Friday , 27 February 2015
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5 billion Android apps open to penetrate attack

Over 5 billion downloaded Android apps are unprotected to being hacked, cybersecurity researchers have found, as enemy feat flaws in Google’s handling system. Some 96 percent of malware — or antagonistic module — employed by hackers aim Google (GOOGL) Android, according to U.S. organisation FireEye, that analysed some-more than 7 million mobile apps on Android and Apple iOS between Jan ... Read More »

Google's Android is Finally Ready to go to Work!

It has been roughly 8 months given Google initial announced a judgment of Android for Work during a Google (GOOGL) I/O conference. The Internet hulk seems to be finally prepared to send a Android height to work. On Wednesday, Google rolled out a set of collection generally designed for businesses and employees who wish to work regulating their Android-powered smartphones ... Read More »

Could Android forks H2O down a platform?

OnePlus skeleton on divulgence a possess season of Android, called OxygenOS. OnePlus has zero to show, outward of a guarantee that it is “going behind a sketch board”. Their goal is to emanate program that is open, giveaway of bloat, and customizable. Forks. We’ve left by this emanate once before ─ with Linux. There was a time when it was ... Read More »

Google to tame Android’s Wild Wild West to greatfully suits

Google is recruiting Android app authors to assistance tame Mountain View’s Wild, Wild West mobile height for businesses. Mountain View has non-stop Android for Work to build secure and sandboxed apps regulating on Android-powered smartphones and tablets. Android for Work apps will use dedicated work profiles on Android-powered inclination to strengthen work data, Google said. This will be finished regulating ... Read More »

Microsoft done an Android keyboard generally for Excel

Because we do spreadsheets on a move. Because we simply need numpad. Because we didn’t buy a Surface. Microsoft has launched a new keyboard on Android, specifically done for Excel, with a categorical keyboard being truncated to make space for an unassumingly elementary series pad, nonetheless there’s no pluses or minuses. Alas, it’s built for tablets, definition it’s exclusive with ... Read More »

VLC earnings to iOS, now spans desktop, Android and Windows Phone

VLC on Windows. Nicole Cozma/CNET VLC’s latest recover outlines a renouned video-playing software’s tellurian lapse to Apple’s App Store. It’s a initial time that VideoLAN, a player’s non-profit developer, has expelled a chronicle that spans Android, iOS, desktop, WinRT and Windows Phone. The iOS VLC app had creatively been pulled from a App Store due to chartering issues, yet an ... Read More »

Despite What You’ve Heard, Android Still Dominates Apple's iOS

If you’ve been following a smartphone industry, we know a dual many widespread handling systems are Google‘s (NASDAQ: GOOG  ) (NASDAQ: GOOGL  ) Android and Apple‘s (NASDAQ: AAPL  ) iOS. If we have a smartphone, there’s over a nine-in-10 possibility you’re regulating one of these handling systems. Over a final year, however, a dual companies find themselves relocating in conflicting directions. Apple’s closed-OS ... Read More »