NEW DELHI: Microsoft is reshaping a handset plan as Google introduces a Android One phones. Microsoft is dropping a iconic Nokia code name from some models, culling a renouned Asha operation and looking to aggressively cut prices of smartphones, detached from rising a ‘First’ difficulty of underline phones labelled underneath $40 (Rs 2,400) in a bid to aim a billion first-time buyers in rising markets such as India.

This assertive pricing plan is directed during reviving a handset maker’s share in pivotal markets and bridging a opening between a Windows handling complement (2.5% marketplace share, as per IDC) with marketplace personality Android (84.7%) and No. 2 iOS from Apple (11.7%) worldwide.

The plan rejig comes as Google launches Android One inclination in partnership with tip Indian handset makers Micromax, Karbonn and Spice, that between themselves had about 30% of a country’s fast-growing smartphone marketplace during a finish of June, according to IDC. These handsets are approaching to cost reduction than $100. Others like Firefox have introduced smartphones for as small as Rs 1,999, again with Indian handset partners.

“We’re only commencement a modernise of a whole portfolio,” Chris Weber, clamp boss of mobile device sales during Microsoft, told ET. “We aim to pull a cost indicate of Windows phones significantly reduce – we positively see that function on a Android ecosystem – but impacting peculiarity and experience.”

Microsoft, that bought Nokia in Apr for $7.5 billion, has done several changes to a plan of offered devices, including shutting down Nokia X smartphones and a Asha range, that was separate between underline phones and smartphones and also competed on cost points.

While business who bought these inclination will still get aftersales and use support, Microsoft will not launch any serve products underneath these banners. At a same time, Nokia X designs that were on a roadmap will be converted into Windows Phones.

Over a subsequent 12-18 months, Weber said, Microsoft will work on pulling a cost points of Windows smartphones reduce than those accessible in a market. At a same time, it will expostulate creation in a affordable flagship area and mix design, program and services from Microsoft during a high-end, that will drip down a portfolio.

Jo Harlow, corporate clamp boss for phones during Microsoft, pronounced that there are still a billion people globally who don’t have mobile inclination and 2 billion who don’t have entrance to a Internet on mobile devices, that is what a association intends to target. “On a ‘First’ side, we will continue to deliver new inclination – First Bing, First Internet devices, First mobile phone devices,” Harlow added.

Microsoft launched a ‘First’ set of ultra-affordable mobile phones in early Aug with Nokia 130 labelled during Euro 19 or Rs 1,498, that will be shortly brought to India, and recently combined a Nokia 225 Internet-enabled underline phone. These inclination run on a Symbian 30+ handling system.

Microsoft gears adult to take on Google's Android One; skeleton to rejig handset business with sub-Rs 2,400 phones

Google has denounced a initial smartphones to run on its Android One platform, a customary designed to assistance pull affordable smartphones in a building world. The beginning kicks off in India, where Micromax, Spice, and Karbonn are all offered phones pronounced to have 4.5-inch screens, 1GB of RAM, 5-megapixel categorical and 2-megapixel front cameras, 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek processors, dual-SIM slots, microSD expandable storage, and FM radios.

Android One inclination will boat with support for some-more languages, including Hindi, and underline some-more internal publications in Google Play Newsstand. Google is also creation a special chronicle of YouTube accessible that will concede users to download videos and re-watch them mixed times though incurring extreme information charges. The initial phones are approaching to sell for 6399 rupees ($105).

Similarly inexpensive smartphones have been around for a while, though Android One represents a accordant bid from Google to put a stamp on a user experience. These phones will all run close-to-stock Android though complicated manufacturer customizations, and Google will be means to pull program updates itself. This should equivocate a conditions that arose a few years ago in other tools of a world, where low-powered phones were stranded on early versions of Android though any wish of an update, withdrawal business incompetent to entrance new apps and services. Google has adopted a identical plan during a aloft ends of a marketplace with a Nexus and Google Play book inclination that run batch Android.

India is a second biggest mobile marketplace in a world, though hasn’t nonetheless achieved clever smartphone penetration. As such, it’s a vital expansion event for a likes of Google and Microsoft, that has achieved some success in certain tools of a universe with a low-cost Nokia Lumia Windows Phone handsets. Handset makers like Micromax are also producing inexpensive Windows Phone devices, though with Android One, Google might have found a approach to yield a unchanging knowledge on a world’s many prevalent mobile ecosystem to a whole new audience.

After India, Android One phones are set to make their approach to Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia and a Philippines.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3Reuters/File

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in display.

The Android KitKat 4.4.4 refurbish has been solemnly rolling out on several Android phones over a past few months, some removing a updates slower than others. Samsung’s line of Galaxy phones have been removing a updates one phone during a time and finally, a U.S. conduit Sprint is releasing a refurbish on a Galaxy Note 3.

Pretty soon, a Galaxy Note 3 is going to be a latest phablet Samsung is charity though that doesn’t meant it would slight a need of OS updates.

The refurbish for a inscription was expelled some days ago and users can finally download a refurbish and implement it.

So far, usually Sprint has been means to recover an refurbish for a Galaxy Note 3, creation it a initial conduit to recover a 4.4.4 KitKat refurbish for a Galaxy Note 3.

It won’t be expelled now for all Galaxy Note 3 owners though it will gradually strech all inclination in due time.

A changelog has been posted on a carrier’s website and lists a update’s changes to a device. The refurbish includes HD voice idol support, International Wi-Fi job support, Google Security patches, Knox 2.0, and Kids Mode.

The Galaxy Note 3 is a latest in Samsung’s line of phablet offerings though it competence be succeeded by a Galaxy Note 4 entrance early 2015.

Reports contend that a Google Nexus 8, that will run on a newest Android L, will be expelled in a marketplace before Oct. 9 rolls in.

As a follow-up to a Nexus 7, a arriving device will be integrated with an nVidia Tegra 64-bit processor; MDM9x25 chip for 4G – LTE, NFC and GPS; 4GB RAM; 8Mp rear- and 1.6Mp front-facing cameras. Considering a aloft specs, TK Tech News has reported that a Nexus 8 might presumably come with a $399 cost tag.The inscription has been designed for increasing ease-of-use with a some-more user-friendly interface.

In terms of recover date, a Nexus 8 was primarily speculated to have had a Jul recover date, following a launch of a predecessors, a Nexus 7 models, that were done accessible in Jul 2012 and Jul 2013.

With no Nexus 8 being launched dual months ago, a latest hum is now being centered on a Nexus 8 recover date this tumble alongside a central launch of Android L. PCAdvisor has suggested that a association is expected to make a new Nexus tool accessible if a new Android chronicle is being expelled as well. In 2013, for instance, a Nexus 5 was launched together with a Android 4.4 KitKat.

Taking to amicable media, @UpLeakes did share a teaser that a certain T1, that was used to impute to an arriving Nexus tablet, will come with an plenty supply of accessories, such as keyboard and box cover.

“HTC T1 accessories; Magic Cover Leather (Natural/Black), Magic Cover TPU (Coral Amethyst/Mint Indigo/Lime Stone/Indigo Black), Keyboard Folio,” an @UpLeaks twitter suggested on Aug. 30.

In another tweet, @UpLeaks clearly reliable that such an Android add-on will be entrance in a Wi-Fi and mobile version, and a initial countries that will be carrying their hands on a device embody Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, and Russia.

According to a tool scooper, a arriving Nexus will shortly strech “soooooo many countries.”

Similarly, a news from has settled that HTC has been selected by Google to come adult with a 8.9-inch inscription that is a inheritor to Nexus 7, that comes with a inner name Flounder or Volantis.

Android watchers are now looking brazen to a probable recover date of a Nexus 8 in November, or several weeks after a rumored Nexus 6 rising in October.

Samsung has been usually rolling out a Android KitKat 4.4.4 refurbish on their inclination and a latest to accept a refurbish is a Galaxy S5 flagship. It has been a while given a association has announced a attainment of a refurbish and it seems that Galaxy S5 users can now get it on their phones.

Galaxy S5Picture: YouTube: Screenshot

Samsung Galaxy S5

Aside from a 4.4.4 update, there’s also a 4.4.3 refurbish for inclination exclusive with a aloft version. The dual versions are dictated to be rags and bug fixes for a Android 4.4.2 update.

Verizon is reported to be a initial to hurl out a update, though several other wireless carriers and phone companies have also been usually rolling out a updates for their possess product lines.

The 4.4.4 KitKat refurbish brings a series of customization options to a Galaxy S5 such as a Real Dark Slim underline as good as new tradition shortcuts and updated camera features. The refurbish also fixes issues with a Bluetooth audio where users infrequently knowledge a detriment in audio peculiarity when regulating Bluetooth headsets.

Security issues have also been bound on a 4.4.4 KitKat update, as formerly gifted by a 4.4.2 update.

The refurbish can be downloaded around over-the-air or users can manually check for a refurbish itself on a phone’s complement information settings.

Android 4.4.4 KitKat won’t be a final of a updates a Galaxy S5 will be receiving. Google is still set to recover a newest Android OS, a Android L (or Android 5.0). This refurbish will also be creation a approach to a Galaxy S5 when it is released.

“Android was removing too abused by low-cost handset developers; Android One will concede Google to make certain smallest standards,” pronounced an central with a vital Indian device manufacturer, referring to Google’s Android One, slated to be launched on Monday.

Android One aims to expostulate standardisation of low-cost handsets using on Android in a rising economies. With this, will a smartphone prices in a nation serve drop?

Currently, a cheapest operation of Android handsets from home-grown manufacturers such as Intex, Spice and Micromax starts from Rs 4,000. According to Sumanta Mukherjee, principal consultant during CyberMedia Research, smartphones consecrate usually 20-25 per cent of a marketplace and a plea is to convince feature-phone buyers to buy smartphones.

“If we aim a underline phone-buying shred with a peculiarity smartphone labelled between Rs 3,000 and Rs 5,000, we can float on this call (smartphone) and constraint a market,” pronounced Mukherjee.

While a inclination will really assistance deliver first-time users to a universe of smartphones, “The fight will not be won around usually price,” pronounced a central cited above. In countries such as Indonesia, a reduce center category is investing in handsets in a operation of $200-300, given it’s a usually computing device they have and “user experience” is a key.

While a central competence be right, there is no denying a fact that notwithstanding a tellurian prevalence of a smartphone market, newer handling systems like those from Mozilla Firefox and Tizen from Samsung (Google’s biggest partner) could give it foe in a future. Spice and Intex have already launched smartphones bundled with Firefox, that are retailing during Rs 2,000. Intex sole 15,000 units of a Firefox phone in a initial 3 days of a launch and is targeting 100,000 units this month, pronounced Sanjay Kumar Kalirona, business conduct (mobile) during Intex Technologies.

Another central with a handset maker, who has closely worked with a partnership with Google pronounced AndroidOne will assistance yield approach updates to a business on a program and applications as good as send rags about any bugs. This is now not probable in all a inclination charity Android, that leads to a bad user knowledge in many cases.

With Google perspicacious into a reduce finish of a smartphone spectrum, a other services will benefit, Mukherjee said. “Services like Google maps work on a geo data, generated by these phones. So, as they are some-more deeply entrenched, their analytics and algorithms slicing opposite services will run better,” he added.

However, given Google will practice really parsimonious control over a devices, it could give small room to manufacturers to examination and differentiate. “The kind of poke that Google has, manufacturers wish to be on a same stage, though they will not be really happy with this.” The initial central cited above combined that Android One would serve feature foe in a already-cluttered market.


Android TV, that was strictly announced this year during a new Google I/O, is slated to be launched within a year. It is reported to arrive along with Android L. Android TV is believed to move a Android feel on a large shade right in your vital room.

In this regard, hardware that carries this height are approaching to come as well. From a post on GFX Bench, it looks like a ASUS Nexus Player will run on Android TV and it is believed to be a initial Android TV set-top box when it arrives.

From a post, it pronounced that a ASUS Nexus Player will be accessible in dual sizes, 24 and 32 inches. Both variants will underline Full HD arrangement though will not have hold shade technology.

Additionally, a ASUS Nexus Player will run on an Intel Genuine 4000 SoC (x86 quad-core CPU clocked during 1.8GHz), PowerVR Rogue G6430, 1GB of RAM, 6GB built-in storage, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and concordant OpenGL ES 3.1. It will run on Android L build.

Aside from ASUS, Razer is also reported to be building an Android TV box, though there haven’t been any specs or contrast seen applicable to it.

It is not nonetheless famous if Nexus Player will be a central name of a entrance ASUS device. If it is indeed a Nexus device, a we can design it be rolled out along with a new Nexus inclination (Nexus X aka Nexus 6 or Nexus 5 2014, Nexus 9 tablet).

Sharp, Sony, and Philips have also betrothed to move a Android TV into their arriving Smart TV lineups. 

Source: GFX Bench around Slash Gear

Taking a demeanour behind during a week in news opposite a Android world, this week’s Android Circuit highlights a series of stories including the arriving launch of Android One, Samsung’s rollout of Kitkat, Android apps on Chrome OS, a Moto 360 batter, a Moto X Pure play, what does a L mount for, and what do Android fans make of a iPhone 6?

Android Circuit is here to remind we of a few of a many things that have happened around Android over a final 7 days.

Android One Gets Ready For An Indian Summer

Monday will see Google’s Sundar Pichai in New Delhi to assistance exhibit a initial Android One handset. The anxiety pattern announced during Google’s I/O eventuality now reaches a genuine world, and this initial consumer handset is a pivotal impulse for this project, as Forbes’ Saritha Rai writes.

India is a healthy rising belligerent for a height that Google eventually wants to take to other economies. The nation is a world’s fastest-growing smartphone marketplace where millions of users are creation a transition from low-end underline phones to some-more worldly devices. This marketplace event in India and other rising economies is widely referred to as a ‘next billion’.

With handsets approaching from Indian manufacturers Karbonn, Micromax, and Spice, this is going to be a poignant proclamation from Google. Pay tighten courtesy to it.

Samsung’s Slow Kitkat Rollout

The latest chronicle of Android, v4.4.4, is starting to roll out to Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 5 (reports Gotta Be Mobile). It’s rather sketchy during a moment, though this is a good instance to uncover how most gatekeeping is concerned in a Android ecosystem. Google has to yield a 4.4.4 update, Samsung has to work this into its build process, it afterwards has to go out to the network operators, who afterwards have to work it into specific variants, and afterwards trigger a refurbish routine to a end-user.

It does meant that a edge-case users are carrying to wait, though for many consumers they know they will be removing a well-tested product. Assuming that each partial of a sequence indeed feels the need to offer a latest OS chronicle to a consumer…

The Galaxy S5 (image: Samsung PR)

The Galaxy S5 (image: Samsung PR)

Android Apps And Chrome OS

Ian Morris has taken a look at a Google’s fortitude enlargement on Chrome OS, as a skinny handling system takes a initial open stairs in the ability to run Android applications. The initial applications (Vine, Evernote, Sight Words, Duolingo) run with issues, so this is clearly a a beta theatre to this OS extension, though it shows guarantee and prophesy for a expansion of Chrome OS.

The Changing Battery Sizes Of The Smartwatch

With so most concentration on a battery life of a smartwatch, iFixit’s teardown of a Moto 360 caused ripples this week, as the advertised 320 mAh did not compare adult with a tag on a battery inside a watchMotorola commented to Ars Technica that a tiny earthy distance of a battery meant that rather than inventory a smallest and limit ability of a watch, usually a smaller ability is listed – in this box 300 mAh. Here’s a criticism in full.

The standard battery ability for Moto 360 is 320 mAh and a smallest is 300 mAh. In a mobile industry, infrequently both a smallest and standard ability is listed on a battery, with a standard ability quoted as a central battery size. Both total are enclosed on a batteries of a Moto X, Moto E and Moto G devices. In a box of smaller devices, we aren’t always means to list both figures. For Moto 360 we usually had room for one figure and select to list a minimal ability of a battery. We see how this can be treacherous and we will demeanour into ways to supplement a standard ability as good in a future.

Smartwatches are an rising category, so a norms of a attention have nonetheless to be established. How battery life and a uptime of a watch are reported is one some-more area that needs to find stability.

The New Motorola Range (image: Gordon Kelly)

The New Motorola Range (image: Gordon Kelly)

When X Marks Pure

Along with a Moto 360 smartwatch, Motorola’s latest iteration of a Moto X smartphone looks set to boat in a ‘pure’ form using batch Android L (reports Trusted Reviews). Consumers who buy this handset SIM-Free will have much of a bloatware and conduit extras nude out, nonetheless it is expected some Motorola utilities will sojourn in a ROM. It’s not Google’s 100% Android implementation, though it will be really close. Details and pricing will be accessible in a nearby future.

The Lion Compiles Tonight

Popular to-do list app Any.DO has given a Android app a common bug-fixes and tweaks that come with app updates, though it has also gained an engaging new underline in a form of record attachments.

While other to-do services such as Wunderlist have let we insert files to particular equipment for a while, Any.DO for Android is following suit.

As we can see in a screenshots below, you’ll now see a small paperclip choice when we click one of a items, and a small series that accompanies it rises to simulate a series of files attached.

Screenshot 2014 09 14 18 36 40 220x230 for Android now lets we insert files to your to do list items    Screenshot 2014 09 14 18 49 42 1 220x230 for Android now lets we insert files to your to do list items

Any.DO chronicle 2.87 is accessible to download from Google Play now.

Any.DO | Google Play