Nokia's Here map app arrives on Tizen, before Android Wear

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The Samsung Gear S tells we where to go interjection to a turn-by-turn navigation app powered by Nokia’s Here maps.

You are Here: Nokia’s Here maps is display a approach brazen with a navigation app for wearable devices, starting with a new Samsung Gear S. The Gear S is powered by Tizen, with Here gripping still on skeleton for Android Wear.

Here’s maps app has arrived in beta form currently for Samsung’s Android smartphones, though when it comes to an app on your tangible smartwatch or wearable, Tizen gets Here first.

Tizen is Samsung’s possess handling complement for using inclination from watches to cameras, nonetheless a first Tizen phone has been delayed several times.

As good as Tizen, Samsung also has skeleton for wearable inclination that use Google’s Android Wear, that powers smartwatches such as a Motorola Moto 360 and LG G Watch R. Here hasn’t ruled out operative with Android Wear devices, though staid on Tizen first.

“Android is a fat OS,” says Sean Fernback, comparison clamp boss of Everyday Mobility during Here, explaining a Here app for Tizen wearables. “Tizen is a lighter-weight handling complement some-more concordant with wearable technology.”

“Anything that is scaling good we will adopt,” says Fernback. “Wearables are a large opportunity, though we haven’t seen a best of it yet. We are examination a Internet of Things really closely.”

Directions on your wrist

Here is a partial of Finnish association Nokia that builds maps and provides that information to a smartphone and inscription app, and to third-party apps that work only about everywhere, from smartphones and tablets to in-car sat-nav systems. It was not acquired by Microsoft in a $7 billion deal that snapped adult Nokia’s device division.

This is Here’s initial incursion into a burgeoning wearables sector, putting directions on your watch to save we fishing your phone out of your slot each hundred yards as we conduct towards your destination. It saves we station on unknown travel corners fluttering your costly smartphone around too.

Here powers an app for a Gear S called Navigator, that offers turn-by-turn navigation when you’re walking or removing open transport.

The tiny shade is excellent for display we where to go next, though not ideal for indeed formulation a route. So a watch pairs around Bluetooth with your phone, where a new Here Android app lets we demeanour adult your end and figure out how to get there, either on feet or open transport, before zapping a track to your watch, and environment off with your phone safely stowed in your pocket.

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The Here maps app for Samsung smartphones, with offline navigation and a ability to span with Samsung’s wearable devices.

Handily, we can save maps on your phone and on a watch so we can still see where you’re going even when you’re not connected to a Web. The app will even calculate a track and give we directions when you’re offline.

Offline maps are accessible for roughly 100 countries, that means when you’re abroad we don’t need to spend a happening on joining to a Web to work out where you’re going. And if we occur to be in any one of 750 cities opposite 40 countries we can also demeanour adult open ride information but a information connection.

‘Modernise a map’

The arise of wearables and a connected automobile means a hardware is there for companies like Here to demeanour to a subsequent era of mapping, going over a roads and lines we’re used to from paper maps. “We wish to modernize a map,” says Here’s Fernback.

One of a subsequent stages is indoor mapping, display we how to get around inside selling centres, sight stations, museums and other venues. Here has indoor maps of some-more than 90,000 buildings in 71 countries, a information collected from information submitted by a venues or by teams of people exploring and mapping a venue — Here calls this “gig walking.”

Here's Another Sign That Samsung May Be Moving Away From Android

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Nokia’s Here Maps will come exclusively to Samsung’s Android inclination soon.

Google and Samsung frequently work together on several smartphones and smartwatches, though Samsung has been pulling a possess self-branded program for years.

The association has heavily mutated Android to stress a possess apps and facilities grown by Samsung that aren’t accessible on many other Android phones.

In fact, many have speculated that a association is building Tizen — another open-source handling complement arrange of like Android — into a possess homegrown program to diminution a faith on Google.

Now, we might be saying another denote that Samsung is looking to pierce divided from Android.  On Friday, Nokia announced a Here maps app will be accessible for Android exclusively on Samsung Galaxy products .

Nokia is emphasizing a giveaway application’s ability to work offline as one of a standout features. Google Maps also recently combined that underline in May.

Like Google Maps, we can also select from walking, open transportation, and pushing directions in Here Maps. In fact, this aspect of Here Maps indeed looks utterly identical to Google’s app, given it displays these options in boxes that resemble Google’s card-based interface.

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Nokia’s Here Maps will come exclusively to Samsung’s Android inclination soon.

Although a Here Maps app is entrance to Samsung’s Android devices, it will be means to bond with a company’s recently announced Gear S Tizen-powered smartwatch too. The new watch, that doesn’t need to be interconnected with a smartphone to bond to a internet, has a possess chronicle of Here that can sync with a app on your phone. This means any maps you’ve saved for offline use can be eliminated to a watch.

Here Maps will work with Samsung’s Car Mode underline as well.

Of course, given Samsung’s smartphones run on Android you’ll still be means to use Google Maps whenever we please. But a fact that an choice navigation app done by a aspirant is entrance exclusively to Samsung’s inclination suggests that a association is looking to beef adult a possess program platform.

The Here Maps launch also coincides with a entrance of Samsung’s Gear S watch, that will strike stores globally in October.

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‘Silver’ enables developers to use Swift to write Android and Windows Phone apps


RemObjects is regulating a knowledge with compilers to allow developers to use Apple’s Swift coding denunciation for Android development. Previously, a company did something identical for C# and now a association is rebellious Swift. Silver allows app makers to write in a Swift denunciation (which is still in a infancy, really) though formula opposite a API’s and frameworks of non-Apple platforms.

The program does not port Cocoa Touch over to Android, so it doesn’t assistance with write-once-run-anywhere dreams some people might have, though it does concede a growth group to use only one denunciation to write natively for both iOS and Android. The group have also done it work with .NET, so Windows Phone apps could also be created in Swift too, regulating a IDE (Visual Studio) Windows developers already use. For small teams, something like Silver creates a suspicion of essay for non-Apple systems most reduction daunting.

Silver will be accessible as a open preview soon. You can pointer adult on RemObjects’ website.


Benjamin Mayo

Apple launches blog to prominence new Swift programminglanguage

Apple launches blog to prominence new Swift programming language

Apple publishes Swift programing denunciation beam oniBooks

Apple publishes Swift programing denunciation beam on iBooks

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  1. antrikshy says:

    I consternation if this conflicts with Apple’s policies somewhere.


    • Jonny says:

      I’m flattering certain even seeking that doubt is substantially a defilement of one of their policies :)


    • luckydcxx says:

      i’m flattering certain it does


    • degraevesofie says:

      No, as prolonged as it’s a clean-room implementation, there is no problem with this. Just like third-party clean-room implementations of Java (like IBM’s or EDG’s) are not a problem.


Featured: Top 10 Best Android Apps – Aug 2014 Edition – Android Headlines

AH Top 10 APPS  Monthly 1.0

FragmentAH Fragment

We quickly wrote about Fragment behind when it strike a Play Store. It’s an app that allows we to move a truly singular demeanour to your photos taken with your smartphone, or cinema that are stored on your smartphone even if they were taken from another camera. It fundamentally lets we squeeze or take an image, and request cold kaleidoscopic affects to it and we can bit a print adult and give it some artistic style. There is a vast list of opposite things we can do to tweak your images, and there unequivocally isn’t another app on Android that we can use to request this form of character to your pics. If we like personification around with your photos and creation them demeanour some-more engaging and unique, check out Fragment. You can squeeze it for $1.99 in a Play Store.

TapPathTapPath Screenshot Highlights

TapPath is another one of those smashing apps from developer Chris Lacy, if you’re informed with his work we competence already use this app. Essentially it lets set adult daub actions for clicking web links, so drumming once will let we open adult a couple in your selected browser, yet double or triple drumming a couple can finish some other arrange of movement like opening adult a totally opposite app. Want to send that couple to pushbullet to share with friends or to Pocket to save it and review it for later? Simple, customarily set it adult so that TapPath allows a double daub or a triple daub for possibly one of those actions. You can squeeze TapPath from a Play Store for customarily $0.99 if we find this to be as useful as we did.

Showear: Android Wear LockAH ShowerWear

This app customarily popped adult today, yet it is immediately estimable of being on this list. From personal knowledge with a Gear Live for about a month, this is an app that was sorely needed. Showear lets we set adult possibly settlement or appropriate close shade sequences so we can customarily clear your Android Wear watchface after behaving a purebred sequence. The initial thought seemed to be to give users a approach to wear their watch while they take a showering yet yet a con of a H2O messing with your close screen. It apparently provides many some-more of a advantage than that as it’ll be useful in many other situations, yet we get a idea. It has an ambiguous or pure lockscreen, and it reduces a shade liughtness to devour reduce amounts of battery. Showear is free, so if we have an Android Wear smartwatch and were looking for a lockscreen app, check this one out by attack a Play Store link.


Afterlight is another print modifying focus and a renouned one during that. Having been ported over from iOS after capturing a hearts of many users, Afterlight done a approach to a Play Store. It boasts a elementary pattern with “powerful and snappy” collection to assistance we emanate some unequivocally overwhelming pictures. It has 15 composition tools, 59 filters, 66 textures, and we can supplement frames from a preference of 77 opposite forms and even stand and renovate a image. There are lots of ways for we to make your picture demeanour unique, and if we wish to give Afterlight a try we can squeeze it for $0.99 from a Play Store.


If you’re informed with meme’s afterwards we you’re already informed with a approach that Over works for Android. It isn’t radically an app to make meme’s yet in a same conform that we can supplement calm to an picture for an differently comedic purpose,thus formulating a meme, Over lets we supplement calm overlays on tip of images to emanate stylish and fun images with elementary quotes, moving mantras or anything else your artistic small mind can come adult with. The app provides we with tons of preset calm styles that we can select from, and we can supplement in quotes or other pieces of calm that are already included, or we can insert your possess difference and conceal a calm on tip of your images. Over doesn’t customarily let we supplement in calm yet as it also lets we supplement in art overlays if we wish. If we wish to give Over a try, we can squeeze it for $1.99 in a Play Store.


Eat24 lets we use your phone to do what you’ve always wanted. Feed yourself. You can use Eat24 to sequence food and have it delivered to your door, a good small supplement to your app library if you’re ill of carrying Pizza as a customarily smoothness choice where we live. The app supports over 1,500 opposite cities and over 25,000 opposite restaurants, and regulating Eat24 can acquire we coupons to use subsequent time that we can use to save income on destiny purchases. It also lets we use your digital banking to compensate for food, giving we a choice to use PayPal or Google Wallet. They contend we eat with your eyes first, that Eat24 embraces totally by giving we vast cinema of a food we so desire. You can even take things amicable and Tweet your dish so everybody knows how propitious we are that we can use this app. Eat24 is a giveaway app of course, and we can squeeze it from a Play Store link.


Cloud storage has been one of a singular biggest things to come to computers and mobile inclination in a past decade, and there are many good services out there to assistance we conduct all your files, send things to friends and family and keep backups of a things we find important. Sometimes though, if you’re like a few of us during Android Headlines we competence find it a small formidable to keep all those cloud storage accounts organized, this customarily happens if we have some-more than one service, like Dropbox, Drive, Box, and maybe another. Unclouded helps we take control of your cloud storage and keep on tip of your mixed cloud accounts with ease. Right now it supports customarily Drive and Dropbox, yet Box and OneDrive accounts support is entrance soon. You can use Unclouded to see that files and folders are holding adult a many space, that categories we have a many of, know what has been altered and when, and hunt for things to make looking for specific files or folders as easy as can be. Unlcouded is free, and we can squeeze it from a Play Store link.


Staying fit can be a small formidable for some, and that is understandably so. NuMi is an app to assistance your strech your aptness goals, rebellious one critical square of a few opposite factors to staying fit. While staying active is really important, mostly times a pivotal fact to losing weight is diet, a means that some don’t comprehend is as critical as it is. This is where NuMi can help, generally given it’s corroborated by 40 and years of Nutrisystem expertise. It curates specialized dish skeleton for you, gives we places to eat out with dishes that are underneath 300 calories formed off of GPS plcae so it can find things around we locally, and it prvoides users one-on-one live discuss options if they need assistance with anything. The NuMi app is giveaway to download, nonetheless it does need a paid membership. If you’re meddlesome in checking out NuMi we can squeeze it from a Play Store link.


NPR One is your personal curator for open radio, news, and stories. Listen to it probably anywhere. You can share stories with friends and simply skip between, rewind or postponement what you’re listening to with ease. There’s tons of open radio to listen to, yet we know that zero is utterly like removing a ambience of home from time to time, and a group behind NPR One knows that too that is because they’ve done it elementary to entrance internal radio as well. All your curated things is delivered to we daily, and calm spans local, regional, national, and general so we can find accurately what you’re looking for. Oh, it also now supports a Chromecast. NPR One is free, and we can squeeze a app from a Play Store link.


Laughter is a best medicine, or so they say. Joyride believes in this mantra to a fullest, and they aim to give users a best medicine during a start of each day if they wish. Joyride provides we with easy entrance to a funniest shows, comedians and stories anytime anywhere. You can listen where ever we feel comfortable, yet one place Joyride focuses on is a ever dreaded morning invert to work. While a work itself might not means any feelings of discontent, a invert can siphon and we all know it. Make a invert improved by giving yourself a giggle by Joyride. You can use Joyride to hunt for your favorite subject or chairman and listen instantly, and it supports 7 and 10 in. tablets as good as phones. Maybe you’re not looking for a giggle yet rather something inspiring, Joyride can assistance here too, as it gives we a ability to find and listen to a best motivational speakers. Joyride is free, and we can squeeze a app from a Play Store link.

LG G Watch R Price Revealed; Most Expensive Android Wear Smartwatch So Far

LG had launched a new G Watch R round smartwatch on Thursday, forward of a IFA
event subsequent week. The South Korean giant, however, had not suggested the
pricing sum of a LG G Watch R smartwatch during a time.

Now, LG
Germany has confirmed a pricing and accessibility sum of a new
smartwatch, during slightest for a German market. The association in a statement
has suggested that a LG G Watch R round smartwatch will be hitting
the marketplace shelves by Oct during a cost of EUR 299, translating to
roughly Rs. 23,900. The cost tab of LG’s new G Watch R when compared to
a company’s initial Android Wear smartwatch indicates a association is
pegging it as a reward wearable. The LG G Watch was denounced during $229
and EUR 199 and was made accessible in India during a cost of Rs. 14,999.


The LG G Watch R smartwatch
is some-more costly than a Samsung Gear Live unveiled
at a cost tab of $199 and EUR 199 (and launched in India during Rs. 15,900), and Motorola’s arriving Moto 360, that was recently
briefly listed
during $249.99 (roughly Rs. 15,250) and is approaching to get an
official cost tab on September 4 event.

(Also see: LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live Review: Android You Can Wear)

LG on Thursday had confirmed that a G Watch R smartwatch would be rolled out to users in the
fourth entertain of this year.

The LG G Watch R facilities a circular
1.3-inch Plastic OLED or P-OLED display, a record initial seen with
the LG’s G Flex smartphone. The arrangement comes with a 360×360 pixel
resolution. The G Watch R smartwatch facilities a immaculate steel frame,
and upheld by a 22mm calf skin leather strap. The G Watch R will be
available in usually Black colour.

Much like a G Watch, a new
smartwatch also runs Android Wear
and is powered by a 1.2GHz
Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor interconnected with 512MB of RAM. The LG G
Watch R smartwatch facilities a same volume of inbuilt storage as
Samsung’s Gear S (4GB), and is corroborated by a 410mAh battery. The
smartwatch is also IP67-certified and is claimed by a organisation to run for
30 mins in 1 metre of water.

The LG G Watch R facilities voice
recognition notifications that can yield information associated to missed
calls, arriving meetings, events, and internal continue forecasts. As for
the health features, a smartwatch includes a apartment of LG health and
fitness apps along with a ability to lane users’ heartbeats around the
embedded photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor. Other sensors on a G Watch
R are a 9-axis (gyro/ accelerometer/ compass), and barometer.

on a other hand, on Thursday also denounced a new Gear S smartwatch
with 3G connectivity and voice job alongside another wearable
product, a Gear Circle Bluetooth headset. The new Samsung wearable
products would be attack tellurian markets in phases, starting Oct this year.

Samsung Android KitKat 4.4.2: Galaxy S4 LTE, Note 3, Note 2, Galaxy Tab 4 …

Samsung is rolling out a Android 4.4.2 KitKat refurbish in a series of countries for opposite devices, and Android 4.4.4 KitKat and Android 4.4.3 KitKat refurbish is finally accessible in some places.

Unlike a series of a other competitors, Samsung has not announced that it is bringing a Android 4.4.3 KitKat and Android 4.4.4 KitKat updates to a phones, even yet a rags have been out for some time.

The arriving Galaxy Alpha will be using on Android 4.4.4 KitKat, however, according to central information from Samsung.

It is misleading if a Galaxy Note 4, that should be denounced during during Unpacked eventuality on Sep 3, will run on Android 4.4.3 KitKat or Android 4.4.4 KitKat.

Also, some carriers in a United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada will be rolling out a Android 4.4.3 KitKat and a Android 4.4.4 KitKat refurbish for some phone models.

Optus records on a site that an Android 4.4.4 KitKat refurbish for a Galaxy S5 has been approved, and could be accessible “within a entrance days.”

The European Galaxy S5 LTE-A indication will also get an Android 4.4.4 KitKat refurbish in a United Kingdom.

Finally, Rogers in Canada lists a Android 4.4.3 KitKat refurbish as being accessible for a Note 3 and Galaxy S4, and that a Android 4.4.3 KitKat refurbish for a Galaxy Mega, Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy S3 Mini, and Galaxy Note 8.0 is “coming soon.”

Check out a list of countries and Samsung mobile inclination that will be receiving a Android 4.4.2 KitKat refurbish around SamMobile below.

Galaxy S4 

Baltic [LTE]

France [LTE]

Netherlands [VE]

New Zealand [LTE-A]

Saudi Arabia [LTE]

South Korea [Active]

United Arab Emirates [LTE]

United Kingdom [LTE]

Tab 4

Argentina [8.0 Wi-Fi]

Baltic [10.1 4G]

Brazil [8.0 Wi-Fi]

France [8.0 LTE,10.1 4G]

Germany [10.1 4G]

Hong Kong [10.1 Wi-Fi]

Italy [10.1 4G]

Mexico [8.0 Wi-Fi]

Panama [8.0 Wi-Fi]

Peru [8.0 Wi-Fi]

Trinidad and Tobago [8.0 Wi-Fi]

Note 3

Argentina [Neo]

Hong Kong [LTE]

New Zealand [LTE]

Portugal [LTE]



Note II


Portugal [LTE]





Why Some Privacy Apps Get Blocked From a Android Play Store

Some developers of remoteness apps trust Google is restraint their apps from a Android Play Store to strengthen a business model.
Getty Images

Google Tuesday private a smartphone app called “Disconnect Mobile” from a Android Play store since it disregarded a process prohibiting program that interferes with other apps.

Interference was precisely a indicate of Disconnect Mobile, a remoteness apparatus directed during interlude other apps from collecting information on users. In a 6 days it was accessible in Google’s store, it was downloaded some-more than 5,000 times.

Disconnect, a San Francisco startup that spent a year and $300,000 to rise a app, says it was clever to build a product according to Google’s rules, though that a policies are so deceptive that Google could, in essence, anathema any app in a store.

“It’s like a Kafka novel – you’re removing kicked out or arrested for reasons we don’t even know,” says Casey Oppenheim, Disconnect’s co-founder.

Google has criminialized identical ad-blocking apps before since they, too, could meddle with other apps. “When we were kicked out, probably each other ad blocker was kicked out as well,” pronounced Ben Williams a orator for Eyeo, builder of Adblock Plus, that was private from a Play store in Mar 2013.

Google declined to criticism on a dismissal of Disconnect and other remoteness apps. “Our policies are designed to yield a good knowledge for users and developers. That’s since we mislay apps from Google Play that violate those policies,” a Google mouthpiece said.

The debate reflects a control that Google and opposition Apple strive by their app stores. Even during a tallness of a powers, by contrast, Microsoft did not control a placement of apps for a Windows handling complement for personal computers.

“There is no reason since we shouldn’t have a same grade of control over a mechanism we have in your slot as we do over your mechanism on your desktop,” Oppenheim says.

He and others advise Google doesn’t like ad-blocking apps since they meddle with a primary business of offered ads.

“The enlightenment in a mobile space appears to be that there’s a information giveaway for all,” says Peter Eckersley, record projects executive for a Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Dozens of apps directed during safeguarding users’ remoteness are accessible in a Play store, earnest to assistance users opt out of being tracked for ad targeting or mark that companies are tracking them.

For instance, Ghostery’s Ad Control app asks companies to opt users out of targeted promotion on mobile devices. However, users still see ads, and a app doesn’t retard tracking but initial seeking advertisers. AppBrain Ad Detector displays a promotion services embedded in apps that users have downloaded onto their mobile devices. However, AppBrain stresses that it does not retard ads. The DuckDuckGo and Ixquick browsers retard cookie tracking and retard Google from collecting information on a user’s browsing behavior.

The ability to collect information from users is one perk of building apps for a Android ecosystem, developers say. Google’s manners force users to determine to a sweeping ask for information before they use an app. On Apple’s iPhone, users can opt out of specific requests as they go.

The Android accede requests can prompt their possess concerns. Some Facebook users were dumbfounded progressing this month when they saw a avowal for Facebook’s Messenger app, that enclosed accede to review users’ contacts and content messages “download files but notification.” Facebook pronounced it wouldn’t take advantage of a permissions, and pronounced it had no control over a diction of a permissions, that were created by Google.


For a latest news and analysis,

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More from WSJ.D: And make certain to visit WSJ.D for all of the news, personal tech coverage, research and more, and add the XML feed to your favorite reader.

Nokia’s Here Maps Its Future On Samsung With Its First Android And Tizen Apps

Opera might have taken some of a breeze out of a Nokia brand’s sails with a news that a browser will be replacing Nokia’s on a now-Microsoft-owned, circuitous down, underline handset business. But now a Finnish association that has remained after the Microsoft handset sale had some engaging news of a own: it’s restraining adult with Samsung for dual new versions of a Here mapping product, a free Android chronicle entrance first to Samsung’s Galaxy line of devices, and a Tizen chronicle for Samsung’s Tizen-powered intelligent devices, specifically a Gear smartwatch.

Nokia says that Here app will be accessible on Samsung Galaxy inclination exclusively. We have asked a association when it skeleton to make it accessible to other Android handsets and will refurbish this as we learn more. (Update: there will be accessibility elsewhere, yet no timeline when. “HERE for Android is partial of a partnership with Samsung, yet we aim to make HERE accessible to as many people as possible,” a Here orator tells me, adding that it will be someday “later this year.” Another orator tells us that Here for Samsung Galaxy smartphones will be rolled out during a same time that a Gear S starts to sell — serve strengthening a couple between a dual pieces of news and a functionality.

The new apps are coming during a pivotal time for Samsung, that is perplexing some-more and some-more to compute itself from a rest of a Android container — a world’s many renouned mobile platform, yet also a many widely used by a accumulation of OEMs alongside Samsung — and emanate services that are singular to a inclination alone.

Samsung is now a world’s many renouned builder of Android-based smartphones and other devices, yet it has a lot of foe entrance after it, from determined competitors like LG to those like Xiaomi from China cleaning adult in a home market and really clearly looking during flourishing more. At a same time, it’s looking for ways of pushing some-more seductiveness in a new wearable device — hence restraining a functionality together to incentivize consumers to stay within a Samsung ecosystem.

Mapping has been one of a “killer apps” of a new age of mobile, with location-based services assisting a always-on, always-present inclination apropos companions for a bland lives and a things we like and need to do, holding things like smartphones over simple functions like creation voice calls and promulgation texts to others.

For Here, the interesting thing is that a Samsung apps are the outcome of a chartering understanding between a dual companies — meaning that Here will have perceived some form of remuneration as partial of it. That’s critical for a association that only recently, after losing a lot of income for years, been just about violation even — or stating a slight loss, depending on either we count a non-IFRS or IFRS-reported numbers. Even yet maps might be a core partial of a mobile use these days, that hasn’t always translated into them being a clever income generator.

And the moves come as Here is undergoing a reorder of a own: Michael Halbherr, a longtime Here exec, stepped down as CEO last week.

The Android app will work most like it does on Windows Phone and iOS inclination — users will be means to entrance maps for some 200 countries, see turn-by-turn navigation, hunt for businesses and other places of interest, and entrance a maps regulating GPS when there is no network connectivity available.

The Tizen Gear app, meanwhile, will meant that users of a Galaxy smartphones will be means to sync adult their maps between their devices. The thought here is that for some situations mapping will be easier to devise on one device, yet to use on a other. The apps will also integrate with in-car systems and confederate with mapping apps that run opposite all three, such as location-sharing app Glympse.

Screenshots of how a dual will demeanour are below.

  1. here android

  2. drive-route-overview

  3. map-downloader

  4. here android

  5. Walk_route

  6. Gear_S_front_white_5

  7. Gear_S_front_black_2

  8. contextual-menu

Run with Map My Run for Android review

Run with Map My Run for Android marks using and large other activities, logging your pace, distance, calorie count, and betterment profile, and mapping out your route. None of these facilities are unique, in that other apps offer them, though this app impresses with a execution.


Motivates we to run: Through a giveaway tracking capabilities, real-time stats, separate graphs, GPS track mapping, and amicable formation for finding new routes and pity your formula with others, Run with Map My Run for Android sparks your unrestrained for running, enlivening we to pull yourself harder and go serve and serve divided any time. The achievements we get for completing internal courses and a leaderboards enthuse we to keep moving.

Multipurpose aptness app: While especially marketed as an app for running, it can be used to record 599 other activities, from dog walking to timber chopping, and also has good food- and weight-tracking features, that are sincerely streamlined, requiring usually a few taps for inputting and displaying information in a clean, easy-to-read format.

Reliable: Compared to other identical running/fitness apps, this one seems some-more optimized, in that we have gifted few to no GPS problems, nor witnessed a battery removal before a eyes.


Visual glitch: On a device, a thick white line seemed atop a shade during all times, rupturing a menu bar and any contextual buttons on it, and creation them tough to spot.

Soft voice: The useful voice underline tells we when we strech a new mile and can also yield real-time examination sum if we buy a reward subscription. But it is rather soft, so we might not hear it when using on a bustling street.

Bottom Line

For runners and aptness enthusiasts, Run with Map My Run for Android looks like one of a many fast and feature-rich apps of a kind. The giveaway chronicle has what it takes to keep we motivated, so upgrading to a $2.50/month subscription to get audio coaching, Web-based personal training plans, live plcae sharing, and ad removals isn’t unequivocally necessary.

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Tronsmart Orion R28 Android TV Box supports 4K

If your set-top box isn’t utterly router-like adequate for you, there’s a antenna-toting Orion R28 from Tronsmart, an Android TV Box that is now accessible for pre-order. Two models are accessible currently, with a third one being in a pipeline, all of them charity Android 4.4.

Two models, one featuring 8GB of inner storage and one featuring 16GB, are accessible for pre-order during $80 and $100, respectively. With possibly indication you’ll get 2GB of RAM alongside a Rockchip RK3288 ARM Cortex-A17 processor and Mali T764 quad-core GPU.

There’s a far-reaching adequate array of facilities that we could use a Orion R28 as a mini computer, if we wanted. There’s Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11ac WiFi, microSD support, Gigabit Ethernet, infrared sensor, and a ability to play adult to 4K video (assuming your TV or guard supports it).

At some indicate in a future, a indication charity 4GB of memory will also be launched, yet it isn’t currently accessible for pre-order. Rounding out a facilities is support for H.265 for users with delayed Internet connections.

VIA: Liliputing