A1 Android One and Spice’s Android One Dream UNO handsets during prices trimming between Rs 5,800 to Rs 8,000.

Google has primarily tied adult with a 3 handset vendors for a Android One plan who had launched their particular Android One smartphones yesterday, by their disdainful tie-ups with a ecommerce websites. The phones will be accessible by a normal sell channels soon.

Apart from a Android One devices, Chinese smartphone builder Xiaomi’s renouned Mi3 and Redmi 1S smartphones are also accessible on these 3 sites during adult to Rs 19,000 (original cost Rs13,999) and Rs 11,000 (original cost Rs5,999) respectively.

Xiaomi also has an disdainful agreement with Flipkart to sell all of a inclination usually by a e-commerce website. While a association has temporarily stopped offered Mi3, citing supply issues, direct for a Redmi has also distant exceeded supply. Xiaomi is slated to sell another 40,000 units of Redmi 1S during 2 pm today.

Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014, 01:41 pm PT (04:41 pm ET)

With Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus saying far-reaching recover after this week, a association on Tuesday published a anxiety beam directed during assisting Android device owners quit calm to a new handsets.

Posted to Apple’s Support Documents sub-site, a new page, patrician “Move calm from your Android phone to iPhone,” takes stream users of Google’s mobile handling complement by a stairs required to pierce calm like Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Photos and Documents over to iOS 8.

Ready to make a switch to iPhone? Here are some tips for relocating your photos, music, documents, and some-more from your Android phone to iPhone.

Apple tells Android users that Mail, Contacts and Calendar information can be eliminated over to a new iPhone by simply adding a new email comment to a Mail app or importing calm from a amicable media network. Alternatively, third-party apps like Copy My Data or ATT Mobile Transfer pierce over information automatically instead of manually typing in contacts, calendar events and addresses.

Third-party apps are also mentioned as a discerning ride complement for user photos, yet Apple offers a some-more extensive walkthrough for importing images as information files regulating a Android File Transfer apparatus and iTunes. The same process is suggested for transporting music, books and PDF documents.

As for apps, Apple says, “You’ll substantially find a apps you’re already regulating on a App Store. Go to a App Store, hunt for a apps we have now, and implement them. Then pointer in with your user name and password.”

Along with a common iPhone user base, Apple’s new handset models are approaching to constraint a apportionment of Android owners captivated to a incomparable 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch shade sizes. Seemingly ancillary a speculation is a news from last week that remarkable trade-in requests for Samsung smartphones surged after a iPhone 6 announcement.

Microsoft’s new cross-platform pull isn’t a software-only thing.


On Sep 16, Microsoft introduced a new Universal Mobile Keyboard that can work with iPads, iPhones, Android inclination and Windows tablets that are 10mm or thinner.

The keyboard, that will be generally accessible in Oct for an estimated sell cost of $79.95, can be interconnected with adult to 3 inclination regulating opposite handling systems. Users can switch between a inclination regulating an handling complement switch. Devices regulating Windows 8 and higher; Windows RT; Apple iOS v6 and higher; and Android 4 or aloft are all supported.

The keyboard does not now work with Windows Phone since Windows Phone doesn’t support a Bluetooth Human Interface Device (HID) keyboard custom during this time, Microsoft officials confirmed.

Microsoft is touting a Universal Mobile Keyboard’s support for any platform’s singular keys, such as a Windows Control key, iOS Command pivotal and Android Home Button. The new keyboard also has a protecting cover and built-in mount to reason users’ tablets or intelligent phones. The keyboard uses Bluetooth to bond to a several tablets and phones it supports.

The new keyboard is corroborated by a three-year singular warranty. It will be accessible around Microsoft’s brick-and-mortar and online stores as good as by several other retailers. It will be accessible initial in a U.S. and Canada (sometime in October) and “coming to additional markets soon,” officials said.

Update: A few readers have beheld there’s no hold pad on this keyboard. I’ve listened from my contacts that this is due to a fact that Microsoft wanted to emanate a singular keyboard that would work with iOS, Android and Windows. That meant they opted to build a keyboard that did not embody support for gestures/inputs that were not enabled on all 3 platforms. 

Microsoft also introduced on Sep 16 some other PC accessories, including a Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy chronicle of a Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse, that works with Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows RT devices. It will be accessible in Sep for $69.95. There are also some new textured Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Limited Edition mice for Windows XP (32-bit only), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows RT and Mac OS X devices. The new versions will be out this month and go for $29.95. A new Xbox One controller and wire for Windows is entrance in Nov for $59.95.

Google’s operation of smartwatches have usually been accessible for a few months, though that’s not interlude Microsoft from throwing a support behind Android Wear. A new Android chronicle of Microsoft’s renouned OneNote focus is being expelled currently with Android Wear support. Initiating a “OK Google, take a note” voice authority will trigger OneNote to listen and take records accordingly. It’s sincerely elementary functionality, though it’s another instance of Microsoft’s eagerness to support opposition platforms.

Alongside a Android updates, Microsoft is also improving a iOS chronicle of OneNote for iPhone and iPad owners today. A new share prolongation requires iOS 8, though it allows we to share calm from any app to OneNote. You can shave websites from Safari, save photos from an iOS library, and even import record attachments from emails. It’s a good proof of a functionality that Apple’s latest chronicle of iOS enables, and an easy approach for Microsoft to extend a note holding app via iOS apps.

If you’re a Windows Phone owners afterwards you’re not being totally left out of a improvements for iOS and Android. Microsoft is updating a Office Lens app currently to modify images prisoner from whiteboard records or paper papers into Word or PowerPoint files. Office Lens has always upheld OneNote, though a new Word and PowerPoint functionality turns elementary whiteboard records and drawings into entirely editable content in Word or drawings that can be recolored, resized, and edited in PowerPoint. If you’re a unchanging whiteboard user afterwards it’s like lifting a display from a house true into a digital item that can be manipulated endlessly.

It’s increasingly transparent that OneNote is a vital item to Microsoft that it will continue to urge opposite a accumulation of platforms to contest with Evernote and other rivals. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 coop integration with OneNote was a large step in highlighting a elementary note holding app, and Android Wear support is another process to remonstrate those extraordinary about Microsoft’s apps and services. All 3 app updates will be accessible currently from their applicable app stores.

Want to buy a new smartphone for underneath $120? Google’s new Android One smartphones are a latest effort to strech untapped markets in a building world.

Google formally introduced a initial “family” of Android One smartphones Monday in India, in partnership with 3 Indian phone manufacturers. The Karbonn Android One Sparkle V is now on sale for 6499 rupees ($116) and the Spice Android One Dream Uno for 7499 rupees ($135). As of Monday afternoon, the Micromax Android One Canvas A1, being sole by Amazon, was sold out.

On a central Google blog, Sundar Pichai, comparison vice-president of Android, Chrome and Apps, remarkable that 5 billion people around a universe —”the immeasurable majority” — do not have a smartphone, and therefore can’t do things like make video calls, use mapping apps and hunt a web with their phone.

“We wish to move these practice to some-more people,” he added.

Bringing people those practice — and a ads that come with them — is how Google creates a money.

The association pronounced it skeleton to enhance a Android One module to Indonesia, a Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and South Asia by a finish of a year and to additional countries in 2015.

Google Android One smartphones

The new Android One phones run a latest chronicle of Google’s Android handling complement and start during $116. (Anindito Mukherjee/Reuters)

According to business consulting giant Deloitte, a series of smartphone users in India alone is approaching to surpass 104 million in 2014, scarcely doubling the 51 million in 2013.

The newly expelled phones run a latest chronicle of Google’s Android software, Kit Kat, and will be automatically updated for giveaway to a subsequent version, Android L, this year.

Pichai wrote that Google is operative closely with phone manufacturers and phone chip makers to share designs and components in sequence to make inclination that are some-more affordable.

“When [handset companies] look to make a phone, they will get a menu. They can put together a device in a most quicker fashion, meaningful we’ve already tested a software,” Pichai told Reuters.

Reuters’s Nivdeita Bhattacharjee and Tommy Wilkes remarkable that many inexpensive smartphones in India run “different and rather customized” versions of Android that make the phones disposed to glitches and are over Google’s control.

Google is among many companies jostling for a square of a rising smartphone market in a building world, and a e-commerce opportunities that come with it. BlackBerry launched a Z3 handset, that cost only over $200, in Indonesia in May and Firefox launched a $39 Intex Cloud FX smartphone in India, in August. Like Google, Firefox is focusing on a mobile program and operative with smartphone manufacturers around a world, including Alacatel, LG, Huawei and ZTE.

Compared to a Cloud FX, a new Android One inclination are some-more absolute and have significantly improved screens and cameras. They include a 1.3 GHz quad core processor, a 5 MP primary camera, 4GB of memory that is expandable to 32GB, and a ability to take dual opposite SIM cards, permitting users to switch between dual opposite carriers or plans.

Their displays have a fortitude of 480 by 854 pixels, a small bit reduce than that of a iPhone 4, that had a shade fortitude of 640 x 960, though extremely improved than a 320 x 480 fortitude of a Cloud FX.

Google has partnered with Indian wireless conduit Airtel to offer 200MB of downloads from a Google Play app store that do not count toward customers’ mobile information usage.

Google pronounced it has also partnered with other phone manufacturers, including Acer, Alcatel Onetouch, Asus, HTC, Intex, Lava, Lenovo, Panasonic, and Xolo, as good as chip manufacturer Qualcomm. 

The association has a series of other initiatives directed during bringing improved internet entrance to a building world. It’s an financier in O3b Networks Ltd., that will yield fibre-speed satellite internet to Africa, Latin America, a Middle East, Asia and a Pacific. It has also run tests on internet-beaming balloons

Sundar PichaiAPGoogle’s Android arch Sundar Pichai

Google competence loitering a rumored Android Silver program, a re-branding bid that would give high-end Android smartphones a some-more unified, reward code identical to Apple’s, according to Amir Efrati during The Information. 

There are a few primary reasons Google could be putting a Android Silver plan on hold. As Efrati reports, a July depart of Google’s arch designer Nikesh Arora likely played a purpose in loitering a program. Arora oversaw Google’s partnerships with device manufacturers and wireless carriers, a purpose that would be essential to get a module like Android Silver adult and running.

Another probable reason could be that a reactions from Google’s partners and people within a association have been churned so far, according to Efrati. Phone manufacturers, carriers, and retailers would need to compensate concessions to Google in sequence to account a offered required to fuel Android Silver sales. However, Efrati writes that there “were critical doubts in several tools of Google as to either a module would work.”

While Android Silver stays in limbo, Efrati says Google is focusing some-more of a efforts toward Android One: a module that helps phone manufacturers emanate inexpensive high peculiarity handsets for rising markets. Android One only saw a central launch in India on Monday.

News sources such as The Information and Android Police have been stating on Android Silver for months, though we have nonetheless to hear any central word from Google. According to these reports, Android Silver would be a new means of offered high-end Android devices. Google would set adult special kiosks in brick-and-mortar conduit stores and offer around-the-clock patron use for those who buy phones underneath a Silver umbrella.

The inclination would come with a batch chronicle of Android, though a hardware would be built by Google’s handset partners. Based on these reports, it sounds like it could be partial of an bid for Google to retrieve a Android height from Samsung, a longtime partner and now one of a biggest rivals in a smartphone space.

Some have speculated that Android Silver would meant a finish of Google’s Nexus line, though a association told ReadWrite in June that this isn’t a case. 

10 Beautiful Design Details In Google’s New Android Software

NEW DELHI: Buoyed by a initial response to Android One smartphones, chipmaker MediaTek has pronounced it expects as many as dual million handsets to be sole this year in India, a world’s second largest marketplace for mobile phones.

The Taiwan-headquartered association has partnered with US-based tech hulk Google on Android One, an beginning to yield a family of high-quality nonetheless affordable Android inclination for consumers in rising markets like India.

Yesterday, Google launched 3 inclination in partnership with Micromax, Karbonn and Spice underneath a Android One initiative. India is a initial nation to have a Android One handets, labelled during Rs 6,399 onwards.

“We design 1.5-2 million Android One handsets to be sole this year in India,” MediTek VP (US business development) Mohit Bhushan told PTI when asked about a his expectations on a sale of a handsets.

With prices starting during Rs 6,399, a hardware and program being supposing on Android One will give users an extraordinary experience, he added.

The initial set of Android One inclination underline MediaTek’s MT6582 mobile System-on-Chip (SoC), that is formed on quad ARM CortexTM A7 CPU architecture.

The processors broach higher multitasking opening and glorious postulated performance-per-watt for a reward mobile experience.

When asked about a impact on Android One on a smartphone market, Bhushan said: “In a brief term, there can be disruptions. But, this will eventually lead to handset makers not partial of Android One to deposit on innovating a mobile experience.”

He combined that companies will have to comprehend that Android One will give users an unmatched device knowledge during affordable prices and for them to compare it, they will have to follow suit.

With Android One, Google aims to win business in a world’s fastest flourishing smartphone marketplace with low prices and improved peculiarity software.

Currently, many affordable smartphones in India already offer customized versions of a Android handling system.

In box of Android One, a contingent program upgrades on a Android One phones would come directly from Google. This would give Google improved control of a handling complement and safeguard users get a unchanging service.

Reports suggest, an initial lot of Micromax Canvas A1 handsets, that were put adult for sale on Amazon, were sole out.

PwC India Leader (telecom) Mohammad Chowdhury said: “The gratifying deteriorate frequently sees an uptick in handset sales and we should design this in a subsequent few months. In sold there is prohibited foe in a shred labelled from Rs 7,000 upwards.”

Google is bringing a really accessible underline to Chrome for Android: auto-suggested answers in a hunt bar. Right now, however, you’ll need to capacitate an initial dwindle to make it happen.


That’s one large number.

Auto-suggested answers seem while you’re typing a Google hunt query with a clear answer. You can use this underline to get discerning answers for questions about simple math problems, weather, and dates for chronological events from right within your hunt bar.

On Android, a auto-suggest answers uncover adult in a dump down menu subsequent what you’re typing, along with other auto-suggestions. The series of queries with auto-suggested answers aren’t as expanded as a formula we get on a desktop when Google auto-loads a hunt formula page before we finish typing. Still, a new underline comes in accessible for really specific searches when you’re on a smartphone or tablet.

Getting started

Anyone with a complicated Android device should already have Chrome installed. If we don’t, we can grab Chrome on Google Play.


Google for Android’s chrome://flags page.

Next, form chrome://flags in a residence bar. This will open Chrome’s flags page with a warning that says “Careful, these experiments might bite.” Now, corkscrew down until we see a streamer Answers in suggest towards a bottom of a page.

Tap a symbol that says Default and name Enabled.

After that you’ll be stirred to relaunch Chrome by drumming a symbol during a bottom of a shade that says Relaunch Now. Do so, and you’re prepared to go.

Auto answers

In my tests, we found a underline worked best on Android to find a continue with searches like weather [city], and for math problems like a one see in a picture during a tip of this post. You can also use this underline to find a country’s collateral city. 

Other queries that get discerning answers embody when did [historical event] and How aged is [famous person], according to OMG! Chrome, a site that initial reported a new feature.

It’s a singular underline during this point, though is still fun to play around with and to have during a prepared a subsequent time we wish to know what a weather’s like in Los Angeles.