Thursday , 29 January 2015
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Even a many secure Android phone ever had a vicious confidence bug

Marketed as a many secure Android handset available, a BlackPhone wasn’t totally protected from hackers’ attacks, as a recently detected — and bound — disadvantage in a phone’s present messaging focus could give them entrance to encrypted personal information such as messages, contacts and intensity control over other “vital functions” of a handset, Ars Technica reports. FROM EARLIER: The many ... Read More »

15 reasons Android can be improved than a iPhone

Smartphone welfare is always a prohibited subject among enthusiasts, with a iPhone vs. Android counter being a many apparent one given a smartphone series started by a strange iPhone 8 years ago. While Google’s Android is a many renouned smartphone OS by marketplace share, Apple is still a poignant adversary, one that has never been beaten when it comes to ... Read More »

Two prohibited Android smartphones have only started removing Android 5.0 Lollipop

A few months old, Android 5.0 Lollipop has nonetheless to turn accessible to most Android smartphone and inscription users, though some European Android fans will certainly be anxious to find out that Lollipop upgrades for certain tip handsets will finally be accessible for download. FROM EARLIER: LG: Android 5.0 Lollipop refurbish is ‘coming soon’ to a G3 Last year’s HTC One (M8) ... Read More »

No repair in steer for ​Android Wi-Fi Direct vulnerability

Some Android confidence bugs Google won’t fix since it can lead to other difficulties, and some bugs it’s in no rush to repair since it deems them not vicious adequate to aver a rapid patch. A disadvantage in a latter stay has emerged this week. Core Security reported a bug to Google final Sep and published sum about a smirch ... Read More »

Gumroad launches the initial Android app to assistance users entrance mobile-friendly …

E-commerce use Gumroad currently announces the Gumroad Library for Android app, the counterpart to its iOS app launched final September. “As we see some-more and some-more creators focusing on calm best consumed by mobile inclination (in further to music, books, and films, we’re saying tons of Gumroad creators offered enlightening video calm like yoga classes and cooking lessons that truly need a portability ... Read More »

Android essentials: 13 apps we can’t live without

We spend a lot of time talking about Lollipop and OS-level issues with Android — though we know what’s customarily as critical as a doing complement on your phone or tablet? The apps that approximate it. The right apps can make your device easier and some-more beguiling to use. They can give it powers we didn’t know were possible. They ... Read More »