Monday , 22 December 2014
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HTC One (M8) gets held with Android 5.0.1 and Sense 6.0

Screenshots and videos of HTC One (M8) using Android 5.0.1 with Sense 6.0 done a rounds online. This time, a device boots program series 4.1 as against to 4.0 from a past leak. Unsurprisingly, a Sense-d Android 5.0 on a HTC One (M8) looks uninformed nonetheless familiar. The Recents perspective is roughly batch Android-like, while a Notification area and a ... Read More »

Google Expands Its Android One Initiative To Bangladesh, Nepal And Sri Lanka

Back in June, Google introduced a Android One program to urge a affordable smartphone knowledge in rising markets. The plan debuted in India in September, and now it is making its first expansion expanding to cover neighboring Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. (It launched in a UK final month.) Google announced that a series of inclination underneath a Android One ensign will go on sale ... Read More »

Android bug lets apps make brute phone calls

A disadvantage benefaction in many Android inclination allows apps to trigger unapproved phone calls, interrupt ongoing calls and govern special codes that can trigger other brute actions. The smirch was found and reported to Google late final year by researchers from Berlin-based confidence consultancy organisation Curesec, who trust it was initial introduced in Android chronicle 4.1.x, also famous as Jelly ... Read More »

Review: Android Lollipop vs Apple iOS 8.1

Android 5.0 Lollipop shines with lissome animations, subtly textured whites and dazzlingly colours.  Every appropriate and daub feels manageable and gratifying – with menus popping and bouncing into view. This handling complement is stylish and a fun to use – something never loyal of Google’s organic though unexcited past efforts. Material Design also unifies a Google knowledge opposite a ever-growing ... Read More »

Samsung Surrenders Services, Hands Strategic Victory To Android Competition

Samsung Galaxy A5 (image: Samsung Press) The news that Samsung will be shutting a ChatOn organisation messing use accessible on a Galaxy smartphone and feature phones is a worrying step for a beleaguered mobile manufacturer. South Korean news group Yonhap records that the tech hulk is shutting the service in a immeasurable infancy of a universe due to “changing final in a market”, and ... Read More »

Google Already Rolling Out Android 5.0.2 to 2012 Nexus 7

It’s been reduction than dual months given Android 5.0 done a open debut, and already Google is rolling out a second patch. An Android 5.0.2 bureau picture has usually been done accessible for a 2012 Nexus 7, regulating a series of issues that have been plaguing users given Lollipop initial arrived. The new recover comes with a “LRX22G” build number, ... Read More »

Report: “Android M” to support use as a automobile infotainment OS

Sources at Reuters claim that a subsequent vital chronicle of Android, that it calls “Android M,” will support being used as an in-car infotainment OS. The opening says a OS would be built right into a car’s hardware and would have a full apartment of customary infotainment features. Further Reading The past, present, and destiny of in-car infotainment In a beginning, there was ... Read More »

Note 4 and Note Edge using Android 5.0.1 shown in videos

In a intolerable impulse of surprise, Samsung managed to pull out a Lollipop refurbish to a Galaxy S5 just weeks after a OS build went live. This came as a thespian change from a past, wherein a updates were customarily met with poignant delays. Still, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge owners are no doubt ticked off their sheet ... Read More »