Thursday , 18 December 2014
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Google looks to conduct off U.S. antitrust lawsuit over Android

© REUTERS/Mark Blinch A Google Android figurine sits on a acquire table as worker Tracy McNeilly smiles during a new Google bureau in Toronto, Nov 13, 2012. Google will try to convince a U.S. decider on Thursday to boot an antitrust lawsuit over a Android smartphone handling system, as a Internet hunt association faces increasing regulatory vigour from European authorities. ... Read More »

The fastest smartphone keyboard in a universe has only got the biggest refurbish yet

Fleksy, currently a world’s fastest smartphone keyboard, on Wednesday announced a large refurbish for both a iOS and Android versions of a app. The refurbish includes a accumulation of new features, including several new theme options (complete with Frozen and Hunger Games branded options), and, many importantly, customizable extensions that’ll make both a iOS and a Android Fleksy apps a lot ... Read More »

Chinese Android phone builder hides tip backdoor on the devices

Chinese smartphone builder Coolpad has built an endless “backdoor” into a Android inclination that can lane users, offer them neglected advertisements and implement unapproved apps, a U.S. confidence organisation purported today. In a investigate paper expelled today, Palo Alto Networks minute a review of a backdoor, that it dubbed “CoolReaper.” “Coolpad has built a backdoor that goes over a common ... Read More »

Note 4, Note Edge, Said to Jump Right to Android 5.0.1 Lollipop

Samsung still hasn’t started to rollout a Android Lollipop updates for many of a newer smartphones, including a Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. A new news suggests that Samsung competence skip a Android 5.0 recover entirely and will instead burst right to Android 5.0.1. SamMobile initial reported on Samsung’s intentions, and it creates a lot of ... Read More »

4 tip Android Wear watches: A hands-on guide

Thinking about picking adult a new smartwatch for a new year? iOS users have to wait a while before a Apple Watch hits store shelves, nonetheless owners of Android phones already have some constrained choices available. Google’s Android Wear height has expanded extremely given a launch this past summer, in terms of both program functionality and a forms of hardware ... Read More »

Chinese Android Phones May Have Built-In Backdoor

Bad news for China: Some of a country’s favorite Android phones might be compromised from a impulse they come off a shelf. Many models of Coolpad phones, that is large in China and Southeast Asia and is sole to North American business in online stores, might enclose a backdoor famous as “Coolreaper,” that can let enemy steal a device from ... Read More »

Android Auto: a ultimate beam to Google navigation in a car

Nexus 6 too large for your liking? The Nexus 5 is adhering around The Nexus 6 only went adult for pre-order and right out of stock Android 5.0 Lollipop has a battery-draining bug (no longer) Google Maps has been a complete aristocrat of navigation for roughly a decade, nonetheless it’s never had a executive purpose in cars. Garmin, TomTom and ... Read More »

This is a world’s many overwhelming new Android phone – and it’ll usually cost we …

While there’s no doubt that a iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are beautiful smartphones, some competence disagree that Apple’s 2012 iPhone 5 and final year’s iPhone 5s underline an altogether demeanour that is some-more neat and sophisticated. Now, suppose that worldly pattern was given harder lines, darker tones and a 5-inch full HD display, and it was built out of ... Read More »