Saturday , 7 March 2015
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Meet Alcatel’s new Android phones, a biggest underdogs of MWC 2015

View gallery . alcatel-one-touch-idol-3-mwc-2015-52 Apple’s 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 models are a smartphones to kick this year, and some companies have already come out with estimable rivals, including a HTC One M9 and a Galaxy S6 that both debuted during this year’s Mobile World Congress. But these tip inclination were not a usually Android handsets denounced during a show, with ... Read More »

Microsoft’s Office 365 reportedly being bundled into Samsung KNOX for Android

Microsoft has always marketed a Office apps as a apartment of capability applications. Now, it appears that Samsung has seen a light as well. A news out of a Mobile World Congress in Barcelona says that Samsung is formulation to gold a Office apps—PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and OneNote—into a cumulative enclosure of Android apps knows as Samsung KNOX. OneDrive (presumably ... Read More »

Best Android Apps 2015: 5 Little-Known But Useful Android Apps

Wikimedia Commons/Image Android device users have their collect from over millions of program applications accessible in app stores online. With a proliferation of apps in a market, many people skip out on a series of useful though obtuse famous program compared to their heavily advertised counterparts. With Google Play Store and a Apple App Store filled with millions of apps, ... Read More »

Corgi For Feedly Puts News Right On Your Android Phone’s Lock Screen

There are a flourishing series of startups holding advantage of Android’s coherence to broach calm directly to a smartphone’s close screen, enabling things like alerts, ads, and even messaging - though requiring users to initial clear their phone and launch an app. A new startup called Corgi, accessible now on Google Play’s store, is one of these new efforts, as it ... Read More »

Beware of a ‘Freak’ inside each Android and Mac

View photo . android-phone-on-mac More and some-more security threats are discovered on a regular basis, and now it’s spin for a “Freak” disadvantage — that’s indeed a name — for Android and Mac to come out of hiding. According to Re/code, both Google and Apple are wakeful of a situation, and have grown fixes to patch a Freak. FROM EARLIER: Google ... Read More »

How to emanate a full backup of your Android device but root

View gallery . Sometimes, a backup of a smartphone or inscription only isn’t enough, generally if we have a series of (the same) inclination that have to be fast deployed (or redeployed). For that, we need a bit some-more energy than Titanium Backup or Google Drive. If we wish to do full-blown backup of devices, we contingency spin to a ... Read More »

Upstart aims to tackle Google’s Android system

There contingency be something in Seattle’s water. Maybe a city’s towering reservoirs constraint a timberland hint — a extract that gives salmon certainty to float upstream and saplings a moxie to take base next a hulk fir. It has an outcome on internal record enthusiasts who emerge with a confidence, expostulate and unrestrained to plea even a largest competitors with ... Read More »