Wednesday , 8 July 2015
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Android tablets, Chromebooks, and convertibles: Which setup creates clarity for …

The lines, they are a-blurrin’. That’s what Bob Dylan pronounced in his classical 1964 song, right? Okay — maybe I’m blurring ol’ Bobby’s words with a pretension of that Weird Al-parodied sight (The Song That Must Not Be Named — yes, I’m looking during you, Mr. Thicke). But controversial cocktail song references aside, there’s no doubt mobile record as we ... Read More »

Warning: Hacking Team Wrote Malware for Flash, Android, and Windows

We learned yesterday that a Hacking Team—an Italian confidence association with ties to rough governments and a repute for offered forward view tools—got hacked. Today, we’re training some frightful things about what this all means for we and me. In a word: malware. Thanks to papers leaked after a hack, we now know Hacking Team sole exploits and digital weapons ... Read More »

‘Current Flow’ is one of a best new Android games [VIDEO]

Finding dark gems in a Play Store is one of a favorite things. It’s like that feeling of anticipating a $20 check in a cloak we haven’t ragged in a prolonged time. You’re not awaiting much, though afterwards you’re agreeably surprised. We had a same feeling when downloading a diversion called Current Flow, that now has reduction than 5,000 downloads ... Read More »

BlackBerry’s First Android Phone? What You Need to Know

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Googleplus Stumbleupon Reddit Source: Android is holding over a world, and smartphone makers who have traditionally eschewed a height are commencement to adopt it. BlackBerry is reportedly building a first Android phone, and sum about a device, reportedly codenamed a “Venice,” are commencement to leak. Here’s what we need to know. Stephen Hall during 9to5Google reported on ... Read More »

Instagram promises improved Android pictures

Last week, Instagram sensitively started storing and display cinema in a new, aloft fortitude of 1080 x 1080, rolling out a refurbish opposite iOS and Android. Yesterday, Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger stated on Twitter that a latest refurbish for Google’s mobile OS also adds “a garland of improvements to a picture pipeline” definition that users should also “see improved upload quality.” @thalescaravana ... Read More »