Monday , 29 December 2014
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Declutter your Android inbox with these tips

The holidays are in full swing, that means time off for many people. There are family visits, celebrations and winter outings ahead, all of that need and merit your full courtesy instead of worrying about what’s going on behind during work. However, possibly we devise to be out of a bureau a small or a lot, chances are you’ll use ... Read More »

Android App Streams Your Screen Live

Streaming your video gaming sessions to a universe has turn a remunerative past time for PC gamers. Playstation 4 and Xbox One owners assimilated in on a movement with built in Twitch and UStream functionality. iOS perceived a initial iOS streaming diversion with Asphalt 8, and now Android users will be means to use an app called to tide ... Read More »

Twitter skips many of 2015, thatch users out of Android app

According to Twitter’s server response during a time of writing, many of 2015 has happened, and we are streamer into a splendid new 2016 in a integrate of days time. Querying Twitter’s HTTP response headers during earnings a time stamp antiquated one year into a future: “date: Mon, 29 Dec 2015 02:09:37 UTC”. Consequently, users of Twitter’s renouned Tweetdeck ... Read More »

Twitter For Android Appears To Be Having A Few Issues Right Now

If you’re an Android user who loves their Twitter, you’re not carrying a good time today. Twitter for Android and other apps seem to be carrying issues. Reports sparse over a microblogging use observant that Twitter for Android, as good as a few other mobile and desktop clients, are carrying login issues many expected caused by an auth bug on ... Read More »

Dolphin Browser Brings Flash Support to Android 5.0 Lollipop

Dolphin, a renouned third-party web browser for Android, has been updated to broach Adobe Flash support underneath Google’s latest Lollipop software. Users can now suffer Flash videos on a web from their mobile devices, and since Dolphin’s totally free, it won’t cost them a penny. Flash support used to be one of Android’s biggest advantages over iOS and other opposition ... Read More »

Game of a Year 2014 – The 10 best Android games

2014 hasn’t seen any good leaps brazen for Android gaming, nonetheless afterwards it had already done some flattering immeasurable strides adult to and including 2013. It had a possess amicable and feat system, it had an app store that wasn’t pale to use, and it finally had a solid upsurge of tip mobile games entrance through. This year has arguably ... Read More »

Your no-fuss, fail-safe beam to safeguarding Android devices

As Android’s recognition continues to climb, it’s increasingly fasten a workplace. In a early days, Android had small in a approach of security, relegating it to personal use. But over a years, Google has upped a ante in terms of Android security, as have third-party vendors. Today, interjection to a collection baked into Android itself and accessible from Google Play ... Read More »