On many Android phones, we can appropriate down from a tip of a shade to get shortcuts to a garland of settings.

Most Android phones (again, generally those done by Samsung and LG) come with a ton of “Quick Settings” that are permitted when we appropriate down from a tip of a screen. The Galaxy S5, for example, comes with 20 discerning settings that embody a energy assets mode, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi buttons, and controls for a possess facilities like Smart Stay and Smart Pause. The iPhone, by comparison, comes with about 10 shortcuts when we appropriate adult from a bottom of a screen, and we can’t customize them.

You won’t have to consternation what happened in a latest Game of Thrones episode subsequent time you’re lounging by a poolside on vacation. Just whip out your phone and watch a battles for glory—at slightest if you’re a TiVo subscriber.

TiVo’s Android app now streams programming saved on your DVR. It also has combined capabilities to offer as a heart for all your TiVo services, including determining a TiVo box as good as display expel information and other sum about a uncover you’re watching.

tivoGoogle Play

Watch live or accessible programs on a TiVo Android app.

TiVo also wants a app to be an all-in-one streaming heart for Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video programming. After joining your TiVo comment to a services you’ll be means to tide their shows true to your TiVo app.

The impact on we during home: This facilities gives TiVo a much-needed corner opposite wire and satellite providers that have their possess exclusive DVRs and streaming services. Many of a apps from a vast cable/satellite companies have stipulations on what we can watch from their on-demand collection.

The TiVo app is also designed to work as a remote, doing TiVo functions as good as transferring what you’re examination between your Android device and your TV and behind again.

Another catch-up for Android users

The underline brings to Android what was already accessible in a company’s iOS app. Feature relation is an ongoing emanate for Android apps—even among even many of a heading apps—as Android’s dominant marketshare must contend with a fragmented ecosystem and a user bottom that honestly isn’t peaceful to spend as most income on apps as iOS users.

For your device to validate it contingency be using Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or above. You can squeeze a app from Google Play or a Amazon Appstore.

Android L 5 competence finally be about to launch. First announced behind during June’s Google I/O conference, it is one of a many hotly approaching Android updates ever. Android L is a vital depart for a mobile OS, with a totally redesigned interface, some-more liquid animations, a renewed concentration on improving battery life and, for a initial time, harmony with 64-bit processors.

Android L will go adult against iOS 8, that along with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will give Apple inclination a vital boost. Google has been drip-feeding new facilities and announcements about Android L over a past few months and we’ve collected together all we know in one place. We’ll be frequently updating this essay with all a latest updates, so keep checking behind for a latest rumours and news.

Android L 5 recover date

The latest rumours advise that Android L 5 will be suggested on presumably Oct 15th or 16th, though we’d take this conjecture with a outrageous barrow-load of salt. According to Android Authority, that claims to have “sources informed with Google’s plans” (we doubt it), Google will betray Android L 5 on presumably 15th or 16th Oct along with a Nexus 8/Nexus9/Nexus X and a Nexus 6. The same sources contend that Android L 5 will “officially” launch on 1 November. We’re not holding a breath.

All a latest Nexus 6 rumours

Google hasn’t given any hints as to when Android L 5 will launch, though it is intensely doubtful it’ll launch it before a new Nexus device. It has prolonged been approaching that this will occur someday during a autumn and presumably in November, hence lots of made-up rumours suggesting probable dates. We’ll get during slightest a integrate of weeks notice, with Google certain to do a large press phenomenon of a latest handling system.

How to get Android L developer preview now

If we wish to get your hands unwashed afterwards Android L is accessible right now as a developer preview form for a Nexus 5 smartphone and Nexus 7 tablet. You can download a developer preview of Android L 5 for free. With a bit of fiddling we can even implement it on handsets from third celebration manufacturers; there’s already a tradition ROM for a HTC One (m7) and others are appearing any day on a XDA Developer forums.

Contacts in Android L 5

Android L chronicle name

While Google has told us that a subsequent chronicle of Android will be ‘L’, that’s as distant as it’s gone, not revelation us that chronicle series it’s going for or what a ‘L’ stands for. With regards to a chronicle number, there are dual stream schools of thinking: that it will be Android 4.5 or that it will be Android 5.

Given that we’re now on Android 4.4.4, a subsequent judicious step would be Android 4.5; however, from what we’ve seen so far, a subsequent chronicle of Android is not only a teenager incremental update, though a finish compliance of a whole OS. With that in mind Android 5 feels a some-more expected choice and we’ll continue to use it via this essay until we know otherwise.

In regards to a name, we know that Android versions are and have always been named after confectionary. As a final chronicle was named after a KitKat, some people have speculated that Android L will be Lion Bar. More trustworthy is that Google will only go behind to some-more general names, so Lollipop feels right. Besides, Google’s 16th birthday cake was flashy with lollipops, so how many of a idea do we want?

Google lollipop birthday cake

Android L 5 updates for comparison phones

Any vital Android recover will be energetically anticipated, though it’s not many fun being stranded on an old-fashioned chronicle since your phone manufacturer doesn’t devise to recover an update. Thankfully that shouldn’t be a box for HTC and Motorola customers. Right after Google done Android L official, HTC released a matter confirming a stream One (m8) and strange One (m7) would be receiving Android L updates “within 90 days of [HTC] receiving final program from Google.” A leaked roadmap, posted to XDA Developers, appears to uncover skeleton to supplement other handsets to this tiny list, though many are now noted as “under evaluation” rather than confirmed.

Motorola has already reliable that the new Moto G will be updated to Android L, while a new Moto X will also roughly positively be upgraded to Android L. As both inclination use a batch chronicle of Android they are expected to be among a initial to get a update.

Read a examination of a extraordinary new Moto G

Android L 5 could also be entrance to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 as early as November. The latest chronicle of a Android handling system, that is nonetheless to be given an central name, is set to launch in a autumn though a recover date has not been confirmed.

If Google launches Android L 5 alongside a new Nexus 6 then it is expected to come to flagship handsets from a likes of Samsung, HTC and LG shortly after. According to Sammobile the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 will be among a initial inclination to get a Android L 5 upgrade. No specific dates are mentioned a news claims a refurbish will arrive “by a finish of November/early December”.

Unfortunately nothing of a other vital manufacturers have done an central matter on that phones will be removing an refurbish to Android L, potentially forcing owners to base their inclination and implement unaccepted tradition ROMs to get Google’s latest and greatest.

New Moto G

Android L 5 Material Design

Android L has over 5,000 new APIs ticking divided behind a scenes, though a many apparent changes will always be a visible ones. The new ‘Material Design’ (Google’s caps) intrigue is set to seem on any Google platform, not only Android. Apparently Google drew impulse from pens and inks, with any idol and user interface component casting an accurate shade to give a clarity of depth. Everything animates as we hold it, with objects drifting into perspective and tapped icons rippling like puddle.

Android L Material Design

The home screen, close screen, settings pull-down menu, categorical settings page and even a onscreen navigation buttons have perceived a makeover. Android L will also embody new complement widgets to compare a pattern scheme. Finally, any Google app will be redesigned to compare a new look, with some carrying already been upgraded in time for a developer preview release.

Certain redesigned apps were teased behind sealed doors during Google I/O, though that hasn’t stopped leaked images appearing online. The top form trickle so distant has suggested a completely new demeanour for a Play Store, on both inscription and smartphone. Images of a work-in-progress chronicle of a app uncover a incomparable concentration on images, a simplified layout, some-more colour coordination and some-more inflection for film trailers or app/game teaser videos. The leaked images still uncover Google has some work to do, as minute calm appears to be missing, though it should make it many easier to crop by a expanded Play Store to find what you’re looking for once a refurbish arrives.

The notifications complement has been totally overhauled for Android L as well. Currently, Android users have to clear their device to check, respond to or boot notifications, though with Android L they will be means to do this from a close screen. They will seem as a smoke-stack of Google Now-like cards, that can be corkscrew by rather than flooding a screen. Each one has an in-line preview, giving context.

Android L 5 features

Android L isn’t all about looks; it will also embody lots of crafty new features. Personalised unlocking is one of a favourites. Essentially it creates your smartphone or inscription hunt for informed Bluetooth gadgets, Wi-Fi networks, locations and even voice imprints to deactivate any lockscreen protections, vouchsafing we burst true into your phone when it knows you’re nearby. If a device can’t detect any of these metrics, anyone perplexing to use it will be presented with a customary lockscreen.

The new apps page will turn a new calm page, displaying all your calm in one list of Google Now-styled cards. You’ll be means to burst between apps and a web, with links in Google hunt formula jumping true from a browser into a applicable partial of an app. Although not particularly built into Android L, Google will also be giving a mobile webpages and hunt an renovate in time for a release. The Material Design will be carried across, along with well-spoken animations and a slicker interface.

Google will be updating a batch Android keyboard for Android L, adding some-more personalisation and scrapping a particular tiled keys – instead any minute will lay on a prosaic background, that should make it easier for those with incomparable fingers and thumbs to form quickly. Also set to arrive are a Do No Disturb mode, that automatically deactivates all notifications and audio during set times, support for Bluetooth 4.1 and a totally redesigned Audio backend with support for USB audio devices.

Android L 5 notifications

Android L 5 performance

The biggest back-end change is a pierce from a Dalvik runtime to ART. Part of a handling complement during a simple level, a ART runtime supports ARM, x86 and MiPS instructions, and a brew of AOT, JIT and interpreted code. Essentially Android now speaks a lot some-more languages and will work on some-more CPUs than a predecessor. This alone could urge opening by as many as duplicate over Dalvik, but developers creation any formula adjustments.

DirectX 11-level graphics will finally make their approach to Android regulating a Android prolongation pack. This set of APIs support modernized effects such as tessellation, geometry shaders, hardness application and discriminate shaders, and have a intensity to put mobile inclination on standard with games consoles and PC games.

Android L 5 battery life

Google has strong on improving battery life in Android L with Project Volta. Similar to how Jelly Bean’s Project Butter was an bid to make animations feel smoother and some-more responsive, Project Volta includes a new battery historian to improved visualize battery discharge. This will assistance users work out what a device was doing during any given indicate in a battery cycle to find out that apps are removal a many power.

A battery saver mode will be enclosed in batch Android for a initial time with Android L, after being a common tweak for third celebration manufacturers. It will activate automatically when your battery drops next a certain percentage, downclocking a CPU, disabling additional facilities like plcae stating and dimming a display. Google says a Nexus 5 using Android L gets around 90 mins of additional use over a march of a standard day, but indeed changing how a patron uses their phone.

Wednesday, Oct 01, 2014, 04:04 am PT (07:04 am ET)

While many new Android flagships competition hardware specifications that seem rival with new iPhones, tip rated iPhone games sojourn conspicuously blank from Google Play, a problem that Apple’s new Metal API and 64-bit Application Processors bluster to usually make worse going forward, notwithstanding Android’s lead in section shipments overall.

Metal API

Google’s Android program spendthrift costly hardware

As remarkable progressing in a review of iPhone 6, many new aloft finish Android phones competition faster clocked chips, many some-more RAM and during slightest twice a array of processor cores as Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, though still can’t compare Apple in CPU performance.

And given Apple’s latest A8 Application Processor is usually about 20 percent faster in CPU benchmarks than a company’s initial 64-bit A7 from final year, even iPhone 5s stays rival with this year’s many costly Android phones.

In GPU performance, a opening is even larger. Android phones that cost usually as many as Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus broach genuine universe gaming opening that is simply disappointing. Once again, it’s not indispensably a matter of unsound hardware on these high finish Android devices.

Versions of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and Note 3 that use Qualcomm’s rival quad-core Snapdragon 801 Application Processor with Adreno 330 graphics spin in important low spin graphics benchmarks that are as good or improved than Apple’s. However, in aloft spin tests of OpenGL APIs—which copy how video diversion graphics will indeed render—Samsung’s scores fall (below).

The same emanate hits Google’s Nexus 5 (essentially a rebranded LG G2), that uses a somewhat comparison Snapdragon 800 with a same Adreno 330 GPU: good formula in core graphics power, though really diseased numbers in OpenGL tests.

HTC’s One M8 and this year’s rested Moto X spin in a same unilateral results, that all indicate to Android creation terrible use of a underlying hardware to indeed accomplish genuine tasks—like a shrill revving, gas guzzling motorcycle with imagination chrome tailpipes and exuberant abandon embellished on a side, though hardly able of carrying one chairman adult a assuage hill.

Android vs iPhone 6 GPU

For many Android users, GPU opening is even worse

Samsung’s domestic versions of a Galaxy S5 and Note 3, built regulating a company’s possess Exynos 5 Octa core Application Processor, perform even worse in GPU tests given a South Korean firm licenses elementary Mali GPU tech from ARM for many of a Exynos chips. Having lots of CPU cores doesn’t make adult for regulating Mali graphics.

Outside of a costly flagships that make adult a minority of a Android commissioned base, a infancy Android inclination also use elementary Mali graphics to strech really low cost points. The accumulation in components used opposite a extended operation of Android inclination make it formidable for developers to get their apps to perform consistently, a utterly troublesome problem when formulating games.

The mixed of hardware fragmentation, bad optimization of hardware by Google’s Android software, and a ubiquitous askance towards cheaper inclination during many reduce Average Selling Prices formula in a marketplace for Android games that focuses on basic, elementary titles.

Lots of IAP for Android

Of a tip 10 highest grossing iPhone games in iTunes, (currently “Clash of Clans,” “Game of War – Fire Age,” “Candy Crush Saga,” “Big Fish Casino,” “Farm Heroes Saga,” “Hay Day,” “Puzzle Dragons,” “Brave Frontier,” “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” and “Bubble Witch 2 Saga”) all of them are also accessible in Google Play, though these titles are mostly utterly elementary and all are oriented around offered In App Purchases.

Among iTunes’ stream tip 10 paid iPhone games (“Five Nights during Freddy’s,” “Minecraft,” “Heads Up!” “Buddyman: Kick 2,” “Goat Simulator,” “Geometry Dash,” “Plague Inc,” “Bloons TD 5,” “Pumped BMX 2,” and “EA Monopoly”), usually twin are blank wholly from Google Play. However, usually given a diversion is listed doesn’t meant that it’s playable, or that it works on new Android devices.

For example, a renouned anticipation fear diversion “Five Nights during Freddy’s” specifically doesn’t work on a Nvidia Shield, an Android device dedicated to gaming. On iOS, it’s some-more transparent that inclination are upheld (“optimized for iPhone 5,” and it works on 2012 iPod hold or newer), and no new models with high finish facilities are excluded.

On Google Play, a developer states in a game’s description, “Please do not email me with reports of a diversion crashing. This diversion will usually work on newer phones as settled above [excluding a new Shield]. Crashing issues are a outcome of not adequate memory.”

There are lots of user reviews on Google Play along a lines of this heading examination for “Goat Simulator,” that complained, “Samsung Galaxy 3: a all dim we can pierce around and things and here song though urg cannot let me see plz repair afterwards we would rate a million stars if we could plz plz repair for samsung galxy 3 plz we would like to see what we am doing.”

According to new product fragmentation information gathered by OpenSignal in August, Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is a many renouned Android device out there among a 18,796 opposite models a association documented. A Galaxy S3 is of a same epoch as iPhone 5, though notwithstanding being a many renouned organisation of models (there are mixed opposite variants of a Galaxy S3), even it can’t reliably play a many renouned Android games.

The tip criticism on renouned retro arcade diversion “Geometry Dash” says, “It lags on my Lenovo s650 though when it comes to Samsung universe add-on 2 10.1 it does not loiter even if it is twin core and my phone is quad core.”

Similarly, a tip examination for building invulnerability diversion “Bloons” states, “Viewport cuts off for inscription When personification on my universe s4 we can see a full level. However when we play on universe add-on 10.1 2014 book there is significantly reduction play area a viewport is smaller. The farms are incomparable too. we paid for this app and I’m removing ads? Are we teasing me?”

These are a tip paid games on Android. And a tip comments are complaints from people regulating some of a many popular, mainstream inclination done by Android’s largest licensee, Samsung.

Google’s Good Games Gap

Among a tip 10 games Google Play highlights as an “editor’s choice,” or as “best new games,” all exist for iOS, too. Most of these games that are new to Android are not new during all in a iTunes App Store.

Conversely, among 10 of a tip “best new games” Apple profiles, usually 6 are accessible for Android in any form. Among these, tip reviews make complaints like, “Nexus 5 downloaded information in reduction than a notation though a diversion never loads revelation Request timed out!! Game never started!!! So disappointing” for racing diversion Asphalt Overdrive.

Or this one for “Anomaly Defenders,” a plan game: “Great diversion that is fun to play though it has a problem on my Nexus 5. It refuses to save swell between carrying sessions. we got to spin 10 yesterday though this morning we am behind to spin 4. It is so irritating to make swell usually for it to be left a subsequent time we play.”

Note that there was no digging around for bad Google Play comments; any one cited in this essay seemed on a games’ tip page among a tip twin to 4 user reviews highlighted by a store as “helpful.”

iPhone apps removing Metal API support before Android ports

Five of a tip 10 App Store editor’s picks are games that already make special use of Apple’s new Metal API to broach distant improved opening on 64-bit iPhones (5s, 6 and 6 Plus), an optimization that was initial announced this summer. Two of these renouned titles extended for Metal haven’t done it to Android nonetheless during all: “Plunder Pirates” and “Mr. Crab.”

For “Beach Buggy Racing,” an Android actor complained, “Uninstalling. Im regulating LG Optimus L7 Dual, i downloaded this diversion for 3 times now though still a not working. All i can see is usually a black shade with credentials song personification when rising a game.”Developers are porting tip iOS apps to Metal before porting to Android given many of a iPhones sole over a final year were 64-bit iPhone 5s models that can take advantage of Metal

And for Gameloft’s “Modern Combat 5: Blackout,” a actor writes, “it’s no where nearby what they are on a design shade shots, maybe it’s cos I’m using on samsung universe add-on 3 8 and we need something like sequence or something with a aloft prosesser and graphics label though really dissapointed.”

And for building invulnerability diversion “Defenders,” that appears to get lots of eager reviews from Android blogs, a actor complains, “Performance issue. The graphics are overwhelming though we am carrying critical lags here .. don’t know given .. we got 1G of impel and a 1.2Dual core cortex A9 processor with PowerVrSGX540 we am flattering certain thats adequate to run this diversion smoothly.”

Developers are porting tip iOS apps to Metal before porting to Android given many of a iPhones sole over a final year were 64-bit iPhone 5s models that can take advantage of Metal. Many of those buyers wish buy Metal-enhanced games to take advantage of a reward phone they have.

On Android, many of a phones sole over a final year were low finish inclination with Mali graphics in one of those 18,796 opposite variations, and many of those users don’t wish to compensate for apps, usually like they didn’t wish to spend any income on their phone. Premium Android buyers who paid iPhone-like prices to get a Galaxy S5 fit into one of those little boxes above, right subsequent to a bill buyers who got a Moto X or Nexus 5.

They simply don’t matter to developers. If they’ll put adult with removing cut off from Google’s Android OS updates after 18 months, they’ll put adult with watchful 6 months to a year to get elementary ports of some iOS apps and games. Even then, Android’s OpenGL doing will sluggishly run a games on their probably new phones as their inclination hemorrhage any heirloom of resale value.

Gaming site IGN recommends dozens of “amazing” iOS games

The conditions apparent to visitors of a App Store and Google Play is not a matter of Apple simply being a improved marketer than Google. Gaming site IGN, that has profiled video games online for a array of platforms given 1996, lists reviews of twin dozen iPhone titles over a past year, including a preference of “editors choices” with a rating of “amazing.”

The site also has a tip 10 list of arriving iPhone games due for recover during a holiday season, including “Vainglory,” a pretension Apple featured during a Sep iPhone 6 event.

Of a tip 10 all time “editor’s choice” titles IGN lists for iPhone, 9 are “amazing,” including “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft“, “The Walking Dead: Season Two,” “Broken Age: Act 1,” “Device 6,” “Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign,” “Infinity Blade III,” “Limbo,” “Real Racing 3,” “Bit.Trip Presents: Runner 2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien,” and one, “Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes,” is “great.”

Only 4 of those titles (less than half) even exist on Google Play, including a “great” “Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes,” as good as “The Walking Dead: Season Two,” “Marvel Puzzle Quest” and “Real Racing 3.”

Back in April, after Blizzard launched a “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft” pretension for iOS, a game’s prolongation executive Jason Chayes explained to Gamespot given it was so formidable to pier games to Android.

“Just a extent of opposite shade resolutions,” he said, “different device capabilities—all of that is things we have to cause in to make certain a interface still feels good.”

Over a subsequent year, developers will have a event to aim iOS users who will shortly be mostly using 64-bit A7 or A8 inclination able of dramatically benefitting from Metal-optimized apps (as good as Apple’s new Swift language) to broach a many opening for a demographic of mobile users many expected to buy their software.

Or they can aim those 18,796 opposite models.

As many Android phones users can attest, cold new apps mostly aren’t accessible in a Google Play Store as fast as they’re accessible for iPhone users. If Android owners feel frustrated, though, they can censure it on a handling system’s fragmentation. Because Google lets phone makers use a handling complement for free, they can make whatever modifications to it they want.  

Business Insider recently stopped by a offices of Quip, a collaborative capability startup run by former Facebook CTO Bret Taylor. Here’s what we see right during a entrance:

Jillian D’Onfro / Business Insider

Some of a opposite inclination Quip tests on.

Quip wants to make certain a product looks beautiful and works ideally on all opposite devices, so a team’s developers have to exam on — and tailor a complement to — a garland of opposite phones and tablets. Taylor and his group need to comment for opposite interface styles, keyboards, CPU, and more, and he pronounced that’s been a outrageous disappointment over these final few months. Apple, on a other hand, particularly controls a iOS, so developers usually need to make certain their apps can adjust to Apple’s opposite shade sizes. 

An astounding 18,796 opposite inclination now run Android, definition there are tons of tweaks to a OS that developers need to take into care if they wish to strech a widest assembly possible. 

Read some-more stories on Business Insider, Malaysian book of a world’s fastest-growing business and record news website.

Asus Zenfone 4 that was expelled a integrate of months ago with Android 4.3 KitKat OS out of a box, can now be updated to Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat around a over-the-air (OTA) mechanism.

Asus Zenfone is a standard value-for-money smartphone, and a device has seen dual other iterations, viz Asus Zenfone 5 and a partially high-end Zenfone 6.

With a Asus Zenfone array accumulating inclination right from a simple to a high-end, Zenfone inclination contest with a operation of smartphones carrying identical hardware aspects and pricing.

Most distinguished among competing smartphones embody a recently launched Vodafone Smart 4 Turbo and Smart 4 Power devices that are labelled within a £150 bracket.

Also, other distinguished smartphones like a Moto G and EE Kestrel (both inclination are deliberate to be feature-filled and affordable) contest with Asus Zenfones.

However, a latest Google Android 4.4. KitKat handling complement refurbish is cramped to usually a Asus Zenfone 4, and is not accessible to users of Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6 smartphones.

Classified as an ‘affordable’ smartphone, a Asus Zenfone 4 is labelled during £99 in a United Kingdom.

Users of a Asus Zenfone 4 can let us know, in a comments section, about a accessibility of a Android 4.4 KitKat OS update.

Key hardware aspects of Asus’ Zenfone 4:

The device is a partially lower-end variant, a fact clear by a underling £100 cost tag.

The Zenfone 4 has a 4in display, that is enclosed within Gorilla Glass 3, and runs a Android 4.3 Jelly Bean handling platform, upgradable to Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

The smartphone is driven by a 1.2 GHz dual-core Intel Atom processor, along with a 1GB RAM.

There is a 5MP back camera and a VGA front snapper. Both these cameras should do to click cinema while on a family vacation.

Zenfone 4 comes in 4GB and 8GB inner storage variants, both of that are expandable regulating outmost microSD cards.

For connectivity, users get Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE and microUSB features.

The smartphone facilities a 1,600mAh Li-ion battery that theoretically offers a 10-hour talktime.

Google Android 4.4 KitKat OS Update Available to Asus Zenfone 4 Users

While a latest Kitkat program is gradually creation approach for several Galaxy devices, a Galaxy S3 has recently perceived a new Android 4.3 Jelly Bean firmware with build series I9300XXUGNH4. The refurbish is now rolling out to a series of European countries around OTA and by a Samsung Kies server.

Firmware details

Model: GT-I9300

Model name: Galaxy S3

Country: Switzerland

Version: Android 4.3

Changelist: 2735602

Build date: 18 August

Product code: AUT




Those who do not stay in a firmware upheld regions and wish to implement I9300XXUGNH4 Android 4.3 on Galaxy S3, competence follow a primer designation beam that uses a Odin flashing tool.

As I9300XXUGNH4 build is an unbranded chronicle of firmware it can be commissioned on any clear GT-I9300 unit.

IBTimes UK reminds a readers that it will not be hold obliged for any mishap. Before flashing a batch firmware users are suggested to determine their inclination accommodate a following requirements.


  • Install  for Samsung Galaxy S3 to bond a Android device with a computer.
  • Enable USB Debugging Mode on phone to bond it with a mechanism and use Android SDK with it. [Navigate to Settings About phone. Tap on Build Number several times until a summary appears observant 'You are now a Developer.' Now go to Settings Developer Options to capacitate USB Debugging Mode.]
  • As a educational is expected to clean out all information of a phone, emanate a backup. If a device has any tradition recoveries such as CWM/TWRP afterwards behind adult information regulating a same.
  • If a Android phone powers off due to miss of battery during a designation process, it could repairs a device. Therefore, a Galaxy S3 should have above 80% battery charge.
  • The device should be bureau unbarred and not sealed to a sold carrier.
  • The phone will remove tradition ROM with a designation of central firmware. Also, a tradition liberation will be transposed by a batch version.
  • The device will no longer go to a secure chronicle with a designation of central firmware.
  • I9300XXUGNH4 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean batch firmware works usually with Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300. As flashing this on any other various competence section a device, determine a indication series of Galaxy S3 by navigating to Settings About device Model number.

Download files

I9300XXUGNH4 [Courtesy of Samsung Updates]

How to implement I9300XXUGNH4 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300)

 Step-1: Extract a downloaded firmware zip regulating any extracting apparatus to get a .tar.md5 file with a few other files, that are optional

Step-2: Extract a Odin zip to get Odin3 v.3.09.exe with a few other files

Step-3: Switch off Galaxy S3

Step-4: Boot a phone into Download Mode by dire and holding the Home, Power and Volume Down buttons together

Note: Ensure that we have commissioned Galaxy S3 USB Drivers commissioned on a computer.

Step-5: Run Odin as Administrator on a computer

Step-6: Connect a Galaxy S3 to a mechanism regulating USB wire while it is in Download mode. Wait for some time until Odin detects a device. When a phone is connected successfully, a ID: COM box in Odin will spin light blue with a COM pier number. This step competence take some time

Step-7: In Odin, click AP button and name a firmware record with .tar.md5 extension

Step-8: Enable Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time checkboxes in Odin. Ensure Re-Partition checkbox is not checked

Step-9: Verify all and click a Start button in Odin. The designation routine should start now and take a few mins to complete

Step-10: When a designation routine is completed, a phone will restart automatically. Once a home shade appears on a phone, undo a phone from a computer

I9300XXUGNH4 Android 4.3 batch refurbish should now be using on Galaxy S3 I9300. Head over to Settings About phone to determine a new program of a device.

[Source: Sammobile]

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Update Galaxy S3 to I9300XXUGNH4 Android 4.3 Stock Firmware

Android: Framelapse is a peculiarity timelapse camera for Android users who feel left out of a recover of Instagram’s “dead-simple” Hyperlapse.

While Framelapse isn’t utterly as streamlined as Hyperlapse, it’s a closest Android choice to a indicate and fire competitor. You get assuage controls, such as support interval, video generation and options for wizz and autofocus. With a $2.99 pro chronicle comes bearing lock, Wizard Mode to set a support interlude automatically, and other facilities that assistance streamline a process.

Your Framelapse videos are saved in mp4 format with copiousness of pity options from a gallery, including Instagram.

If we wish to make Hyperlapse-style videos and don’t have a iPhone to do it, we suggest downloading Framelapse. It’s flattering easy to get a hang of and altogether a great, yet some-more complex, alternative.

Framelapse (Free/$2.99) | Google Play Store

Last month we found myself primarily bemoaning a less-than-classic Aug for Android gaming. It was usually when I’d fabricated a list that we realised we was totally wrong.

This month we got a identical feeling, yet sadly we wasn’t mistaken. Sep hasn’t accurately been vintage.

But it hasn’t been bad either. We competence have ‘only’ a dual Gold Award winners among a competitors, yet there’s a lot to like elsewhere too.

By Dynamighty – buy on Android

This grand PS Vita acclimatisation has all going for it – illusory 3D graphics, tense, crafty gameplay, and a certainty and clarity of impression that tells we it came from a land of consoles.

Ostensibly a side-scrolling secrecy game, CounterSpy also has third chairman cover-based sharpened seamlessly woven into it.

Add in some of that oh-so-fashionable procedural turn era and we have a bit of a classical on your hands.

The Nightmare Cooperative
By Lucky Frame – buy on Android

Lucky Frame has done a name for itself concocting peculiar genre mash-ups, and here’s another.

The Nightmare Cooperative mixes roguelike cave crawling with changeable puzzler bits.

As we pierce by any top-down dungeon, your organisation of heroes all moves together, definition we have to delicately devise your each step.

Block Fortress
By Foursaken Media – buy on Android

No, it’s not another Minecraft rip-off. Well, not entirely.

While Block Fortress positively nicks Mojang’s art impression and some of a world-building ideas, Foursaken relates those to a singular mix of building counterclaim and first-person action.

Despite a apparent influences and one or dual severe edges, we haven’t utterly played anything utterly like Block Fortress, that goes a prolonged approach with us.

Mage Gauntlet
By Rocketcat Games – buy on Android

Before a smashing Wayward Souls, there was Mage Gauntlet – a kind of dry run for Rocketcat’s dictatorial roguelike action-RPG.

It’s got many of a same core mixture – customarily fast-paced penetrate and condense gameplay and comfortable retro-inspired graphics – yet with a some-more classically tangible structure and nothing of a free-wheeling aspiration or mixed impression classes.

Still, if you’ve played Wayward Souls to death, or usually wish something a bit some-more structured, Wayward Souls is a must-have.

Goat Simulator
By Coffee Stain Studios – buy on Android

Here we play a violent goat in a compress yet unenlightened open universe environment filled with brittle and interactive elements. If we can’t see where a intensity fun is in that, we competence as good take adult another hobby.

Goat Simulator is deeply silly, intensely shallow, and some-more than a small slap dash.

It’s also an internet materialisation that lets we make a goat rebound adult and down on a trampoline. A trampoline!

Treasure Fetch: Adventure Time
By Cartoon Network – buy on Android

Treasure Fetch: Adventure Time is fundamentally Snake tarted adult for a era who don’t remember when Nokia was a clever and applicable standalone brand.

As such, it’s got a garish, primary phony Adventure Time skin and lots of ADD-targeted goals to achieve.

It’s also unequivocally good fun, so any sentimental pining for a good aged days of monochrome screens and bloopy sound effects will get brief shrift from us – on this occasion, during least.

By Teotl Studios – buy on Android

This pleasing production puzzler took a time entrance to Android, yet it’s some-more than welcome.

Unmechanical is all about elucidate puzzling unconventional puzzlers by changeable things around with your drifting robot’s extendable claw.

There’s copiousness of switch-flipping and toing and froing, as we competence expect, yet those beautiful visuals are what sets this diversion detached from a rest.

Spider-Man Unlimited
By Gameloft – download on Android

Squeezing one of a world’s many dear superheroes into an auto-runner competence sound like a recipe for fanboy rage, yet a law is that Spider-Man Unlimited is good fun.

In fact, it’s one of a improved stand-alone auto-runners of new times. It looks good (it’s a Gameloft game, so of march it does), and there’s usually adequate accumulation to keep dullness during bay.

Okay, so there’s usually a gossamer couple to Spidey himself, yet it’s a good arcade frisk all a same.

Bio Inc. – Biomedical Plague
By DryGin Studios – download on Android

Now here’s a dark, disfigured small game. It’s a puzzler that tasks we with infecting tellurian beings with a misfortune diseases we can come adult with.

You’ve won if we conduct to kill them. Yuck.

Still, it’s original, and there’s a certain volume of ill gallows humour to it all – supposing you’ve got a amply clever stomach.


By Dinofarm – buy on Android

Auro‘s had a bit of a tortured trail to release. It’s taken some 4 years of development, and difficulty with a iOS chronicle has resulted in a Android build entrance out first. Imagine!

Beyond that, though, we’re meddlesome in Auro since Dinofarm’s final game, 100 Rogues, was a excellent dungeon-crawling roguelike before that even became scrupulously cold with smartphone gamers.

Plus, Auro looks and sounds overwhelming – a vital dungeon-crawling journey with an intriguing bump-based fight system.

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A new news claims a latest Android L build LRW87D was spotted
running on a ‘hammerhead’ device, that is popularly famous as Nexus 5.

new Android L build has been speckled in Google’s Chromium Issue
Tracker, that in a past has been a source of countless unintentional
leaks. However, a posts have given been pulled down, serve cementing
a speculations that a leaked build competence be a new one.

speckled by Myce, a announcement claims that LRW87D is a latest
Android L build that has flush in a new past. According to Myce,
a initial minute in a build (L in this case) signifies formula name of
the recover family; second minute is a bend formula (R in this case)
for Google to brand accurate formula bend of a build; a subsequent few
letters (W87) are date codes.

(Also see: Following iOS 8 Lead,
Android L to Have Encryption Enabled by Default

The announcement notes, “The minute depends quarters, with A
being Q1 2009. Therefore, W is Q3 2014. The dual digits count days within
a quarter, so W50 is Sep 25th 2014″

The final minute (D in
this case) is pronounced to be associated to a Android build, “sequentially
starting with A. So D is a fourth chronicle of that day” adds Myce.

announcement however notes, “Google states on their website that the
date formula is not guaranteed to be a accurate date during that a build was
made, and it is common that teenager variations combined to an existent build
re-use a same date formula as that existent build.”

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Evidence Mounts That Android L Will Be Called ‘Lemon Meringue Pie’

Reportedly, a purported LRW87D build was reported in the
Chromium Issue Tracker for an emanate with crashing videos and a YouTube
video display a crashing has also surfaced.

a video shows a revamped navigation bar with no division and new
status bar icons with a Wi-Fi network vigilance seen with no breaks (as
compared to a Android 4.4 KitKat). Further, a navigation bar is seen
sporting a plain colour that is in-line with Android L’s Material
Design truth – and was also seen in a Nexus 6 aka Nexus X mockup

formed on leaked details.

Recent reports have sloping that Google
might release Android L in mid-October (October 15 or 16) alongside the
Nexus smartphone and tablet.

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Karbonn Sparkle V, Spice Dream Uno Will be Among First to Get Android L

Last month, Google expelled a updated Android L system
factory images
for a Nexus 5 smartphone and Nexus 7 (2013) tablet.