We’re only days divided from saying a initial Android 5.0 inclination start to ship. Google’s reward Nexus 9 inscription is set to launch this entrance Monday, Nov 3rd, and Google’s initial phablet will follow shortly after, yet an accurate recover date for a Nexus 6 is still unknown. What we do know, however, is that a new Lollipop program that powers both new Nexus inclination facilities a overwhelming user interface renovate and some good new facilities that Android users will love.

And what improved approach is there to uncover off those good new facilities than with a garland of charcterised GIFs?

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We have left over all of a best new facilities in Google’s latest and biggest Android handling complement extensively here on BGR, and we can review all about them in our Android 5.0 Lollipop hub. Of course, there are pointed nuances that charcterised GIFs always seem to constraint that competence have differently transient us, so Gizmodo put together a collection of 8 GIFs that uncover us a best new things Android 5.0 Lollipop has to offer.

First up, Lollipop has some overwhelming new animations:

Android 5.0 also has a good new presentation panel:

The app switcher is totally redesigned in a latest chronicle of Android:

Sharing Android inclination is now easier than ever interjection to mixed form support:

For a rest of Gizmodo’s nifty Lollipop GIFs, follow a couple next in a source section.

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Android fans looking to measure some giveaway apps should check out Amazon’s Appstore today, since it’s currently offering users giveaway entrance to some 40 apps and games that are value a total $115. This outrageous sale ends Saturday though, so you’d improved precipitate if we wish to download them all.

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The offer is current in mixed markets, with Android Police already confirming it’s adult in a U.S., Canada, a U.K. France and Australia.

The Android games partial of a graduation (available during a source link) includes titles like Plants vs. Zombies, Fruit Ninja and World of Goo, though also Plex, Boxer Pro, and other reward apps — a full list is accessible below.

  • ai.type Keyboard Plus
  • Alpha Wave
  • Amelia and Terror of a Night – Story Book for Kids
  • BeFunky Photo Editor Pro
  • Blocky Roads Pro
  • Boxer Pro
  • Braveland
  • Can You Escape – Adventure
  • CarbsControl – Carb Counter and TrackerDevil’s Attorney
  • Easy Voice Recorder Pro
  • Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO
  • Eufloria HD
  • Eve of a Genesis
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Gods VS Humans – Protect your Kingdom
  • Hidden Object – Haunted House 2
  • Human Anatomy Atlas
  • Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage
  • Knock-Knock
  • Lapse It Pro – Time Lapse Stop Motion Camera – Professional
  • Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 5 – Audio Edition
  • MoneyWiz – Personal Finance
  • Plants vs. Zombies
  • Plants vs. Zombies (WiFi Download Only)
  • Plex
  • Repix
  • ScreenDim Full
  • Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I
  • Timers4Me Stopwatch Pro
  • To-Fu Fury
  • Toca Town
  • Trivia Crack (Ad Free)
  • Unpossible
  • V for Vampire
  • Web of Deceit: Black Widow Collector’s Edition (Full)(Kindle Tablet Edition)
  • Weird Park: Scary Tales
  • World of Goo
  • XnInstant Camera Pro
  • Zombie Gunship

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A new tradition ROM, dubbed CM11 Milestone 11, is now accessible to assistance users of a Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE, with a indication series GT-I9505, to refurbish their inclination to Android 4.4.4 KitKat. The tradition ROM, that is deliberate a fast build, brings some-more facilities in further to a ones found on a central chronicle of a firmware.

The CM11 Milestone 11 ROM includes several improvements, such as a bug repair associated to “switch to final app” functionality in Recent view, APN updates for several regions, support for all accessible delayed shiver speeds and several confidence updates.

The tradition ROM for a Galaxy S4 LTE is not an central recover by Samsung, so users need to base their device before flashing a firmware. The device is also compulsory to have tradition liberation such as ClockworkMod to peep a ROM zip.

Here are some aspects that users should know before flashing a ROM:

  • Users contingency safeguard correct fill-in for personal information on a phone
  • The handset should have during slightest 80 percent battery power
  • USB drivers for a Galaxy S4 contingency be commissioned on a computer
  • USB Debugging contingency be enabled on a phone
  • The educational is usually for a Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE (GT-I9505)

Note: International Business Times can't be hold obliged if anything goes wrong. Users should ensue during their possess risk.


Step 1: Download a Android 4.4.4 CM11 Milestone 11 ROM for a Galaxy S4 LTE on your computer. The record name is “cm-11-20141008-SNAPSHOT-M11-jflte.zip.”

Step 2: Download Google Apps on to a computer.

Step 3: Connect a Galaxy S4 LTE to a PC around USB wire and duplicate a ROM to a base folder of a handset’s SD label but extracting them.

Step 4: Disconnect a USB wire and switch off a phone.

Step 5: Get into Recovery Mode by dire and holding Volume Up, Home and Power buttons simultaneously.

Step 6: In a ClockworkMod Recovery Mode, perform a bureau reset by selecting “wipe data/factory reset.” Use a Power symbol to name options. Now, perform a cache clean by selecting “wipe cache partition.”

Step 7: From CWM recovery, go to “Advanced” menu and afterwards name “wipe dalvik cache.”

Step 8: Go behind to a categorical liberation shade and name “install zip from sdcard” and afterwards name “choose zip from sdcard.”

Step 9: Now, use a Volume keys to go to a Android 4.4.4 ROM zip record copied to a SD label and name it regulating a Power button.

Step 10: Repeat a prior step for a Google Apps and implement it on a phone.

Step 11: After a designation is complete, press a “+++Go Back+++” symbol to go to a categorical liberation menu and name “reboot complement now.”

[Source: True Android]

While Android is comprised of many manufacturers formulating many devices, Google’s core hardware has always had a rather opposite mission. That goal has developed with a rest of a mobile ecosystem over a years, yet a launch of Android 5.0 shows a complete 180-degree spin on some of a things we’ve come to design from Android and a Nexus devices.

The Nexus module exists to set a customary for a subsequent year of hardware releases by display Google’s partners what is possible, while also portion as a flagship for a subsequent iteration of Android software. The purpose of Google’s Nexus module is mostly confused with a developer-focused offering, due mostly to a pledge that Nexus inclination will offer as a good neutral exam sourroundings for software. There was a time when Google offering developer devices, yet those were a early days of Android, good before a launch of a Nexus One. Devices like a strange Motorola Droid and a HTC Nexus One were expelled as consumer inclination with a significantly reduce separator to entrance for developer services and tools.

Today each Android phone and inscription has entrance to those tools, yet they are rather dark from a normal user.


As Google changed over a Nexus One it became transparent that conduit partnerships were required to boost adoption, generally if Google was to have their possess chronicle of Android out there for users to enjoy. As a company learned with a Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, however, those partnerships came with unintended consequences. The guarantee of evident module updates, one of a large facilities of a Nexus devices, was compromised by extensive inner capitulation policies during Verizon and Sprint.

This led to a launch of a Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 with really few conduit attachments, and to assistance emanate a universe where users could get arguable hardware with those evident module updates, these dual phones were sole as inexpensive as they probable could be when sole by a Google Play Store. As prolonged as we are an ATT, T-Mobile, or are an general GSM customer, a low cost and constantly adult to date module supposing a constrained reason to only compensate for a phone undisguised and cruise a universe though conduit contracts.

To contend that a Nexus 6 is a depart from this carrier-free lifestyle is something of an understatement. Google is rising a phone subsidized by scarcely each US carrier, and a unbarred chronicle of a phone is going to run we $650 instead of a $350 we saw with a Nexus 5. Google justifies a cost travel be demonstrating only how many nicer a Nexus 6 is, yet in a new talk with Ars Technica’s Ron Amadeo, Android Engineering VP Dave Burke explained that they consider many folks will be subsidizing a phone by their carrier. It’s a finish annulment from a suggestions that have been done with a Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, yet it’s probable Google is creation this preference since they consider a module problems of yesteryear have mostly been resolved.

Android Lollipop

The chronicle of Android that shipped with a Nexus 4 is extravagantly opposite from what we’re saying in Android 5.0, and those differences are going to make a lot of a prior concerns about module updates go away. First of all, Google has worked tough to decouple many of their apps from a tangible complement image, definition when there needs to be an refurbish for these apps a refurbish only comes from a Google Play Store like any other app. Furthermore, Google’s augmenting faith on Google Play Services for new facilities creates it so even phones that aren’t on a many new chronicle of Android have entrance to a same underline set. Play Services has proven to be impossibly absolute already, and in Android 5.0 there’s an even larger dependance on this module bundle. Even if a carriers get in a approach of complement updates, there’s a good possibility users won’t even notice interjection to a Play Store and Play Services.

The module refurbish delays of a past are hopefully going to be dramatically lessened for non-Nexus inclination as good with Android 5.0. In a past, Google has attempted to use a Platform Developer Kit to give a hardware manufacturers all they need when a subsequent chronicle of Android launches. Unfortunately, there are spasmodic outrageous changes that need to occur on a manufacturer side in sequence to refurbish to a subsequent chronicle of Android, so even with Google’s assistance there have been months and months in between vital updates on flagship inclination from third celebration partners.

To assistance residence that this year, Google has stepped behind from a PDK and worked with these manufacturers by a Android L Preview that started behind during Google I/O this year. While developers have been messing with a Material Design updates to ready their possess apps, a manufacturers have had entrance to a preview formula to make certain frameworks like HTC’s Sense and Samsung’s TouchWiz are means to safeguard harmony and refurbish faster.

These new things Google is perplexing out all seem like good moves for consumers, and with any fitness a response is certain all around. Faster updates, some-more mainstream people regulating and appreciating a Nexus brand, and an all around softened user experience. It’s going to be a few months before we start to see a outcome of this change in Nexus nature, yet it seems like there’s really small that could go wrong here.

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Like many people, I’m endangered about Ebola. Not so many in terms of a risk to Americans and Europeans though since of a horrible impact it’s carrying on people in West Africa, that is approaching to get worse before it gets better. The latest report from the  World Health Organization puts a series during 10,041 “confirmed, substantially and suspected cases” with 4,922 reported deaths so far.

As someone outward a health-care field, we felt a bit unable to do anything about it, until we got a call from a crony seeking if we would accommodate with Philip and Malan Joubert, brothers from South Africa who have come adult with a Ebola Care App that is designed to assistance health caring workers in a influenced segment snippet those putrescent to forestall new infections, collect studious data, locate staff resources, coordinate with ambulance teams and care for children who have been deserted after their relatives contracted Ebola.

ebcare 1

Ebola Care app empowers health caring workers to lane and provide Ebola victims

The App, that can run on Android and iOS (but for cost reasons, a aim height is Android or Amazon’s Fire Phone) can use a phone’s GPS to locate a accurate plcae of a studious and a phone’s camera to sketch a patient. If there is no connectivity, a information is stored on a device until a phone can entrance a WiFi or a cellular network. Once connected, a information  is transmitted to cloud servers that make it accessible to health caring workers, limit agents, Ebola researchers and other professionals by a couple to Google docs, that can be accessed wherever it’s needed.

Easy to use

I had a possibility to try out a app (admittedly from my protected and Ebola-free roost in Silicon Valley) and was tender by a volume of information it can collect and a palliate of use. There is a place to enter in all of a patient’s contacts so that they can be evaluated as good as forms to be filled out by ambulance teams to improved lane a patients. Because a phones are location-aware, they can pinpoint a tangible neighborhoods where Ebola is present, creation it easier for health caring and Ebola impediment specialists to aim their activities.

The app is built on a Journey development platform, that is directed mostly during enterprises to fast rise business apps. The brothers Joubert are co-founders of Journey, that is donating a technology.

Data collection — essential though slow

We live in a universe dominated by information and that’s as loyal in health caring as it is in business. Data is essential to surprise preference makers at the internal and general levels about directing resources and contracting best-practices. Whether it’s a matter of a tiny hospital meaningful when to quarantine a sold studious or a large general group creation vital decisions, it’s critical to know accurately what they’re traffic with and where to send their singular resources.

But since of a segment where Ebola is many virulent, a accessible record is intensely singular so workers are mostly relying on paper forms that are tough adequate to share locally, let alone internationally.

Phones needed

The folks operative on a Ebola Care app are seeking donations to squeeze adult to 1,000 low-cost Android phones to muster to a segment and contacting phone makers to appeal concession of phones (disclosure: I’m assisting them in that effort)

The Best Microsoft Apps For...Android?

Ecosystem close in is a prevalent problem in a mobile industry, with any manufacturer preferring a possess height during a responsibility of others. Every so mostly there are exceptions, though. Like this collection of apps Microsoft done for Android, of all platforms.

Microsoft Office Mobile

The Best Microsoft Apps For...Android?

It might be a bit of a gimme, though Microsoft Office Mobile shouldn’t be ignored in a Android space. The app allows we to perspective or make teenager edits to Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files. It’s not a deputy for office, though it’s a accessible square of program to keep around.


Another unsurprising, nonetheless mostly ignored entrance is OneNote. Google’s possess note-taking app Keep is intentionally singular in a range of features, while Evernote pours on a adore for energy users. OneNote strikes a good middle-ground honeyed spot. You can classify pages into notebooks like we can with Evernote, and we can baloney discerning records with text, pictures, audio, and even drawings like we can with Keep. It might not be for everyone, though if you’re not married to any note holding app yet, it’s value a look.

Next Lock Screen

Credit where it’s due, Microsoft done a flattering neat close screen. Carrying a resourceful name of Next Lock Screen, this app shows we an agenda-style list of your notifications that we can appropriate to boot or daub to go to a applicable app. It also includes a list of commonly-used shortcuts along a bottom. Drag this drawer adult and you’ll find a few some-more apps, as good as complement shortcuts like a flashlight or Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles.

Smart Glass

The Best Microsoft Apps For...Android?

For Xbox users (both 360 and One), a Smart Glass app is indispensable. Not usually does it concede we to entrance messenger information while examination shows or personification games (such as saying maps of Westeros during Game of Thrones), it also allows we to control your console’s whole interface. You can entrance apps, corkscrew by messages, and navigate menus with a touchscreen on your phone or tablet. In many cases, this is most nicer than regulating a controller. Like, for example, when entering your Wi-Fi password.


Xim is a uncanny small app that’s indeed a bit some-more useful than it seems during initial glance. It allows we to emanate a collection of photos (called “Xims”, since all needs a stupid name) and share it with someone. The pretence is that, while we and your target are both observation a Xim, we can appropriate between cinema and it syncs between devices. You can also summary any other within a app. Xims don’t share photos directly and a target doesn’t need to implement a app to share a experience, creation it a useful approach to share photos in a semi-disposable way. It doesn’t guarantee a ton of confidence (users can still take screenshots), though it’s handy.

Right out of a embankment you’re thinking, “Intel Intel and Android?” Then again, it substantially comes as no large warn that Intel has been honing their Windows choice chops for a prolonged time now. Though inclination like Microsoft’s Microsoft’s Surface have finished a hole in a reward line-up arena, mainstream tablets have been probably all Android, generally given Apple Apple caters to a high-end.  L0w cost Windows tablets have sole usually modestly, so it creates clarity that Intel indispensable to continue to encourage Android on X86 product expansion and performance.

Recently, we took a deep-dive demeanour during Android on Intel X 86 performance on dual low cost tablets from Dell Dell and Acer Acer. The new for 2014 Dell Venue 8 and Acer Iconia Tab 8 are only dual examples of budget-minded 8-inch Android tablets that are energy by Intel’s Bay Trail Atom and Merrifield Atom SoC (System On Chip) architecture.  Both tablets run Android 4.4 Kit Kat along with Google’s clever Play store app ecosystem. Both tablets also have high fortitude 1920X1200 IPS displays that demeanour good as well.  They also dump in during only underneath a $200 really rival cost point, during $199 with occasional sale pricing to be found a low as $179. However, a primary disproportion between a story of dual slates here, lies in Intel’s opposite chip architectures.

Top: Acer Iconia Tab 8, Bottom: Dell Venue 8 - Intel Atom-Based Android Kit Kat Driven Tablets

Top: Acer Iconia Tab 8, Bottom: Dell Venue 8 – Intel Atom-Based Android Kit Kat Driven Tablets

On top, a Acer Iconia Tab is powered by an Intel Atom Z3735 quad-core processor with integrated Intel HD graphics.  On bottom, a Dell Venue 8 (3840) is powered by an Intel Atom Z3480 dual-core processor with integrated PowerVR G6400 graphics.  Now, before we go write off a quad-core Acer inscription as improved than a dual-core Dell tablet, I’d advise looking some-more closely during the numbers.  For customary mathematics throughput, a quad-core Intel Bay Trail Acer inscription does measure aloft outlines for things like production calculations and ubiquitous discriminate tasks. However, for graphics, gaming and multimedia horsepower, a dual-corel Intel Merrifield-based Dell inscription offers some-more juice.  Merrifield is indeed a newer doing of Intel’s Atom design where Intel protected a graphics core IP from Imagination Technologies. And their graphics core choice upped Intel’s diversion nicely, joke intended. That said, that doesn’t meant a Acer Bay Trail-powered line-up falls flat. In fact, for multitasking and other mainstream ubiquitous purpose computing, a quad-core Atom SoC offers improved performance. It all only depends on your use model.

In addition, what became extravagantly transparent in a endless contrast of these Android Kit Kat tablets powered by Intel’s Atom, is that they were each bit as rival as many identical cost ARM-based tablets on a marketplace and even kept gait with a few reward slates like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S line, for example. In reality, yet honestly we half-expected some disfavour issues or sub-par opening in spots, regulating one of these low cost Intel Atom tablets is flattering many like regulating any other mid-range Android line-up on a marketplace currently. They only worked and got many of what we wanted finished but a hiccup and plain battery life to boot.

The “big picture” doubt here is either or not Intel can build a tolerable business in tablets and 2-in-1 variety with both Atom-powered inclination and a stirring Core M processor products, that will start to boat to marketplace this quarter. With Broadwell Core M looking really clever and Atom clearly means to offer a low-end, a association appears setup to stop a draining of waste in their mobile computing division.  Core M and Atom could be a good one-two punch a association needs and with even Microsoft turning a distinction on Surface tablets finally, a expansion trend could be in a making.

In a meantime, holiday shoppers will be a champion as these low-cost Android slates broach plain opening and facilities during that $200 inscription cost aim that is so many some-more savoury for a normal consumer.



Microsoft’s Windows Phone handling complement has mostly missed out on a smartwatch and aptness tracker fun, though with a new Microsoft Band it’s finally in a game. And what’s more, a Band indeed works with some-more than only Windows-based mobiles: it syncs with your iPhone or Android phone too.

In terms of features, a Microsoft Band covers a field. It has common aptness tracker facilities like step tracking and some-more prerogative facilities such as GPS and a heart rate monitor. And it also offers facilities some-more typically found in smartwatches such as a colour touchscreen, notifications and payments when you’re in Starbucks.

If that sounds good to you, afterwards there’s some-more good news: it’s accessible today. That’s if you’re in a US and we have a gangling $199; UK and Australian prices haven’t been announced, though a US cost translates to around £125 or AU$230.

Top wearable tech for aptness this holiday
See full gallery





The cosmetic rope boasts an tractable tag and a full-colour touchscreen. It’s dust- and splash-resistant and powered by dual 100mAh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer batteries that give we 48 hours on standby.

Don your using boots or bound on your bike and a Band uses GPS to record a lane you’ve run, biked, or hiked. There’s a stopwatch and path timer when you’re on a track. You can set a aim for a series of stairs or calories we wish to bake by in a day, or follow guided workouts set by experts a likes of Gold’s Gym or Men’s Health.

Even when you’re not operative out a Band is looking out for you: it monitors your heart rate 24 hours a day, annals how prolonged and how good we nap and how mostly we wake, and checks UV levels when you’re going out in a sun.

The information collected by a Band is synced adult with an online use and app called Microsoft Health — not to be confused with Apple Health or Samsung’s S Health, of course. As good as operative on many phones, Microsoft Health plays good with others, joining adult with other aptness apps and services including MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and MapMyFitness.

That’s where many aptness bands stop. But since a Microsoft Band syncs with your phone, it can also offer we notifications about new messages, events and amicable network updates, display your incoming calls and texts or a brief preview of new emails and reminders from your calendar. When we get a new summary we can glow behind a pre-set response (although that doesn’t work if we have an iPhone). There’s an alarm too, to arise we adult or let we know when it’s time for your subsequent appointment.

Or if we cite to be composed when you’re in a zone, spin on a do-not-disturb mode and we won’t get any notifications.

When you’ve finished operative out and you’re prepared to prerogative yourself with a venti sugarcino, a Band stores your Starbucks label sum so we can indicate your wrist to compensate but reaching for your wallet.

The Band works with Cortana, a voice-controlled Windows Phone personal assistant. As prolonged as we have a Windows 8.1 device in your pocket, we can speak to a Band and foreordain records or set reminders. Cortana also gives we updates on stream information like trade conditions, sports formula or a weather.

To use a Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health, we need a Windows Phone device with a 8.1 update, an iPhone using iOS 7.1 or 8, or an Android phone using 4.3 or 4.4. You need Bluetooth to span a Band with your phone.

Motorola is earnest not to give adult a pristine Android ideals as it changes hands from Google to Lenovo.

Lenovo’s $2.91 billion merger of Motorola Mobility, announced in January, is now official. It brings to an finish some-more than dual years of stewardship by Google, that purchased Motorola in May 2012 for $12.5 billion. (Google will keep and permit many of Motorola’s obvious portfolio as partial of a deal.)

Over those dual years, Motorola has revamped itself, paring down a product line and rising nearly-pure Android phones with a few totalled improvements, such as touch-free voice controls. Compared to other Android devices, like those of Samsung and LG, Motorola’s phones have reduction bloatware and fewer capricious pattern changes. That won’t change underneath Lenovo, according Rick Osterloh, Motorola’s boss and arch handling officer, wrote.

motox lala Florence Ion

The Moto X.

“We will continue to concentration on pristine Android and quick upgrades, and sojourn committed to building record to solve genuine consumer problems,” Osterloh wrote in a blog post. He also remarkable that Motorola will be a wholly-owned auxiliary of Lenovo formed in Chicago, and that a Moto and Droid product lines won’t go away.

Meanwhile, Lenovo celebrated a acquisition by observant that it had turn a world’s third-largest smartphone maker. “By building a clever series 3 and a convincing challenger to a tip dual in smartphones, we will give a marketplace something it has needed: choice, foe and a new hint of innovation,” Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo’s authority and CEO, pronounced in a statement.

Why this matters: Lenovo sees a merger as a sheet into a U.S. smartphone market, where Motorola has clever conduit relations and code recognition. But while phones like a Moto X and Moto G have perceived vicious acclaim, they haven’t stopped Motorola’s gain from plummeting. In a query for growth, Lenovo might feel a vigour to supplement more made-to-order phones and pointless conduit exclusives that burden a program ascent cycle. Now that a merger is official, we’ll see either Motorola can hang to a word and stay loyal to a ideals.