Tuesday , 2 June 2015
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The best Android apps for astronomy fans and stargazers

Just like Star Walk, Night Sky Pro uses augmented reality to brand what we can see and what’s over a strech of your eyes.  The interface is clever, as it puts several options in a dilemma as icons and has a “time machine” apparatus during a top, that we can use to spin brazen or retrograde to see how a ... Read More »

Microsoft WiFi will offer ‘hassle-free Internet’ to Windows, Mac, Android, iOS …

Microsoft is operative on a new use called Microsoft WiFi, sum of that leaked currently during microsoftwifi.com. While a website has given been pulled, it described a use as charity “hassle-free Internet entrance around a world” so users can be “productive on a go.” Microsoft WiFi was initial speckled by Twitter user h0x0d, a same man who recently detected Microsoft ... Read More »

Nintendo Says It Isn’t Making an Android Console

Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Sorry, Mario: No Google for you Nintendo is putting a kibosh on rumors that a subsequent gaming console will run on Google’s Android handling system. The Android-on-Nintendo rumors were initial sparked by a Japanese announcement progressing this week. But a Nintendo central is creation it transparent that a new system, codenamed NX, will not run Android. ... Read More »

Nintendo’s subsequent console won’t run Android after all

Aside from a codename, we know small about Nintendo’s in-development “NX” console. Yesterday, however, Japanese announcement Nikkei claimed to have strike on a quite luscious fact about a next-gen gaming system, with a sources observant a NX will run some form of Google’s Android OS. The gossip wasn’t accurately far-fetched, given Nintendo’s plans to get into mobile games this year; ... Read More »

Kamcord Launches On Android With A Streamlined Video Capture Experience

Mobile gameplay streaming use Kamcord has launched on Android, vouchsafing users share clips of their time personification games on their phone with voiceover. The pierce to Android brings some-more than a wider intensity audience: an API Google done accessible in Android 5.0 lets developers record video of other apps using on a phone, definition Kamcord users on Google’s mobile handling complement will ... Read More »

Google Hides Android Fragmentation With More Candy

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (image: Ewan Spence) I’m perplexing to confirm if carrying an eighth of the Android user bottom on chronicle 5 of a handling system, eleven months after it was announced, is a certain or a disastrous for a platform. This month’s information from Google’s possess Android dashboard reporting a uptake of Android versions is a initial to put Lollipop’s share into ... Read More »

Imgur’s new Android app delivers unconstrained GIFs, pics, and memes

Imgur wants to secure a position as a Instagram of humorous pictures. The renouned picture pity site has expelled its first local app for Android devices today, and promises that a soon-to-be-updated iOS app — now underneath examination by Apple — will finally broach some much-needed features, including a ability to upload photos. The updated iOS app will finally let users upload ... Read More »