Tuesday , 7 July 2015
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BlackBerry’s First Android Phone? What You Need to Know

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Googleplus Stumbleupon Reddit Source: Twitter.com Android is holding over a world, and smartphone makers who have traditionally eschewed a height are commencement to adopt it. BlackBerry is reportedly building a first Android phone, and sum about a device, reportedly codenamed a “Venice,” are commencement to leak. Here’s what we need to know. Stephen Hall during 9to5Google reported on ... Read More »

Instagram promises improved Android pictures

Last week, Instagram sensitively started storing and display cinema in a new, aloft fortitude of 1080 x 1080, rolling out a refurbish opposite iOS and Android. Yesterday, Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger stated on Twitter that a latest refurbish for Google’s mobile OS also adds “a garland of improvements to a picture pipeline” definition that users should also “see improved upload quality.” @thalescaravana ... Read More »

How to get WhatsApp on iPad or Android tablet

According to WhatsApp, we can’t implement and use a instant-messaging use on a Wi-Fi-only tablet. Yes, we can. Here we uncover we how to use WhatsApp on an iPad or an Android inscription with no 3G or 4G connectivity. Also see: Android Advisor Updated 22 January: As of currently Android users can advantage from WhatsApp on a web, that lets ... Read More »

How Android Wear can change a approach we travel

Smartphones have remade a approach we travel. Contextual services like Google Now and a estimable collection of Android transport apps make your device an indispensable apparatus for planning, organizing, and anticipating places both renouned and little-known. Android Wear improves your outing and helps we with a mostly extreme series of sum that come with formulation one. Of course, we get ... Read More »

Instagram rolling out support for high-res images on iOS and Android

Instagram has announced currently that it is rolling out support for aloft fortitude 1080 x 1080 pixel images. This doubles a prior upload fortitude of 640 x 640 pixels, and you’ll substantially notice unequivocally shortly that a photos in your tide are looking a bit crisper. According to a post currently from Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger, a refurbish is rolling ... Read More »

Google unveils Material Design Lite to assistance websites demeanour some-more like Android apps

Your favorite website competence shortly demeanour a lot like an Android app. Google has announced Material Design Lite (MDL), that brings a Material Design pattern discipline to a Web regulating CSS, JavaScript and HTML. Google says MDL is horizon agnostic, and can be used with only about any front-end resolution a web engineer or developer competence wish to use. Gzipped, MDL’s ... Read More »