Friday , 27 February 2015
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Despite What You’ve Heard, Android Still Dominates Apple's iOS

If you’ve been following a smartphone industry, we know a dual many widespread handling systems are Google‘s (NASDAQ: GOOG  ) (NASDAQ: GOOGL  ) Android and Apple‘s (NASDAQ: AAPL  ) iOS. If we have a smartphone, there’s over a nine-in-10 possibility you’re regulating one of these handling systems. Over a final year, however, a dual companies find themselves relocating in conflicting directions. Apple’s closed-OS ... Read More »

Microsoft launches an Android inscription keyboard for Excel users

Microsoft Garage, a company’s plan to aspect tech experiments by a employees, has denounced nonetheless another Android app. This time around, it’s a keyboard optimized for use with Microsoft Excel on tablets. The blueprint in Keyboard for Excel includes a 10-key numpad that is common on full-size keyboards and is essential for entering numerical information quickly. It also facilities a ... Read More »

Six ways to make your iOS or Android phone easier on a eyes

Even as a displays on a iPhones and Android phones get bigger and bigger, a form on a screens stays stubbornly small—so small, indeed, that we might find yourself squinting whenever we peek during your handset. Give your painful eyes a break. Read on for 6 settings that’ll make your iPhone or Android shade a bit easier to read, from ... Read More »

Google to launch 'Android Pay': report

Not confident to contest opposite Apple Pay with a existent Wallet system, Google will launch a new automatic-payments apparatus called Android Pay,  according to reports Thursday. The complement will entrance in May at I/O, Google’s discussion for developers, a source told tech blog Ars Technica. Android Pay will let companies supplement a remuneration choice to their mobile apps, vouchsafing users upload credit ... Read More »

These are a Android apps that empty your battery a most

Flickr/Martin Abegglen Curious to find out because your phone’s battery keeps removal so quickly? It could be due to your phone’s age or a heat outward (phone batteries don’t like a cold), though it could also have to do with that apps you’re using. Luckily, confidence association AVG has published its latest report that examines that Android apps are removal ... Read More »

Report: Google will launch Android Pay in May

Google will announce a new mobile remuneration complement called Android Pay during a I/O conference in May, according to a new report. Android Pay will be a totally apart entity from Google Wallet, yet they will have some compatibility, according to sources cited by Ars Technica. The disproportion is that Android Pay will be “built from a belligerent up” with ... Read More »