Tuesday , 23 December 2014
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Android Lollipop: Still a Sucker

My story of anguish per my past practice with Android got a lot of responses from a ZDNet readers — some of that was a common narrow-minded griping, though some of that was constructive. One of that was “Maybe we should try a newer chronicle of Android.” As we mentioned during a finish of that piece, we was peaceful to ... Read More »

Android One phones entrance to Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka

Google’s affordable smartphone beginning is expanding to 3 some-more countries. The thought behind Android One is to get a world’s remaining smartphone-less 5 billion inhabitants connected to a mobile web around a handset that is inexpensive nonetheless good quality, promises a facilities that everybody expects from a handset and that will lift on being upheld with program updates for some ... Read More »

New Hyundai conduct section for CES 2015 integrates Android, iPhones

Android Auto appears on Hyundai’s new Display Audio interface when an Android phone is plugged into a car’s USB port. Hyundai Although Hyundai didn’t conduct to get Apple CarPlay into a prolongation cars this year, a Korean automaker still pushes tough on smartphone integration, earnest to uncover a new Display Audio conduct section in Jan during International CES 2015. This ... Read More »

9 Things to Do Before a Nexus Android 5.0.2 Lollipop Update

Google’s Android 5.0.2 recover date is during hand for name Nexus users and today, we wish to take a demeanour during some things we cruise Nexus users should do forward of a Android 5.0.2 Lollipop release. These tips are geared towards non-power users and those that are meditative about installing a Android 5.0 Lollipop refurbish for a initial time. In ... Read More »

Taking a screenshot on Android Wear only got a lot easier

Jason Cipriani/CNET Android Wear inclination have started receiving an refurbish to Android Lollipop. In further to improved presentation management, new shade liughtness settings and sound form options, a refurbish also creates it plain elementary to take a screenshot on your watch. As we lonesome when Android Wear initial launched, a routine for holding a screenshot was cumbersome. You indispensable to ... Read More »

Google expands low-cost Android One smartphones

Google‘s low-cost smartphone, a Android One, is entrance to 3 some-more countries—Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The Internet giant, that launched a Android One in India in September, announced a enlargement on Monday, observant a pierce will supplement 200 million intensity users in entrance weeks. The module is “an beginning to make high-quality smartphones permitted to as many people as ... Read More »

Android One set to hurl out to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal

Android One smartphones will start display adult in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh soon. Google Android One, a Google-developed height designed to move a mobile handling complement to building countries around a world, is expanding outward of India, a association announced Monday. At some indicate in a subsequent several weeks — Google didn’t yield an accurate date — Android One ... Read More »

Android One Expands Into South Asia

Three months after rising a Android One height in India, Google is expanding a bill inclination to 3 some-more Asian countries. Over a entrance weeks, Android One handsets will start rolling out to Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. With a total race of some-more than 200 million people, a countries symbol Google’s subsequent step to strech “the subsequent 5 billion ... Read More »

Here’s a Z1, Samsung’s initial Tizen phone to conflict Android

After delaying its initial Tizen-powered several times in 2014, it appears that subsequent month Samsung will entrance a handset that uses a company’s possess software. Technically, Tizen is open-source program so anyone can use it, but Samsung is betting large on a platform so a association can mangle divided from regulating Android. The new phone is called a Samsung Z1 and is approaching ... Read More »