Google Fit (free) is a new Android app that consolidates your activity and health stats into one platform—or that’s a representation anyway. As is a box with many Google products initial saying a light of day, Google Fit isn’t a finished product yet. When commissioned on an Android phone, we can use it to automatically lane your walking, running, bicycling, and weight, nonetheless not many else. Integration with third-party apps that collect some-more information is in a works, nonetheless not nonetheless available.

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At launch, Google Fit pales in comparison with other health and activity platforms that bond your self-quantified life, such as Fitbit’s app, which does all Google Fit does, and afterwards some. Even a newly expelled Health app from Apple, that is still in a decline and does not use a phone to lane your activity, is 10 times some-more consummate than Google Fit.

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The usually people who should implement Google Fit anyway are those with an Android Wear device, such as a Motorola Moto 360 or a Samsung Gear Live. The app could turn a good place to see your activity information plotted on graphs over time. (But, really, we should have had an app for that from a get-go.)

As a standalone app, Google Fit is usually too singular right now. It usually marks we daily activity, swell toward goal, and weight. There’s a space that appears to draft your heart rate, nonetheless we couldn’t find any approach to submit it. 

Setting Up and Accessing Data
When we commissioned Google Fit, a setup was discerning and straightforward, in partial since there isn’t many to input. The app feels—er, is­—very many an deficient product. Hopefully it’ll beef adult over time, nonetheless right now, it’s some-more like a pounded-down dress steak.

As with any other activity-tracking app or product, we start by entering information about yourself and your body, such as height, weight, age, and sex. Google Fit doesn’t ask for some-more details, such as where you fit along a active-to-sedentary scale. That information is mostly used to improved theory calorie burn, and we theory Google Fit doesn’t need to know since it doesn’t theory calorie burn.

Google Fit (for Android)

You’ll also see a series of accede requests. Google needs to know where we go in sequence to lane your activity. If you’re worried with this, we substantially don’t wish to use a phone-based activity tracking system, period.

At a many elementary level, Google Fit works likewise to a Moves app, that was acquired by Facebook progressing this year. Using GPS and motion-sensing record that’s already built into your phone, it sum out how many you’re relocating via a day, and what kind of transformation it is. It afterwards keeps lane of those activities, adds them all up, and weighs them opposite a idea you’ve set for yourself.

With Google Fit, third-party app integrations were not nonetheless accessible when we tested it. And that’s confusing. If you’re picking a app adult in hopes of it being a finished product, with all a facilities in place, cruise again.

One vast square blank from a app is a food-logging system, so we don’t know how many calories you’ve ingested, and that would be excellent if third-party integrations were accessible to collect adult a slack. we wish that Google possibly adds one or during slightest partners with a biggest actor in that space, MyFitnessPal, and soon. Practically each other association with a aptness tracking device or app allows it to bond to MyFitnessPal, and Google should with Fit, too. It’s an essential partial of aptness tracking.

When we set adult Apple’s Health app we had a many improved experience, even nonetheless it took longer and was some-more complicated. That’s in vast partial due to a fact that third-party integrations were already enabled in Health. we could bond Health to MyFitnessPal, as good as a Misfit Shine app, Garmin Connect, and other apps. Fitbit is particularly missing, and when we asked a association deputy why, she pronounced Fitbit doesn’t wish to validate Health as a height to their users unless it is entirely mature and honourable of a endorsement. Read into that what we will, nonetheless Fitbit should feel assured in a possess app as a entirely grown health platform. It’s comprehensive, stable, and works with a outrageous collection of third-party apps.

Google Fit lets we see your activity and other health information in a few places. The Android app is a apparent place, nonetheless we can also see stats when you’re sealed into a compared Google comment in a Web browser by indicating it to Anyone with an Android Wear device will be means to see their information on a watch, and conversely, information collected by a watch will also sync to a app.

On a Run
As mentioned, Google Fit automatically marks when we walk, run, and bicycle, and plots those activities in a elementary graph. It also adds adult your sum active time for a day and measures it opposite a idea we set for yourself. By default, it’s one hour of activity per day.

My app missed a bike ride. we competence have quit out of a app, nonetheless we insincere it would have been regulating in a background. Either it didn’t, or it simply missed a activity. we also beheld that when Google Fit did rightly brand a bike ride, it tacked onto my time a 4 mins on possibly side of a float when we was removing my bike and putting it away. Once third-party app integrations are enabled, we would wish Google Fit will review a better-tracked information from them. Strava, for example, is one of a announced partners, and a app for tracking runs and rides has facilities for recording your start and finish times.

Google Fit for Android Wear
So far, I’ve mostly described how Google Fit works as a standalone app. But if we possess a Google Wear devices, we can use it as a dashboard for saying your activity over time, like how many miles we travel in a week, on average, and either we walked some-more or fewer stairs currently compared with yesterday. Like we said, we cruise Google Wear owners should have had an app for that prolonged ago, nonetheless alas…you competence as good use Google Fit now that it’s here.

So unless we possess an Android Wear device, give this app 6 months to a year before we even cruise regulating it. It usually doesn’t do adequate to aver a download yet.

For some-more aptness tech recommendations, see a list of a 25 best aptness apps and the best activity trackers.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

In Sep we exclusively reported Google’s skeleton to recover an refurbish to Android Wear, creation it probable to store strain on your intelligent watch. Last week, that news became a reality as Android Wear perceived an refurbish adding strain capabilities, along with bug fixes and GPS-tracking capabilities (a hardware-dependent feature, we competence add).

The routine for adding strain to your watch is simple, once we figure out where a environment is.

First you’ll need to safeguard your watch is updated to a latest chronicle of a Android Wear OS. The stream chronicle series is 4.4W.2. Learn how to check your stream OS chronicle or ask a refurbish (if needed) by following a stairs summarized in this post.

Now that your watch is current, make certain a Google Play Music app is adult to date by rising a Play Store on your Android device and checking a My Apps territory for updates.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

  • With both a watch and app updated, launch a Play Music app on your Android device and navigate to Settings.
  • Scroll down until we find a choice patrician Download to Android Wear.
  • Check a box located subsequent to a pretension and behind out of settings.

If we have any strain stored on your device a strain will start transferring to your watch automatically. If we don’t, however, you’ll need to download strain possibly from your library or a Play Music Store. You can download strain by observation a playlist, strain or whole manuscript and drumming on a three-dot menu icon. From a list, name Download.

Once strain has been downloaded to your Android device, and as prolonged as you’ve checked a suitable box in settings, a strain will automatically send to your device with no serve action. You can afterwards used a paired Bluetooth device to listen to your tunes.

Obviously there’s some shortfalls here, especially that we can’t collect and select that of your downloaded strain we wish eliminated to a watch. It’s an all-or-nothing approach, with a biggest reduction being storage space on your watch.

Here’s anticipating an refurbish is in a works urge this feature.

(REUTERS) – Google pronounced on Thursday that Andy Rubin, co-founder of a Android mobile business and conduct of a nascent robotics bid is withdrawal a company.

Rubin will start a association to support startups meddlesome in building technology-hardware products, Google pronounced in an emailed response for criticism on a Wall Street Journal news about his move.

James Kuffner, a investigate scientist during Google


and a member of a robotics group, will reinstate Rubin, a association added.

Last year, Google’s browser and applications arch Sundar Pichai transposed Rubin as conduct of a Android division, bringing a firm’s mobile software, applications and Chrome browser underneath one roof.

Rubin built Android into a free, open-source program height now used by many of a world’s largest handset manufacturers, from Samsung Electronics Co Ltd to HTC Corp.

Google’s new chronicle of a inscription and smartphone handling complement “Lollipop” is a fifth chronicle of Android, introducing new facilities and tweaks that collectively give a user a feeling that utterly a lot has been improved.

Unveiled as “L” during Google’s developer discussion I/O in Jun to reinstate Android 4.4 “KitKat, Android 5 Lollipop was suggested alongside Google’s new pattern ethos called “Material”.

Material Design is a new unchanging demeanour for Google’s apps, products and services, that stretches over Android to Google’s Chrome browser and Chrome OS program for low-cost laptops. The simple grounds is a bolder, some-more charming and prosaic demeanour to icons, notifications and other interface elements.

This examination is formed on a really nearby final chronicle of Lollipop expelled by Google for testing. Small things might change before release.

Smooth sliding

For Lollipop that means a use of most brighter, fuller colours than a prior chronicle of Android and a some-more unchanging look. Menu bars are one plain retard of colour, icons are rarely stylised and flat, while interface “cards” initial introduced with Google Now are used throughout, floating and shifting over a tip of any other adding depth.

Every bit of a interface looks different, including a credentials that now changes colour depending on a time of day in some apps, and some sharp new shifting animations that supplement suit to many of Android’s responses.

The lockscreen uniformly slides adult and down, with symbol taps pulsing with white circles. Apps now slip adult from a bottom, while a presentation shade is pulled down in dual stages, one for notifications and a second for discerning settings. The second theatre has a quite appreciative animation that reveals battery and settings icons, shifting out from a user form icon.

Lollipop’s animations.

All a animations are discerning and fluid, giving Android a clarity of coercion and interlude them from removing in a approach of removing things done.

More than usually one user

More than one user can have an comment on devices.
Photograph: Screengrab

Beyond a apparent charming difference, Lollipop introduces a integrate of critical facilities into a core Android experience.

The initial is mixed user accounts on one device. Some Android tablets have had support for some-more than one user, though smartphones and other inclination have been singular to a singular user account.

Now mixed user accounts can be set adult true from a discerning settings screen, including proxy guest accounts, creation pity a device within a family most easier. The user accounts are really simple during a impulse – there are no parental control settings over limited accounts that can extent for instance – though any user will have their possess accounts and information inside their profile, that can be cue protected.

Restricted profiles can retard entrance to certain apps and functions.
Photograph: Screengrab

Setting adult a new device is now a lot easier for owners of comparison Android smartphones and tablets. Simply drumming another Android device on a behind will send settings, apps and accounts as prolonged as both support nearby margin communication (NFC), that roughly each Android device will.

It is a one-touch procedure, that works good and takeaway most of a headache of swapping to a new smartphone or tablet.

Notification filters

Each app can be blocked from displaying notifications, or combined to a priority list.
Photograph: Screengrab

Multitasking has also been extended with a new label system. Each app can uncover some-more than one label permitting users to switch to an open summary or behind to a inbox, for instance – not usually to one perspective in a app.

Notifications from any series of apps can now be filtered by priority on an app-by-app basis. Instead of vouchsafing any presentation through, users can select to let usually critical messages from favourite contacts to uncover or forestall any notifications from showing.

Users can set adult still durations by a day or week, or activate a underline on an ad hoc basement – not something that is new to Android devices, though a initial time it has been integrated into a core Android experience.

Longer battery life

The energy saving mode turns a standing bar orange to prove it’s active, stopping some apps while a shade is off.
Photograph: Screengrab

Lollipop also promises to assistance lengthen smartphone and inscription battery life by being some-more fit and worse on battery-draining apps. It uses a new chronicle of a underlying program called Art that powers apps, that is both faster and lighter on resources.

A pre-release chronicle of Lollipop commissioned on a Nexus 5 smartphone done a battery final around a entertain longer, with others anticipating even longer gains of over 35% or dual hours in tests. Users should see their smartphones and tablets durability significantly longer after being updated.

A built-in “battery saver” mode aims to assistance a device final as prolonged as probable by shortening processor opening and disabling use of information in a background; email and messaging apps will still refurbish when opened, though might not while not active. It can be enabled manually or automatically during 15% battery remaining.

Battery saving modes are not new, as many smartphone manufacturers including Samsung, Sony and LG have built their possess systems for shortening battery consumption, though now it is baked directly into a unmodified Android experience.

Better unlocking

Google has combined new ways users can login to devices. Face unlock, that uses a front-facing camera of a smartphone or inscription to recognize a users face to clear a device, has been altered so it runs in a background. As a user looks by notifications on a lockscreen, a device attempts to recognize a face, though if it can’t it will prompt for a pin or cue when a user tries to go past a a close screen.

Bluetooth inclination such as headphones, speakers and smartwatches, as good as NFC tags, can be used to clear a device automatically. When withdrawal a operation of a devoted device a smartphone or inscription will re-lock, requiring a passcode.

Both login methods work good and can assuage some of a irritations of gripping a device secure.

Where and when will it be available?

Google’s latest Nexus smartphone is a 6in phablet done by Motorola.
Photograph: Google

The initial inclination to run Lollipop will be Google’s Nexus 6 smartphone and Nexus 9 tablet, that will be accessible in a subsequent few weeks. Google’s Nexus 7 inscription and Nexus 5 smartphone will also be updated in a subsequent month.

After Google’s recover of Lollipop, other manufacturers will have to make a updated program accessible for their inclination on a case-by-case basis, approaching a integrate of months later. Motorola has affianced an ascent for a Moto G, X and E, HTC for a One M8 and comparison M7, while Samsung is approaching to refurbish a Galaxy S5 and Note 4 and LG a G3.


Lollipop is a finish visible renovate of a customary Android look, creation it a most smoother, some-more awake and connected knowledge – a large step adult compared to prior iterations of Google’s software.

It is also faster, lighter on battery and adds a lot of what third-party manufacturers have had to manually shaft on to their customised versions of Android.

There are still a few areas that could be improved, especially around app permissions and user remoteness control, though altogether Lollipop is a plain ascent and keeps Android on-par with competitors.

Google launches Fit app to take on Apple’s Heath and Samsung’s S Health

Google has a Lollipop for Android and shows off hulk 6in Nexus 6 smartphone

Former Android conduct and longtime Googler Andy Rubin is withdrawal a company, according to reports from a Information and the Wall Street Journal late Thursday. Rubin’s depart comes roughly 18 months after he stepped down from heading a Android organisation during Google. Back in Mar of 2013, Rubin ceded his post to Sundar Pichai, who took on heading Android in further to heading a Chrome and Google apps teams.

Since then, Rubin had been operative on Google’s robotics efforts. The association done a series of high-profile robotics acquisitions, though has nonetheless to exhibit accurately what it intends to do in this space, and Rubin had been mostly absent from a open eye.

The Journal reported Thursday that Rubin will be relocating on to launch a hardware startup incubator. His responsibilities during Google will be picked adult by James Kuffner, a investigate scientist during Google that has been partial of Rubin’s organisation there.

A Google orator reliable Rubin’s depart Thursday, and sent a following matter from Google CEO Larry Page:

I wish to wish Andy all a best with what’s next. With Android he combined something truly remarkable—with a billion and happy users. Thank you.

Google CEO Larry Page

Interestingly, a depart also comes only days after a large reorder within Google that enclosed Rubin’s inheritor Sundar Pichai being put in charge of roughly all pivotal product areas within Google, including maps, hunt Google+, Google Research and more.

Rubin is best famous as a open face of Android, a mobile handling complement that he primarily began to rise with a startup in 2003, and that was subsequently acquired by Google in 2005. But he was also a co-founder of Danger, a association that grown a initial cloud-based smartphone, a Sidekick, some 15 years ago.

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This isn’t even a initial time Rovio has teamed adult with other renouned franchises for a mashup (Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Star Wars) though let’s usually call it what it is: a income grab. That’s not to contend a diversion is bad, it’s indeed utterly fun. More of a run-and-gun shooter, a diversion accomplishes what it set out to do: yield Android users with an easy pick-up-and-play time killer. You control a blaster of a selected Transformer as he bolts down a level, blustering pigs in a credentials as they change on physics-based platforms.

Our usually complaint? Angry Birds Transformer doesn’t make a lick of sense. In an, admittedly, flattering rad 80’s impression intro cartoon, a birds and pigs have melded into cybernetic, transforming bodies interjection to a “EggSpark.” we consider Rovio pronounced it best: they’re birds/pigs sheltered as robots, sheltered as, well…. other things. Don’t even get us started on a fact that a Grimlock bird — that is a bird, sheltered as a dinosaur drudge — now transforms into a motorcycle. For all that is holy, it seems like each year someone usually keeps sh*tting on all we knew and desired as a kid.

But it could always be worse. They could have went with Michael Bay’s Transformer impression models. What’s that we say? Ah, yes. Bumble Bee and Megatron are both Michael Bay designs, not a 80’s animation a diversion is loosely formed off of. For a adore of Pete. The misfortune partial is notwithstanding all this, we’re still going to download and have a blast with this game. Maybe that’s a genuine point. You can download Angry Birds Transformers for giveaway from a Google Play Store below.

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Google robotics honcho Andy Rubin is withdrawal a company.
James Martin/CNET

The robots have a new leader.

Andy Rubin, who founded Google’s Android mobile software, and reduction than a year ago was tapped to run a company’s nascent robotics efforts, is withdrawal a Internet giant.

“I wish to wish Andy all a best with what’s next,” Google CEO Larry Page pronounced in a statement. “With Android he combined something truly conspicuous — with a billion and happy users. Thank you.”

The depart is potentially a blow to a company’s ambitions in robotics, where Google has done vast investments, including appropriation some-more than 8 companies, including Boston Dynamics and Atlas. Page has done large bets in areas over a hunt and promotion business, a biggest moneymaker, as it looks to where a destiny income streams will come from.

James Kuffner, another member of a robotics group, will take over as conduct of a division, according to a Wall Street Journal, that initial reported a news. Rubin is withdrawal Google to build an incubator for startups to build tech hardware, according to a Journal.

In 2010, Google investigate scientist Kuffner came adult with a thought of cloud robotics, robots that precedence a Internet, crowdsourcing, and open-sourcing to enhance their estimate energy and believe base. It’s not tough to see how a cloud-connected drudge that is entertainment information in your home from all a several sensors could be a perambulating remoteness defilement watchful to happen.

Meanwhile, Rubin has done a career of building companies from blemish and rebellious desirous projects, mostly focused on robotics or mobile computing. He started during Google in 2005 when Page and association bought his mobile handling complement startup Android. Rubin got his start as a robotics operative during optics builder Carl Zeiss AG in 1986, and went on to work during Apple and Microsoft.

Rubin has been credited with branch Android into a critical aspirant for Apple’s iOS, that powers a iPhone. Android is now a many renouned mobile handling system, using on some-more than 80 percent of a world’s smartphones. Sundar Pichai took a helm of a Android group in Mar 2013 after Page announced that Rubin was going to work on another plan for a company. That plan incited out to be robotics.

Rubin told a New York Times in Dec 2013 that “computers are starting to thrive legs and pierce around in a environment.” But such projects are “moonshots,” Google’s tenure for ambitious, out-there initiatives, Rubin told a newspaper, and that Google’s efforts could furnish formula in a few years.

When a story was posted, Rubin tweeted, “The destiny is looking awesome!” He hasn’t tweeted since.

Andy Rubin, a operative who grown Google’s Android OS and was newly in assign of a robotics efforts, is withdrawal a company, Google reliable Thursday.

Rubin cofounded a association called Android, that Google acquired in 2005 for a mobile OS. Android has left on to turn a world’s many widely used mobile handling system.

Last year, though, Rubin was changed off a Android organisation and put in assign of Google’s robotics projects. His work was taken over by Sundar Pichai, who now leads Google’s Android, Chrome and other products.

The reasons for Rubin’s depart weren’t clear, yet it had something to do with a structure of his organisation during Google, according to a report on tech news site The Information.

Rubin is withdrawal to lead an incubator for hardware startups, according to a report in a Wall Street Journal, and he’ll be transposed during Google by James Kuffner, a investigate scientist and a member of Google’s robotics group.

A Google orator reliable Rubin’s depart though declined to criticism further.

“I wish to wish Andy all a best with what’s next,” CEO Larry Page pronounced in a statement. “With Android he combined something truly remarkable—with a billion and happy users.”

Rubin has been overseeing several robotics projects during Google and led new acquisitions, including a purchase of Boston Dynamics.