Wednesday , 27 May 2015
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Android stutters while iOS shines during Q1

Sales of Android smartphones were adult in a initial entertain yet a share of a marketplace fell, while that of iOS grew for a third uninterrupted quarter. Overall, a marketplace grew 19.3 percent year on year, with 336 million smartphones sole to finish users worldwide, according to Gartner. Android’s share fell by 1.9 commission points to 78.9 percent, while iOS ... Read More »

Microsoft Has Hijacked Android In A Hostile Takeover

Microsoft has a possess mobile handling complement and devices. Thanks to a accumulation of authorised and vital moves, though, Microsoft also owns a sizeable cube of a largest competitor. Microsoft already generates poignant income from Android and it is staid to hillside in a money from Android users interjection to a newly announced partnership to pre-install Microsoft Office and Skype ... Read More »

Hyundai initial out with Android Auto — final rites for in-dash GPS navigation?

Hyundai currently became a initial of many automakers — and eventually, each automaker — to couple directly to a smartphone for services such as navigation. Hyundai’s proclamation is for Android Auto on a Hyundai Sonata. The motorist controls a smartphone regulating voice submit and a core smoke-stack and steering circle knobs, buttons, and touchscreen. Navigation around Google Maps is a ... Read More »

Windows 10 Companion App, Cortana Coming to iPhone and Android

By Alex Osborn A messenger app for Windows 10 will be entrance to some-more than only Windows Phone users, as Microsoft has announced skeleton to hurl out a focus to those on iPhone and Android devices, too. “We’re announcing a ‘Phone Companion’ app built-in to Windows 10, that will assistance we bond your Windows PC to whatever phone we own– either ... Read More »

Android phones simply hacked by your apps; TODAY uncover explores

Android users beware. You could be assisting hackers slice we off for your personal information by choosing to implement certain apps on your phone. Some apps we download might not usually be tracking your each move. They could give hackers a ability to see by your phone’s camera and hear your phone conversations. James Lyne, conduct of confidence for Sophos Security tells ... Read More »

LG Watch Urbane Review: Why Android Trails Apple

May 26, 2015 4:02 p.m. ET The Apple Watch is, notwithstanding a many talents, a watch initial and foremost. Rival Android Wear watches, that done a entrance final year, are still frustrating wrist-top computers that occur to tell a time. For some-more than a week, I’ve been that geek wearing a smartwatch on any wrist: On a right, there’s a ... Read More »

Android users can finally use Periscope (and it has some-more facilities than a …

AFP PHOTO/EMMANUEL DUNANDEMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images Two months after debuting on the iPhone, Twitter announced Tuesday that it’s finally creation a live-video app, Periscope, accessible to Android users as well. Android users have had to wait to get in on a live-streaming fun, though they’re removing something for their pains. For example, users who get interrupted mid-stream by a phone call or summary ... Read More »