Tuesday , 26 May 2015
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Fact or Fiction: Android apps usually use one CPU core

We have had multi-core processors in a PCs for over a decade, and currently they are deliberate a norm. At initial it was dual-core, afterwards quad-core, and currently companies like Intel and AMD offer high finish desktop processors with 6 or even 8 cores. Smartphone processors have a identical history. Dual-core appetite fit processors from ARM arrived about 5 years ... Read More »

Boffins silently lane sight commuters but tripping Android checks

Nanjing University boffins Jingyu Hua, Zhenyu Shen, and Sheng Zhong have tracked commuter sight trips with 92 percent correctness regulating stolen phone accelerometer data. The contingent says tracking users on Android phones is probable in partial since a height does not need accede or agree to entrance a dataset. Here’s a outgrowth of their findings: “We trust this anticipating is ... Read More »

User Data, Including Full Bitcoin Wallet Access, Retrievable From Secondhand …

By Scott Fargo May 25, 2015 5:00 PM EDT <!––> News powered by Bitcoinist.net Article by Drew Cordell In a new investigate by Cambridge University, user information is customarily retrievable from secondhand Android inclination that have been wiped by a bureau reset. Most Android inclination offer no approach of simply deletion user information such as entrance tokens, messages, images, and other content. ... Read More »

Featherweight Games Launches Skiing Yeti Mountain on iOS, Android

Featherweight Games has announced a recover of Skiing Yeti Mountain on iOS and Android devices. The diversion is a level-based slalom title, severe players to ski by hundreds of courses (both unchanging and plea levels) in hunt of a fugitive yeti. While a diversion is described as a bit of a satire of swindling theories, a developer has eminent intentions ... Read More »