Sunday , 26 April 2015
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Will these bugs be bound in Android 5.1.1 update?

Google expelled Android 5.0 Lollipop final year with copiousness of new facilities for Nexus devices, though non-Nexus users were left with a array of bugs. Will these kinks be worked out with a latest Android OS update?   Android 5.0 Lollipop  made a way initial to Nexus devices, that was no warn given a inclination were done in partnership between ... Read More »

Google helps users find their mislaid Android phones

Android phone owners might not comprehend it, though anticipating their mislaid phone only got easier. Google pronounced final week that a new app lets Android users find their unnoticed phones by typing “find my phone” into a Google hunt from any computer. Sounds too easy, right? Good. That’s how Google wants it. You’ll need to follow a few easy stairs ... Read More »

Android Wear updates take on Apple Watch

A patron examines Apple’s new watch in New York. The initial collection of Apple Watches arrived in people’s homes and offices Friday.(Photo: AP) Apple, like it or not, is a debate de force of product shred direction. While other companies mostly kick Apple to release, a marketplace never seems to take form until consumers conflict with their wallets and amicable ... Read More »

Android’s System Bars And Your Interface – Whether And How To Theme

Google updated a pattern spec recently. The component spec, that Google says is a vital request (as evidenced by a ongoing updates), gained serve superintendence on floating movement buttons, dialogs, updates on typography, and a lot more. One less-advertised refurbish was a change to a territory in “Structure” concerning a navigation bar in Android. The “color variants” calm is still matching ... Read More »

Waze is staid to be Android Auto’s torpedo feature

When Google bought Waze behind in 2013, we insincere a devise was to confederate all that crowdsourced trade information into Google Maps. It turns out that might usually be proviso one of a broader bid to put Waze during a core of your life by approach formation with Android Auto. Google still hasn’t reliable skeleton to embody Waze in a ... Read More »